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Stairmaster SM3 Stepmill

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Key Benefits:

  • Maximize your cardio efforts - Stair climbing raises your heart rate immediately. By lifting your body weight with every step, strength training is naturally built in.
  • Low Impact and High Calorie Burn - Moving your body weight uphill burns calories faster than just about any other cardio activity.
  • Increase Core Muscle Strength - Maintaining balance engages core muscles with every step.
  • Tone and Sculpt Your Entire Lower Body - High repetitions are famous for building lean muscle and burning fat.

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Stairmaster SM3 Stepmill

For nearly 30 years, the StairMaster Stepmill has been called the toughest workout in the gym. And since climbing stairs is widely recognised as one of the most efficient and effective cardio and strength building workouts you can do, the Stepmill is still considered by many to be the perfect exercise machine.

Now you can bring that same toughness home with the new Stairmaster Stepmill 3.

The toughest workout in the gym, right in your home

The Stairmaster SM3 Stepmill is easy to recognise - it's the piece of cardio equipment that looks brutal compared to all the others, with a revolving set of 6-inch stairs that closely duplicates the workout of actual stair climbing.

Each time you mount the Stairmaster SM3, the unit's electronically controlled magnetic brake precisely controls the pedal descent, allowing a wide range of users to exercise smoothly within their comfort zones. The resulting step range of 26 to 162 steps per minute will strengthen your legs, boost your cardio, and challenge even the fittest of users.

Stairmaster SM3 Stepmill

Key Features

  • 10 Programmed Workouts: Quick Start, Manual, Steady, Mystery Challenge, Build, Bell Shaped, Calorie Burner, Fat Burner, Heart Rate Zone Trainer and Heart Rate Intervals provide a wide variety of workouts.
  • Blue Backlit LCD Console: Easy-to-read blue backlit LCD console displays time, watts, calories, heart rate, level (1-20), floors per minute, segment time, floors climbed and workout profile.
  • Take the Stairs: Revolving staircase with 6” high and 9” deep steps duplicates the workout of real stair climbing.  Staircase revolves at speeds varying from 26 to 162 steps per minute.
  • Choose Your Goal: Training goals can be set by Time Goal (5-180 minutes), Calories Goal (50-999 calories) or Floors Goal (7-999 floors).
  • Safety Stop Sensor: Automatic safety stop sensor located at the base of the steps will stop the stairs immediately when triggered.
Stairmaster SM3 Stepmill

    • Heart Rate Monitoring: Heart rate pulse grips on the handlebars provide feedback throughout your workout.  Console also includes a built in receiver for Polar compatible telemetry heart rate monitoring (chest strap not included).
    • Reading Rack and Water Bottle Holder: Built-in reading rack keeps reading material at the perfect viewing angle.  Convenient water bottle holder helps keep you hydrated and allows easy access without interfering with workout space (water bottle not included).


    The StairMaster StepMill SM3 is designed after its "big brother" Stairmaster Gauntlet 8, providing users with the same high-intensity workout and exceptional experience but in a more compact, space-friendly unit for those with space limitations.

    The StepMill 3 offers the core mechanics of our commercial model wrapped in a stylish look and enhanced functionality to create a "high reward" next-generation experience for light commercial and home use.

    If you're looking to burn calories, lose weight and strengthen and tone major muscle groups, stair climbing provides astounding results. If you're willing to put in the work, it provides the results!


    Stairmaster SM3 Stepmill

    Additional Features of the Stairmaster SM3

    • Revolving staircase with six 6" (15.2 cm) high and 9" (22.9 cm) deep steps duplicates the workout of real stair climbing.
    • Staircase revolves at speeds varying from 26 to 162 steps per minute.
    • Smooth stepping action comes from the electronically controlled magnetic braking system with a durable chain drive that precisely controls the pedal descent allowing a wide range of users to exercise smoothly within their comfort zones.
    • Large oversized handrails are padded and ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and support.
    • Convenient water bottle holder helps keep you hydrated and allows easy access without interfering with workout space.
    • Injection-molded plastic shrouding with modern color scheme.
    • Heart rate contact pulse grips on the handlebars to conveniently provide feedback throughout workout.
    • Heart rate receiver built into console for Polar compatible telemetry heart rate monitoring (chest strap transmitter not included).
    • Automatic safety stop sensor located at the base of the steps that will stop the stairs immediately when triggered.
    • Front transport wheels make moving unit easy.
    Stairmaster SM3 Stepmill

