Squat and Bench Rack Packages

We've had hundreds of customers contact us looking for a top quality squat rack and bench package that they can set up in their garage or PT studio with ease. So we've pulled together the top combo's for you from our best brands.

Healthstream Sterling Squat Rack and FID Bench Package

Healthstream Sterling Strength Power Rack with J Hooks

The Healthstream Sterling Strength Power Rack with J-Hooks is aesthetically pleasing and is loaded with professional plates to give you the feeling of using free weight. It benefits its users because it has many bar hooks for mounting the barbell in the correct starting position. The extra pull-up bars add variety to your workout.

Healthstream Sterling FID Bench

The Healthstream Sterling FID Bench is suitable for high-use environments with its heavy-gauge steel construction. With a space sufficient design, it features a backrest that is adjustable to 6 distinct positions. It features both height and angle adjustable seats.

The electrostatic powder-coated finish along with being electro-welded gives this rack durability. It allows for correct form and positioning and easy to use with multiple adjustments. It fits perfectly with Smith machines and multi-press racks.

Morgansport Endurance Squat Rack and FID Bench Package

Morgan Endurance Power Rack

The Morgan Endurance Power Rack can be used in both personal and commercial training environments. It is ideal for weight training and functional fitness. You do not need a partner to exercise. It is crafted with 3 mm thick powder-coated steel, using a 60 mm by 60 mm laser-cut square tube. As a result, all components used in this power rack can hold high-weight-bearing plates.

Morgan Incline & Decline Super FID Bench

The Morgan Incline & Decline Super FID Bench is a commercial quality super bench that is versatile and a great addition to your gym. It can be easily moved around since it has wheels and handles. A heavy-duty adjustable bench, it has a ladder-back without the conventional pop pins for adjustment.

You can adjust the bench pad to various heights, ranging from -15 to 90 degrees. The seat pad can also be adjusted into 5 different positions, which are releasable through the quick release pin. Morgan Incline & Decline Super FID Bench has a wide rear base to achieve optimal lifting stability as well as a shorter front base for minimal foot interference.

York Fitness FTS Squat Rack and Adjustable Bench Package

York Fitness FTS Power Cage + Hi/Low Pulley and Weight Plate Storage

The York Fitness FTS Power Cage + Hi/Low Pulley and Weight Plate Storage will help you work out efficiently and safely as you perform military press, squats, curls, bench press, shrugs, and many more. Sturdy enough for light commercial use, it is perfect for home and school gyms.

The multiple bar hooks ensure flexible use as they can easily be moved to achieve the position required for any exercise performed in or outside of the cage. It also features moveable safety bars that offer additional safety as you perform exercises in the cage.

York FTS Flat to Incline Bench

The York FTS Flat to Incline Bench is a great compact dumbbell bench that can be used in any club or studio environment. It has a 6-position 0 to 90-degree incline that uses a similar cupping system as that of the Flex Bench. The back pad has chambered edges that increase the movement range in the shoulder region. It also features large non-slip rubber feet.

RTM Squat Rack and Adjustable Bench Package

RTM Power Rack

The RTM Power Rack is perfect for a wide range of gym-quality exercises in the comfort of your home. It has everything to help you achieve your fitness goals, including dip handles, lat pulldowns, band pegs, low row, hooks and safeties for barbells, resisted push-ups, and assisted pull-ups.

You can perform more than 50 different strength-building and muscle-toning exercises in this unit at home. It is an all-in-one kind of workout equipment, easy to assemble, and maintenance free.

RTM Adjustable Weight Bench

The RTM Adjustable Weight Bench is ideal for home fitness. This folding workout bench can operate flat or with any of its sides declined or inclined up to 6 positions. Accordingly, it delivers maximum versatility for your home or studio workout.

This bench can handle multiple exercises, from bent over rows to bench presses and military presses. When done working out, you can fold the bench up and use the rear wheels to move it around. This foldable workout bench also features a rugged construction as it is made from high-quality materials.

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