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SportsArt Performance Series C545U Upright Exercise Bike

Key Benefits

  • Ergonomic, fully adjustable design ensures optimal functionality, ease of use and maximum comfort for all users
  • The tricolour LED combines an easy-to-read display and multiple readouts, keeping the user engaged and up-to-date on their workout progress
  • SportsArt WELL+ software allows users to track energy-saving and workout statistics on mobile devices and leaderboards
  • Optional SENZA 16" touchscreen is feature-packed with the latest fitness technology


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  • SportsArt Performance Series C545U Upright Bike With SENZA 16" Console

    The Self-Generated C545U upright cardio bike by SportsArt is designed and built for light commercial use including residences, training studios, corporate wellness centers and multi-unit housing complexes.

    Coming in with a total user weight capacity of 205 kg, the C545U is the most robust light commercial upright bike in the SportsArt line-up. A four way seat adjustment ensures that users of all sizes can customise the ride to their own specific needs for best comfort.

    A specially designed low-profile shroud makes for easy entry and exit from either side. Specially designed pedals are oversized for allowing more real-estate under the feet and connecting adjustment straps are quick and easy to use keeping feet secured at all times while riding.

    Thanks to its low impact nature and its oversized pedals, any user can experience and benefit from a rewarding workout.

    Being self-generating, placement of the C545U is always optimal and not dictated by the location of a power outlet. And the electro-magnetic resistance is super quiet especially when compared to chain or belt drive bikes which is ideal for residential and small studio settings.

    Sturdy and robust in construction, the SportsArt C545U Upright Bike is suitable for light commercial use and features rubber floor protecting feet.

    Complete with dual USB charging ports and complete iPhone and iPod connectivity, it has never been easier to stay motivated and energised during exercise.

    The contact heart rate is standard and a wireless Polar® HR receiver is built in.

    SportsArt Performance Series C545U Upright Bike Front View

    Key Features of the SportsArt C545U

    • Fore-mid-aft seat adjustment allows for optimal seat positioning
    • Unique low profile shroud allows easy access
    • Oversized pedals feature quick strap adjustment for easy customisation
    • Self-generating – no outside power source required
    • CSAFE port
    • Headphone jack with built-in volume control (x2)
    • USB port (x2) for device charging
    • Optional iPod & iPhone 30-pin connector
    • Optional SA WELL+™ workout tracking function
    • Cardio Advisor™ displays
    • Contact & wireless heart rate monitoring if paired with heart rate transmitter


    SportsArt Performance Series C545U Upright Bike

    Self-Generating Power Supply

    The C545R Recumbent Cycle by SportsArt is equipped with self-generating technology where no outside power source is required.

    Working out on the cycle generates energy that is stored in a battery that helps with the initial startup.

    With this feature, there's increased safety as there are no cords to possibly trip over and helps to save on the energy bill.

    User-friendly LED Console

    Programs built into the C545R include manual, random, interval, plateau, fat burn, YMCA fit test, custom heart rate, and weight loss cardio. The programs are easy to select on the console panel.

    The workout level can be changed by easy to read arrows on the right side. Track distance, heart rate, and calories burned for the most effective workout.

    Headphone jacks with built-in volume control and USB ports for charging capabilities allow for a customised and convenient workout.


    SportsArt Performance Series C545U Upright Bike Rear View

    Fully adjustable ergonomic design

    The C545U is adjustable in both positioning on the cycle and in workout. The seat adjusts easily for optimal seating positioning during workout, with easy fore and aft seat adjustments.

    Oversized pedals have easy to adjust straps for adaption to the user's foot. The larger size also helps to prevent the foot from slipping during exercise.

    The console allows the user to adjust settings, read exercise information, and begin programs. With eight programs, it's easy to find the one that best compliments what the user needs and is looking to achieve from the workout, from fat burn to fit test to plateau, etc.

    Green arrows allow the user to change the workout level, with 40 levels of resistance to optimise the exercise

    Full suite of workout statistics

    As expected with a high quality bike from SportsArt, a full suite of readouts and workout programs come included in the C545U including:

    • Read Outs Heart rate, Cardio Zone, Weight Loss Zone, Active Zone, Calories, Level, Time, Distance, RPM, METs, Speed, Watts
    • Workout Programs Manual, Random, Interval (1-1, 1-2, 2-2), Plateau, Fat-burn, YMCA Test, HRC (WT Loss, Cardio, Custom HR)
    SportsArt C545U Upright Bike SA WELL+

    SA WELL+™ Software Option

    SA WELL+™ is now optional to all SportsArt cardio devices. The software stores and analyses personal training data of SportsArt users. The application counts the workout data of a user such as: training time, calories burnt, distance and speed, and displays it in a graphical form.

    The user can set their daily or monthly workout aims. The data can be automatically stored on an iOS or Android smartphone or USB sticks.

    SA WELL+™ allows you to manually store the training data taken from Isotonic devices not equipped with a USB port or Bluetooth.

    High Max User Weight (205kg)

    With a maximum user weight rated at 205 kg, the SportsArt C545R is designed to meet the  needs of any user.




