Curved Treadmills

Curved treadmills are crafted with an innovative, concave surface enabling a non-motorised, treadmill experience. This structure harnesses the power of your stride. You need to maintain the pace and momentum without the assistance of a motor. The frame is typically constructed of solid steel with oval tubing to ensure durability and stability.


The design of a curved treadmill is intentional, emphasising manual control over speed and motion. Unlike motorised treadmills which maintain a consistent belt speed, the belt on a curved treadmill moves in response to your foot placement and stride length.

This can contribute to a more intense workout as you're in charge of the treadmill's movement at all times, from a gentle walk to a full sprint.

Curved Treadmill Key Features

Pace and Speed: You dictate how fast you go on a curved treadmill, meaning your speed is determined by the force of your steps. This feature allows for self-pacing and can be useful for interval training where varying speed is an asset.

Safety and Comfort: Curved treadmills often include slats with shock absorption, reducing the impact on your joints. The lack of a motor means these treadmills are inherently safer, as the belt only moves when you do. This also eliminates the risk of trying to catch up with a pre-set speed, thus lowering the chance of falls.

Durability: Curved treadmills use robust materials and typically lack the electronic components of motorised treadmills. This can lead to a longer lifespan and fewer maintenance issues. Many models feature transport wheels for convenience, water bottle holders, and a centre storage compartment for small items you might need during your workout.

Incline: Most curved treadmills don't have an adjustable incline; however, the curved shape itself provides a natural incline effect. Your body's position on the belt will mimic the mechanics of running uphill, leading to increased calorie burn and muscle engagement compared to running on a flat surface.


Benefits of Curved Treadmills

Curved treadmills present a unique take on cardio equipment, offering you specific health and fitness as well as performance and training benefits. Their innovative design and functionality cater to an efficient workout by engaging more muscles than traditional treadmills.

Health and Fitness Advantages

The structure of curved treadmills naturally encourages better running form and posture, which activates your core muscles to maintain balance and stability. This leads to a more intense workout, potentially increasing the calories burned. Because you power the treadmill yourself, the resistance is generated by your own effort. This can also lead to greater muscle engagement in your hamstrings and glutes.

It is especially beneficial for HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) sessions, as it allows rapid transitions between high-speed sprints and rest without the need to adjust resistance levels manually.

  • Running Technique: Enhances natural running mechanics
  • Posture: Promotes upright position, minimising strain
  • Core Strength: Engages core muscles throughout the workout
  • Calories: Potential to burn more calories due to higher muscle activation


Performance and Training

Curved treadmills are a valuable tool for speed training and improving your sprinting technique. Without the constraints of a motor, you can change pace instantly, critical for simulating real-world running scenarios and drills.

They can accommodate weight capacities suitable for a wide range of users, making them versatile for various training programs. Also, their manual operation presents a lower risk of over-speeding and falling, making them a safer option.

For those who have a home gym, a curved treadmill can be an expensive yet worthy investment in achieving fitness goals. The TrueForm Trainer is one example of a curved treadmill that's designed to adapt to your stride, promoting efficiency and reducing impact stress.

  • Speed Training: Instant responsiveness for pace changes
  • Sprinting: Suitable for high-intensity sprint workouts
  • Weight Capacity: Supports varying user weights
  • Resistant Levels: Natural resistance through self-propulsion
  • Training Programs: Compatible with versatile training regimens


Curved Treadmill Buying Considerations 

Price and Budget-Friendly Options: Curved treadmills range widely in price. You will find budget-friendly choices like the Assault AirRunner, which costs less than high-end models.

Weight Limit and Durability: Manufacturers like TrueForm and IN10CT offer treadmills with high weight capacities, indicating robust construction.

Customizable Features and Brand Quality: Look for brands like NOHrD that provide a unique mix of customizability and aesthetic. SB Fitness Equipment's CT400 allows for ANT+ connectivity for tracking performance.

Training Options and Convenience: TrueForm Runner and other self-powered models offer an array of training options, enabling you to tailor your workouts to your fitness goals.

Electricity and Self-Powered Machines: Curved treadmills are typically self-powered, adding an element of convenience as you can use them without being tethered to an electric point.

Customer Reviews and Warranties: Checking customer reviews for reassurance on quality and considering the warranties offered by the manufacturer, such as on the Assault Fitness AirRunner Elite, can help ensure peace of mind with your purchase.


Curved Treadmill Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses commonly asked questions about curved treadmills, ensuring you have clear, informed answers for your major concerns regarding this innovative equipment.

What are the benefits of using a curved treadmill compared to a traditional treadmill?

Curved treadmills offer a more natural running experience by conforming to your stride, providing a better workout for your muscles. They're also known to increase calorie burn because they require more effort to maintain the belt's motion.

How does the price of a curved treadmill compare with that of a conventional treadmill?

Generally, curved treadmills are more expensive than traditional motorised treadmills due to their advanced technology and design. Prices for curved treadmills can start at about £4,000, with many models even higher.

What should be considered when choosing the best curved treadmill for home or commercial use?

When selecting a curved treadmill, consider durability, size, ergonomics, and additional features that suit your space requirements and fitness goals. For commercial use, prioritise treadmills designed to withstand heavy traffic and offer extensive warranty periods.

Are there differences in the workout intensity when using a curved treadmill versus running outdoors?

Yes, curved treadmills can provide a more challenging workout due to the manual effort required to drive the belt. This can lead to greater engagement of the core and lower body muscles compared to running outside.

Can a curved treadmill accommodate varying speeds, including walking or jogging?

Curved treadmills can indeed accommodate different speeds without the need for any powered adjustment. Your pace naturally controls the belt's speed, allowing for transition from walking to jogging or sprinting seamlessly.

What distinguishes Technogym's curved treadmills from other brands?

Technogym curved treadmills are recognised for combining sleek design with robust mechanics.

They often integrate technology for tracking performance. They may also provide an extensive range of workouts tailored to the user's fitness level.

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