    Key Benefits of the Stairmaster SM3 Stepmill

    Intense calorie burning for maximum results

    There’s no denying the impact that a good cardio session can have, particularly if you’re following HIIT principles that allow you to benefit from the body’s ‘after burn’ effect.

    The Stairmaster SM3 Stepmill is one of the few options that can allow you to achieve a truly jaw-dropping level of intensity, and the more intense your workout is, the more you’ll be able to push your limits and tap into this ‘after burn’ effect.

    Ultimately, this allows you to burn more calories in less time, which is ideal for people who are busy and don’t have time to spend hours on a treadmill.

    Fun, Unique Workouts to Keep You Motivated

    HIIT training is widely recognised for its many beneficial effects on the body, including mental health and wellbeing. In fact, HIIT has been scientifically proven to increase the body's production of chemicals that make us feel good.

    Pushing yourself to the limits on a Stairmaster SM3 stair climber gives you a challenge to look forward to each day. Plus, the sophisticated tracking tools available on the best machines from StairMaster make it easy to see how you’re progressing over time, which further lends motivation to each and every workout you undertake.

    Stairmaster SM3 Stepmill

    Tone Your Lower Body and Build Leg Strength

    Toning your lower body is often a challenge, and even if you are running all day on a treadmill, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be truly strengthening your lower body versus merely losing weight and burning calories.

    However, the StairMaster SM3 engages your quads, glutes, calves, and hamstrings, making sure you nail every key lower body muscle group in one exercise.

    Furthermore, it can also help to work out your core muscles and general stability, so the simple act of stair climbing is very close to a full body workout.

    Improve Your Posture

    One of the more surprising aspects of stair climbing is the fact that it will generally improve your posture over time.

    Due to modern living circumstances, many people may have posture issues that they are unaware of, and this can wreak havoc with your long-term health and even affect your mental well-being, too.

    Unfortunately, many cardio machines only exacerbate the problem, particularly exercise bikes, which tend to encourage a hunched over posture which isn’t good for your lower back and spine.

    On the other hand, a stair climber quickly rewards you for keeping better posture, and it will help you develop the necessary core strength that’ll leak over into everyday life.

    After a few weeks of using a stair climber, don’t be surprised if you feel like you are standing a little taller and benefiting from better posture without really trying at all.



    • Requires a minimum ceiling height of 8 feet (244 cm) for safety clearance
    • Product Dimensions (assembled): 46" L x 29" W x 73" H (117cm L x 74cm W x 185cm H)
    • Product Weight: 223 lbs (101 kg)
    • Shipping Dimensions (carton only): 48.4" L x 30.3" W x 41.3" H (123cm L x 77cm W x 105cm H)
    • Shipping Weight (carton only): 298 lbs
    • Shipping Dimensions (carton on pallet): 49" L x 48" W x 47" H (Freight Shipping Class 175)
    • Shipping Weight (carton on pallet): 373 lbs.
    • Power Requirements: 220V
    • Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 100 VA
    • Certifications: CE, UL, ETL, FCC, EN957, EN957-8
    • Max User Weight: 275 lbs. (125 kg)


    Light Commercial

    Please note that Light Commercial Warranty only applies to facilities that do not charge dues and/or <8 hrs/day of usage (eg. residential unit block gym) . This model is not warranted for full commercial use (eg. commercial gyms)

    • Frame: 10 year
    • Mechanical Parts: 2 years
    • Electronic Parts: 1 year
    • Labor and Wear Items: 1 year

    Residential Warranty

    • Frame: Lifetime
    • Mechanical Parts: 5 years
    • Electronic Parts: 2 year
    • Labour and Wear Items: 2 year