Impulse Cross Trainers

In this section, there are a couple of questions to ask yourself to see if an impulse elliptical trainer is right for you.

Why Should You Consider Buying An Impulse Elliptical?

With an Impulse elliptical, you will get the best workout possible. There are 20 resistant levels perfect for anyone who is a beginner or intermediate.

There are several different programs to choose from. You can either choose a preset, heart rate, or a custom-designed program.

For those reasons alone, anyone would be excited to own one of these.

Which Impulse Elliptical is Right for Me?

To determine which impulse elliptical is right for you, look at the differences between both ellipticals. Think about what you're looking for. Also, think about how much you're looking to spend.

The Impulse Encore ECE7 is a little more expensive than the Impulse ECE5. Another difference is the Impulse Encore ECE5 is self-powered. This means you can start it yourself by pedalling.

Other than those differences, both of these ellipticals are pretty similar.

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