OVICX Treadmills

Why should you consider buying an OVICX Foldable Treadmill?

Working out on an OvicX Folding Treadmill helps you burn calories while strengthening muscles. These machines are quiet and compact, making them perfect for someone living in a small house or an apartment. The brand's affordable price point won't break the bank, while still giving you lots of great features you'll need for working out in the comfort of your own home. Even though all the OvicX models provide great value, research to find the right one for you is important. These treadmills are perfect for the beginner but work just as well for someone who has been using a treadmill for years.

Which OVICX treadmill is right for me?

The first step to determining which OvicX Treadmill is right for you is to decide what your budget will be. Your next step is to take a look at the features offered and decide which ones are a necessity and which ones you can do without. From there, simply choose the machine that is closest to your budget in price point, all while having the features you absolutely have to have.

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OVICX 420 Q1 Folding Treadmill

The OVICX 420 Q1 Folding Treadmill is electric and provides an effective means of losing weight and strengthening muscles. Both compact and sturdy, the machine offers six professional training programs powered by an energy-efficient motor. You can set your speeds between one kilometre an hour and eight kilometres an hour, and the manual incline allows you to increase the intensity of your workout.

The LCD monitor keeps track of your workout statistics and includes your heart rate which is determined by pulse sensors. Six professional training programs gives you options as to which workout you want that day. The anti-slip belt, safety tether key, and soft grip handlebar make your workout both safe and comfortable. Once you are finished, simply fold it up and wheel it away.

OVICX 420 A2 Folding Treadmill

An electric treadmill, the OvicX 420 A2 Folding Treadmill is both sturdy and compact and is an effective way to lose weight and strengthen muscles. The digital LCD screen allows you to monitor your heart rate and keep up with all the statistics of your workout. The anti-slip belt and soft grip handlebars make your workout both comfortable and safe.

Choose between speeds of one kilometre per hour and 12 kilometres per hour. You also have three different options to choose from for your workout. Other features include a water bottle holder and safety tether key. Once you are finished, simply fold it up and wheel it away.

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