Lat Pulldown Machines

Looking for a way to tone and strengthen your back?

Lat pulldown machines offer a great way to work your latissimus dorsi, or "lats". They're a great way to target the muscles in your back. They’re also a great exercise to improve your posture.

At Cardio Online we offer a wide range of machines, from home gyms with lat pulldown stations, to light commercial pulldown machines perfect for studios as well as high-end options for commercial gyms.

Buy a lat pulldown machine today and start growing your back muscles!

Lat Pulldown Machine Types

There are three main types of lat pulldown machines available on the market today.

But which one is the best for you?


Plate-loaded lat pulldown machines

Plate-loaded lat pulldown machines are some of the most popular types of lat pulldown machines. They offer a great range of motion and can be adjusted to fit your specific workout needs.

The main benefit of plate-loaded machines is they have very few moving parts, so maintenance over the long-term can be significantly cheaper than pin-loaded cable machines.

Pin-loaded cable lat pulldown machines

Pin-loaded cable lat pulldown machines are also very popular and offer a great range of motion and flexibility. These are very popular due to their ease of use and relatively small footprint compared to plate-loaded machines.

Plus they keep the gym tidier as people won't leave weight plates lying around!

However, the downside of pin-loaded machines can be the additional moving parts (cables, pulleys, bearings) which will require maintenance over time.

Be sure to find a machine with high-quality components and a solid warranty to minimise your lifetime maintenance costs.

Home Gyms with Lat Pulldown

Home gyms with lat pulldown can be a great space-saving solution for those who want to work out at home. They offer all the benefits of a lat pulldown machine but take up much less space.

These are perfect for small apartments, garages or homes with limited space.


Choosing the Right Machine for Your Space

When selecting a lat pulldown machine for your gym, whether it's a commercial facility or a home gym, it is critical to consider size and footprint. You'll want a piece of equipment that accommodates your spatial constraints without sacrificing functionality.

Size Considerations:

  • Measure your space; ensure there's ample room for both the machine and clear space around it for safe operation.
  • Compact machines are available for smaller areas, typically offering fewer features.

Home Gym Specific:

  • For a home gym, a multi-functional lat pulldown machine with a low pulley station might be ideal, saving space by consolidating exercises.
  • Footprint is crucial; some machines have a smaller footprint, making them fit into tighter spaces.

Commercial Gym Specific:

  • In a commercial setting, sturdier, larger machines may be preferred, considering they can handle higher traffic and usage.

Features to Look For:

  • High and low pulley stations boost the machine's versatility.
  • Adjustable weight resistance offers a range of difficulty levels for different user capabilities.

Table: Machine Types and Space Requirements

Machine Type Space Required Best Use Case
Compact home lat pulldown Minimal footprint Home gyms with limited space
Multi-functional lat pulldown Moderate footprint Home gyms seeking versatility
Commercial-grade lat pulldown Large footprint Commercial gyms


Popular Lat Pulldown Machines

If you're looking for a great way to tone and sculpt your upper back, Lat Pulldown machines are a perfect choice. Here we take a look at some of the best-selling machines on the Australian market today.


Healthstream PL9002 Lat Pulldown + Seated Row

Healthstream PL9002 Lateral Pulldown Machine

If you're looking for an affordable alt pulldown machine, the Healthstream Studio Pin-Loaded Lat Pulldown + Seated Row is a great option and our best seller!

View the Healthstream PL9002 Lat Pulldown + Seated Row


It has an adjustable starting position to accommodate users of all sizes, and the sleek grey upholstery and silver frame fit in with all gym surroundings.

Plus, the dual-use design offers more functionality in one convenient machine, so you can get the most bang for your buck!

The Healthstream Studio Pin-Loaded Lat Pulldown + Seated Row is a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile and affordable lat pulldown machine and is a favourite for apartment complexes, hotels gyms, PT studios as well as home gyms!



Healthstream SL7002 Lat Pulldown Machine

Healthstream SL7006 Lateral Pulldown Machine

If you're in the market for an affordable commercial-grade lat pulldown machine for your home gym or studio, you're in luck! Healthstream's SL7002 Plate-Loaded Lat Pull Down Machine is a great option, and it's available at a very reasonable price.

View the Healthstream SL7002 Lat Pulldown Machine


This machine is designed to replicate the feel of free-weight movements, and it features a bio-mechanically accurate movement path that focuses the exercise on the back and biceps.

The machine is also built with thick, square tubing that has been electro-welded for maximum integrity, and it features electrostatic powder-coating and heat-cured paintwork for superior durability.

