RTM Adjustable Incline Benches

Why You Should Consider Buying An RTM Adjustable Bench

Multiple workout benches can deliver versatility. But an RTM adjustable workout bench can provide more than that, from bench presses and military presses to bent-over rows. The best aspect about RTM benches is that you can quickly fold them after you are through with the exercise. Buy an RTM bench and enjoy the convenience of using the rear transport wheels to store it under the bed or in a closet.  

Which RTM Adjustable Bench Is Right For me?

Multiple RTM benches may suit your preferences and needs. The manufacturers built this workout equipment with versatility in mind. 

RTM FID Bench with Leg Extension/Arm Curl

Have you been looking forward to an intense full-body exercise? The good news is that this RTM Incline/Decline Bench is a multipurpose workout bench. This one will offer you many workout options. 

If you want to perform some curls, presses, or leg extensions, this bench is fully adjustable from flat to inclined and finally declined positions. Buy this bench and experience the peace of mind curtsey of the high-density foam padding and rip-resistant upholstery mounted on heavy-duty steel construction. The price is also friendly.  

RTM Adjustable Incline Bench

Raise your game today by achieving a terrific workout after buying this home fitness equipment. You can operate it in flat, declined, or inclined with either side for six positions. Buy this adjustable bench and experience its maximum versatility.

This bench can offer you everything from bench presses to military presses and bent-over rows. After finishing your exercise, you can easily fold it and slide it around the floor for storage under your bed or in a closet. Don’t forget that it also integrates high-end materials and a rugged design. 

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