    SportsArt Performance Series C545U Upright Bike

    SportsArt C545U Console Options


    SportsArt provides two primary console options to ensure that any and all needs are met by the user and club owner. The tricolour LED combines an easy-to-read display and multiple valid data point readouts, keeping the user engaged and up-to-date on their workout progress.

    The SENZA™ touchscreen display is available on Performance and Status Series cardio equipment and is comprised of a 16" (40 cm) beautiful TFT backlit display with a “fitness first” approach. These two consoles will fit any budget, location requirement and user desire.

    Standard LED Console

    SportsArt LED cardio displays are designed to offer simplicity and convenience in one design.

    Unique AvtivZone and Cardio Advisor displays offer optimum heart rate control while workout quick keys and 3 goal based workouts allow intuitive access to your favourite ways to stay fit.

    • Easy to read Tri-Color LED display
    • Feedback window offers a quick look at Calories, Distance, Time, Pace, Mets and more
    • Cardio Advisor shows heart rate and optimal zones for weight loss and cardio
    • 10 Integrated Quick Start keys to find workouts faster.
    SportsArt C545U Upright Bike SENZA 16" Console

    Optional SENZA 16" Touchscreen Console

    SportsArts SENZA touchscreen cardio interface is designed around the commitment to a Fitness First approach, allowing users to find the right workout faster and easier by delivering an intuitive streamlined interface with lifestyle targeted programs, dynamic entertainment options, and a virtual workout experience.

    The SportsArt SENZA™ touchscreen offers enhanced user interaction, internet connectivity, and several entertainment options. Placing a priority on the workout, users can begin working out in as little as two screen taps and have a large variety of program options to choose from.

    Gym owners can manually or automatically update the SENZA™ display, making software maintenance as “hands-on” or “hands-off” as you’d like.

    Explore stunning virtual landscapes and experience some of the worlds most beautiful workout destinations right from your favourite SportsArt Equipment!


    • Elegant Workout Interface 16" backlit LED capacitive touchscreen with anti-glare.
    SportsArt C545U Upright Bike SENZA Console Features

      • SENZA Journeys Where would you like to run today? From the Golden Gate Bridge to Arizona's Apache trail, you'll have plenty of new places to explore with SENZA Journeys. The virtual run videos are equipped with dynamic speed optimisation so the video speeds up and slows down to match your pace.

        • High Quality Display SENZA is built on the Android operating system with an industrial grade TFT dual-layer capacitive screen designed to withstand the daily abuse of a club environment.

          • Dynamic Entertainment Options SENZA offers multiple platforms of entertainment and user engagement. Its high-resolution screen delivers crystal clear television and internet with plenty of customisation options to fit your facility's needs.

            • Full Internet Connectivity Built-in Wi-Fi and integrated Ethernet allow you to stream content and Bluetooth 4.0 can transfer data and music.
            SportsArt C545U Upright Bike SENZA Console Features

              • Customised Web Browsing Club owners and facility operators will enjoy customising SENZA with various options like uploading company logos, adding an embedded home screen URL for internal marketing and member engagement, and easily-changing various default settings to make their facility's experience unique.


              • Unit Weight 125.4 lbs / 57 kg
              • Dimensions 45.4 x 22.8 x 56.2 in / 115.5 x 58 x 143 cm
              • Resistance 40 Levels
              • Power Requirement Self-Powered
              • Plug Requirements N/A
              • Max User Weight 450 lbs / 205 kg
              • Read Outs Heart rate, Cardio Zone, Weight Loss Zone, Active Zone, Calories, Level, Time, Distance, RPM, METs, Speed, Watts
              • Workout Programs Manual, Random, Interval (1-1, 1-2, 2-2), Plateau, Fatburn, YMCA Test, HRC (WT Loss, Cardio, Custom HR)
              • Special Features Self Powered
              • Console Options 16 inch (40cm) SENZA display, Tri-Color LED
              • Frame: Lifetime
              • Parts: 5 Years
              • Labour: 3 Years
              • Wear Items: 2 Years
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            • Dispatch Timeframes

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              Shipping Timeframes

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            • - Delivery of palletised orders to residential addresses are subject to an additional service fee from our couriers for the provision of heavy duty tail-gate trucks and associated extra labour.


              The receiver will be contacted prior to delivery to arrange a suitable delivery date and time. Deliveries are scheduled for either an AM or PM slot on any given day.

              This service utilizes power tailgates with two-man crews or crane trucks when required and this is included in the quoted price. All goods in excess of 40kg in weight are palletised.

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              Freight Warranty: For those customers with freight warranty, your freight is still covered whilst in transit for loss or damage. If your consignment is lost or damaged after confirmation of leave safe ("Driver POD" or system "Delivered" status) then your freight warranty coverage is void.


            • Freight costs vary for each buyer depending on their post code/location.
            • Deliveries cannot be sent to a post office box as we do not use Australia post.
            • Couriers can only deliver Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm only. Delivery windows are for AM or PM delivery.
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            • It is your responsibility to advise us:

            • If someone will be available to sign for delivery.

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            • We cannot advise you the exact day and time delivery will occur however, we will email you the tracking details and the freight company contact details and they can provide you a better estimation of the time.

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