Additionally, the SL7002 has one-touch adjustments with colour-coded adjustment points, and it has a high maximum loading weight. This machine is also Plate loaded, which means it is very low maintenance.

Lastly, the SL7002 is comfortable to use, with 60mm thick seats and padding, industrial vinyl upholstery, thick plywood backing, and 38mm foam core. This is important to reduce wear and tear in a busy gym studio environment.

So if you're looking for an affordable, commercial-grade lat pulldown machine, the Healthstream SL7002 is a great option to consider.



Impulse IT9522 Lat Pulldown + Vertical Row

Impulse IT9522 Lateral Pulldown Machine

If you're in the market for a premium lat pulldown machine for your gym, the Impulse IT9522 Pin-Loaded Lat Pulldown + Vertical Row is worth considering.

View the Impulse IT9522 Lat Pulldown + Vertical Row


This machine can achieve dual-functional training of vertical row and lat pull-down exercises and comes with a host of other features that make it stand out from the competition.

For instance, the self-lubricating American loos™ cable is nylon-coated with a 12-complex fibre that ensures a long service life of over 250,000 uses! That means you could do a rep every 2 mins, every hour of every day for a year before these bad boys start to wear out.

Now of course lat pulldown machines aren't used constantly, so in a practical situation, that's closer to 10 years!

In addition, the upholstery is packed with high-density poly-foam for comfort and durability while the cover is made from high-strength marine-grade material and double stitched for unparalleled durability for even the busiest of gyms.

With so much to offer, Impulse IT9522 is sure to be a hit with members of your gym!



RTM Lat Pulldown + Low Row Machine

RTM Lat Pulldown Machine

If you're looking for a quality lat pulldown machine on a budget, then the RTM Lat Pulldown + Low Row Machine is perfect for you!

View the RTM Lat Pulldown + Low Row Machine


This machine is built with heavy-duty steel, has a dual guide rod system for a smooth, easy range of motion, and comes with a footplate that can be quickly flipped up for low rows. This means it's easy to switch between lat pull down and low row exercises.

Plus, it includes a lat pull down, straight row bar, as well as standard and Olympic weight plate adapters – making it a great all-in-one machine for your fitness needs!

It has a heavy-duty steel construction, and comes with adjustable seat and foot bracing to ensure a comfortable and safe workout. Plus, its "no cable change" design

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, this machine is a great addition to your home gym!


Lat Pulldown Machine Features

When it comes to buying a lat pulldown machine, there are a few features you should consider before making your purchase. Here are the most important ones to keep in mind:

Plate-loaded vs Pin-loaded lat pulldown machines

Lat pulldown machines come in two main varieties: plate-loaded and pin-loaded. Plate-loaded machines have the advantage of being very sturdy, as all the weight is mounted on the plates.

They also have a large footprint, meaning they take up more space than their counterparts. However, they require little or no maintenance, making them a good choice for gyms with limited staff.

Pin-loaded machines, on the other hand, are smaller and often dual-function, making them perfect for gyms with limited space. They also don't require weight plates, which means the gym area stays tidy.

However, the additional pulleys and cables may mean lifetime maintenance costs are higher than plate loaded.

Single-function vs dual-function lat pulldown machines

Single-function machines are designed to work one specific muscle group (eg. Leg Extensions) while dual-function machines could switch between leg extension and leg curls. Dual function has the obvious benefit of two machines in one, and therefore fewer machines are needed to have a fully functioning gym.

However, the downside of dual-function machines is that they are restricted to one user at a time. With a dual leg extension/curl machine one person can use the machine, however with two single machines, two people can exercise.

So you need to balance what your gym members need while considering the available space you have, as well as your budget.

Dual-function machines can offer a large amount of value as their often more affordable than two individual single-function machines. Just be careful to provide the right offering for your members to make sure you have enough equipment for peak periods.

Frame construction - welds, material, thickness, coating

Frame construction is an important factor to consider when purchasing a lat pulldown machine. The weld quality, steel quality and thickness, and paint coating are all factors that contribute to the overall frame construction.

The quality welds are important for the safety of the user and the longevity of the machine. Gym machines need to handle a huge amount of weight and tension so high-quality welds are essential. However, the higher the weld quality, the higher the manufacturing cost and therefore the higher the price of the product.

Similarly, the steel quality and thickness contribute to the strength and durability of the machine. High-strength steel is more expensive than low-quality steel but will last significantly longer and extend the lifetime of the machine. A thicker steel frame will also mean that it can handle more weight, improving durability.

