Upper Body Ergometers

Upper Body Ergometers

Upper body ergometers can be used either sitting or standing. It is as easy as facing the machine and pedalling with your arms, just like using a bicycle with your hands. The level of resistance is adjustable, depending on the goal of the workout.

Upper body ergometers are designed to increase upper body strength and endurance. These machines are popular among therapists for rehabilitation purposes, but they also can provide excellent full-body exercises during HIIT programs. 

What Is an Ergometer?

An ergometer is an exercise machine with instrumentation to measure the amount of work your muscles put out during your workout. The most common types of ergometers are lower body ergometers, such as stationary bikes and rowing machines. 


Finally, the height of the ergometer tower is also adjustable. This feature allows users to tailor the angle and range of motion for their workout. It also gives users the option to sit or stand during the workout. While sitting provides a more targeted exercise on shoulders and arms, standing engages the whole body as the legs contribute strength and stabilization.

How to Use an Ergometer

When using an upper-body ergometer, it is essential to first make sure the device is adjusted correctly for your height. You can test the range of motion on no resistance to ensure the height will not cause any muscles to overstretch. You can then adjust the resistance as desired and watch the calories burn away on the metrics display screen.

Upper Body Ergometers Benefits 

Most commonly found in rehabilitation centres, upper body ergometers are favourites for physical therapists helping patients rebuild muscle endurance. In addition to adjusting the resistance and tower height, the ergometer can be manipulated to demand opposing motion, dual motion, or single-arm neutral motion.

Aside from rehabilitation, these ergometers can also deliver high-performance exercises for users looking for cardio workouts and high-intensity interval training. When standing, this full-body exercise engages the core, all extremities, chest, back, and shoulders. Even the most conditioned of athletes can push themselves to the limit with this unique and rigorous workout.

Wheelchair Ergometers

To allow for wheelchair access and meet ADA requirements, these ergometers are outfitted with wheelchair ramp kits. The ramp provides wheelchair accessibility to the standing platform of the ergometer. Then, by lowering the tower, the ergometer will be at the perfect height for a person in a wheelchair. 

The SportsArt Ergometer has a removable seat to allow access for wheelchair users (or more room for standing workouts). Similarly, the Stairmaster Ergometer has a removable bench for seated workouts and a removable wheelchair ramp so that the ergometer can be customized to each user.

SportsArt Hand Cycle Ergometer

The SportsArt Ergometer is an industry leader in rehabilitative equipment. The machine can be used on low resistance and low speed for patients recovering from injury or surgery. This ergometer also provides bi-directional resistance, so therapy sessions can use varied exercises to improve muscle strength. 

For very specific user customization, the machine has four radius settings to select different ranges of motion depending on individual patient needs. Finally, by rotating the hand crank position, you can switch the machine between opposing motion and in-unison arm motion. 

Stairmaster Interval Training Ergometer 

The Stairmaster High-Intensity Interval Training Ergometer is a fitness powerhouse. Using fan-generated resistance, this upper body ergometer combines strength conditioning with a rigorous cardiovascular workout. 

The standard feature HIIT console allows users to design programmable time and calorie interval programs to help you to build an effective workout. Plus, the detailed metrics make it easy to track and meet your exercise goals. 

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