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James C.
Very satisfied

Very satisfied with my purchase and great customer service when I was buying!


This is an excellent spin bike. It arrived undamaged (caution package is extremely heavy), set up wasn't super easy, but no problem for two people. Once built its easy to move around due to the wheels at the front.

The build quality is top notch and the ride and workouts are excellent. It is super quiet and highly adjustable. It is pricier than some of the other choices, but the quality is definitely superior and its also esthetically pleasing. Definitely highly recommended!
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An issue, but good.

I was so excited to recieve my Sole Bike. I have purchased from them before and I knew to expect quality . . . however. Upon receiving my bike, the front bottom was warped and the corner bent in preventing me from proper assembly. I was not able to attach the bottom support bar to the bike, one side will slip in, the other cannot because of it. I don't know whether it is defective or if the shipping caused the problem, but I am pretty upset about it. I don't like spending this amount of money for something that is broken. My husband was able to bend it back out so I didn't have to return it - thank god - and other than that it is very nice. Spins quietly, adjusts easily, the seat will take some getting used to, but I am still happy with my purchase. I just wish that it wouldn't have come to me a bit damaged, It would have gotten full stars if it didn't.

Happy Spinner!

So far, so good! I've had this spinning bike since June 2018 and have been using it at least once a week since then... more than that recently. Everything seems solid on the bike so far and it's pretty quiet to ride. The computer is pretty cheap but I mainly just use that for time and RPM so that's not as much of a concern to me. I've been a little worried about the bike since Amazon has the warning on the item page that they are investigating "something." I'm curious what is being investigated but so far nothing unusual has happened with mine. Assembly was super easy for me alone and I am NOT a mechanical person. I just read each of the instructions a couple times to make sure I was getting it right.

Get a mat for underneath... this thing is heavy and you will sweat a lot!

Great bike, nothing new to report

Great bike, nothing new to report. Quiet smooth. Love it. It would have gotten 5 stars but the mounting point which attaches to the front floor bar arrived bent. Not a big deal other than one would expect an undamaged delivery at this price point, but it went together fine just the corner is bent up slightly and some paint missing. As others have stated regarding the packaging it is for crap. Really is. The box arrived damaged, the molded Styrofoam insulation was destroyed to the point it looked like UPS dragged the thing behind the truck getting it to me. But all good.

Highly recommended!

Already have a portable partially recumbent exercise bike but wanted to take my indoor cycling up a notch! After much researching chose the Sole Fitness and it was a good decision! Spouse and I like this bike: it's solidly built/ 48 lb. flywheel; good brake and resistance knob; up/down, fore/aft seat and handlebars; good cleat/cage pedals; holds 2 water bottles or 1 bot' plus a tv remote! The only con is the saddle is uncomfortable (in my early 60's and new to spinning) but I own good gel-padded shorts which are helpful. :-) Might get a gel-padded saddle cover later. Initially I thought the resistance knob was damaged but you must spin it several revolutions to engage it with the fly-wheel!!! The shipping box was a disaster when it arrived with the stabilizer attachments exposed and the box lid open. Was concerned about the condition of the bike when I saw the box but, it seems to be undamaged!!! This bike is very heavy and should be shipped on a pallet!
Husband managed to move the bike, piece by piece to our dedicated fitness room on a different floor. It took him about 40 minutes to assemble. With a good spinner dvd and this bike you get a full bodied workout. I spin twice weekly on it and work out on Total Gym for
upper body strength and core for 3 days. Have found that 1 to 2 days of rest is good for recovery! I highly recommend this bike, so far it's working as expected. Makes one's body feel good and gives a sense of well-being! Will update in a few months.


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