The paint coating protects the frame from rust and corrosion. Electrostatic powder-coating is the best quality paint coating available. This type of coating is applied in a controlled environment and cures under UV light, providing a more durable and high-quality finish.

Aesthetics are also important when it comes to frame construction. Many people want their home gym to look good as well as function well. A machine with a well-designed and well-constructed frame will look much better than a machine with a cheaply made frame. This can help give your gym a more premium feel and attract a higher-end clientele, boosting revenue.

Cables, Pulleys & Bearings

If you want to get the most out of your Lat Pulldown Machine, it’s important to buy a machine that uses high-quality cables, pulleys and bearings. This will ensure that the machine moves smoothly and without any jerkiness or hesitation.

Machines with low-quality parts can cause the machine to malfunction or even break, so it’s important to invest in a machine that will last.

Cables, pulleys and bearings are the three main high-wearing components of any Lat Pulldown Machine, and they all need to be working together seamlessly for the machine to function properly.

If even one of these components is of poor quality, it can throw off the whole system and cause the machine to break down. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a machine that uses high-quality, durable parts.

Weight stack

The weight stack is an important feature to consider when choosing a lat pulldown machine because you need to ensure that the weight is sufficient for the user. Cheaper machines generally come with lighter weight stacks and may limit the use of the machine.

More advanced machines also have improve ease-of-use features such as magnetic weight selector pins or pins with large easy-to-use handles. These features may seem small however ensuring that your users can easily adjust the weight and use the machines without injury is important to consider.

If you think the weight stack of the machine you're considering is too light, you can ask our friendly team about upgrade options. We can usually request larger weight stacks from the manufacturer to suit your needs!


Gym machines are often upholstered with a durable and easy-to-clean material. The most common choice for upholstery is vinyl, which is available in a variety of colors and textures. Other materials that can be used for upholstery include leather, suede, and mesh.

When choosing the upholstery for your gym machines, it is important to consider the type of material that will best withstand the wear and tear of use.

write a paragraph about industrial-grade vinyl upholstery

Industrial-grade vinyl upholstery is a popular choice for gym machines because it is very durable and easy to clean. Industrial-grade vinyl upholstery is a good choice for those who want a durable and long-lasting material.

Vinyl is available in a variety of colors and textures, so you can choose the one that best suits your style.


Warranty comes in four sections, frame warranty, parts warranty (including cables, pulleys etc), upholstery warranty, and labour warranty. A good quality machine constructed from high-strength steel and high-quality welds will come with a lifetime frame warranty.

High-quality bearings and pulleys will be backed up by a decent warranty as well, so if the warranty on these parts is one or more years, you know you're getting the good stuff.


Lat Pulldown Machine Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you'll find detailed answers to common inquiries regarding lat pulldown machines, covering aspects important for both personal and commercial use, alongside exercise recommendations and comparisons.

Which features are essential when selecting the best lat pulldown machine for a home gym?

When choosing a lat pulldown machine for a home gym, consider the size of the equipment to ensure it fits your space. Look for a machine with sturdy construction, adjustable settings to accommodate different exercises and user heights, and a smooth, reliable cable system.

How does one determine the quality of a lat pulldown machine intended for commercial use?

For commercial use, the durability of the lat pulldown machine is paramount. High-quality materials, strong welds, weight stack capacities, and the presence of a comprehensive warranty are indicators of a machine's suitability for heavy use in a commercial setting.

What are the key differences between home and commercial lat pulldown machines?

Commercial lat pulldown machines are generally built with heavier-grade materials to withstand frequent use, often have a higher weight capacity, and may feature more adjustability options. Home machines tend to be more compact and budget-friendly with lesser weight stacks.

Can you recommend effective exercises to perform on a lat pulldown machine?

Effective exercises on a lat pulldown machine include the standard wide-grip lat pulldown for engaging the width of your lats and the close-grip pulldown for focusing on the lower lats. Alternating grips and angles can target different parts of the back muscles.

How beneficial is the lat pulldown exercise compared to traditional pull-ups?

Lat pulldowns are beneficial for those who are not yet able to perform a traditional pull-up, allowing for consistent resistance and the ability to adjust weights to progressively build up strength in the back and biceps.

What alternative machines can target the latissimus dorsi muscle similar to lat pulldowns?

Other machines that can target the latissimus dorsi in a similar manner to lat pulldowns include seated row machines and cable pull machines. These machines can both utilise a variety of handles and grips to work different parts of the back.

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