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Welcome to our back extension machines collection page, where we showcase the best models of squat racks from various brands. Our goal is to help you find the perfect machine for your fitness journey. So, let's dive in and explore these powerful machines that can transform your workout experience!

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Our back extension machines

SportsArt Dual Function DF206 Lower Back/Abdominal

The SportsArt Dual Function DF206 Lower Back/Abdominal is designed to deliver top-notch performance, versatility, and customization. With easy-to-use spring-lock release knobs, you can quickly switch between back extension and ab crunch exercises.

The chest and back pads adjust to accommodate different user sizes, while foot pegs and cushions help maintain correct posture. This machine also offers multiple seating positions for optimal benefits or various user sizes, and a 14-gauge machine welded frame for stability.

  • Spring-lock release knobs for easy changeover between exercises
  • Adjustable chest/back pads for different size users
  • Foot pegs and cushions to help maintain correct posture
  • Multiple seating positions for optimal benefits or various user sizes
  • 5-inch (12.7 cm) deep groove POM pulleys for consistent cable tracking

Impulse IT9534 Back Extension/Abdominal

Next up is the Impulse IT9534 Back Extension/Abdominal, which provides effective training for both back and abdominal muscles. The yellow circle pivot helps users maintain proper positioning during their workouts, and the backrest ensures pelvic stabilization.

Part of the Impulse IT95 series, this machine embodies the design expertise and quality of Impulse Fitness.

  • Designed for back and abdominal training
  • Yellow circle pivot for correct positioning during workouts
  • Provides pelvic stabilization from a comfortable backrest
  • Part of the Impulse IT95 series
  • Represents design capability and stable quality of Impulse Fitness

Impulse IT9532 Back Extension

The Impulse IT9532 Back Extension offers a range of features for an exceptional workout experience. With a 3mm thick tube for the functional part, the weight stack cage is designed for durability and stability. The translucent ABS shroud ensures shock resistance, while high-density poly-foam and double stitches guarantee comfort and longevity.

The self-lubricating American loos™ cable with nylon-coated 12 complex fiber lasts for more than 250 thousand uses, and the ergonomic handle bars with aluminum ring limit provide a secure grip.

  • 3mm thick tube for functional part and weight stack cage
  • Translucent ABS shroud for durability and shock resistance
  • High-density poly-foam and double stitches for comfort and longevity
  • Self-lubricating American loos™ cable with over 250 thousand uses
  • Ergonomic handle bars with aluminum ring limit for a secure grip

Healthstream PL9024 Abdominal/Lower Back

The Healthstream PL9024 Abdominal/Lower Back machine focuses on providing stability and comfort. The adjustable starting position accommodates users of all sizes, while the multi-position footplate enables various exercises.

The back upholstery support ensures minimal pressure, and the smooth cable action guarantees consistent resistance throughout the full range of motion. The highly visible yellow adjustment levers and sleek design make this machine an attractive addition to any gym.

  • Adjustable starting position for users of all sizes
  • Multi-position footplate for various exercises
  • Back upholstery support for minimal pressure
  • Smooth cable action for consistent resistance
  • Highly visible yellow adjustment levers

Impulse IT9518 Torso Rotation

Last but not least, the Impulse IT9518 Torso Rotation offers a seated position for your torso rotation workouts. The large footplate, leg pad, chest pad, and auxiliary handle bar ensure maximum comfort and stabilization.

The versatile multi-starting positions allow users to set up the optimal seat height, while the self-lubricating cable ensures a service life of more than 250 thousand uses.

With these top back extension machines, you can strengthen your core and back muscles like never before. Explore our collection, and find the perfect fit for your workout routine. Your fitness journey starts here!

  • Large footplate, leg pad, chest pad, and auxiliary handle bar for comfort and stabilization
  • Seated position for torso rotation workouts
  • Versatile multi-starting positions for optimal seat height
  • Self-lubricating cable with over 250 thousand uses
  • Designed to provide maximum comfort and beneficial stabilizing effect
Healthstream Healthstream PL9024 Abdominal/Lower Back $2,600.00 $3,199.00
Impulse Impulse IT9518 Torso Rotation $3,279.20 $4,199.00
Impulse Impulse IT9532 Back Extension $3,519.20 $4,999.00
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