When you're exploring high-performance indoor cycling options, Wattbike stands out for its advanced smart bike technology and range of features.

Their bikes are crafted to provide you with a training experience that closely simulates real road cycling. This is made possible thanks to precision engineering and extensive insight into cycling performance.


Smart Bike Technology with Wattbike

Wattbikes are equipped with cutting-edge smart trainer capabilities meant to enhance your indoor cycling routine.

The smart technology in models like the Wattbike Atom ensures that you receive accurate feedback on your performance.

These bikes offer a realistic real ride feel technology that responds dynamically to your efforts. Integrations with popular third-party apps like Zwift allow you to connect with virtual cycling worlds and track your progress meticulously.

  • Key features of Smart Bike Technology:
    • Accurate power measurement with ±1% deviation
    • Realistic gear changes
    • Quiet training sessions with electromagnetic resistance
    • Compatibility with training apps for performance insight


Wattbike Models and Features

Wattbike offers different models, including the Wattbike Atom and the Wattbike Pro/Trainer, each tailored to various cycling and training needs.

The Wattbike Atom, recognised for being the ultimate smart bike experience, provides seamless smart bike functionalities suitable for both casual cyclists and professionals.

It operates silently, allowing you to train early mornings or late nights without disturbance.

  • Wattbike Atom Features:
    • Electromagnetic resistance system for a quiet and reliable training setup
    • Adjustable resistance for replicating challenging terrains
    • Real-time performance tracking for comprehensive training insights

The Wattbike Pro/Trainer is designed for high-intensity training with a broader range of resistance levels, catering to both elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

It stands out for its capability to deliver high-precision data for monitoring and improving your performance.

  • Wattbike Pro/Trainer Features:
    • High-resistance options for intense workouts
    • Robust build for stability and durability
    • Direct and immediate feedback on your cycling technique


Training with Wattbike

Training with Wattbike allows you to personalise your workout and meticulously track performance. This makes it a favoured choice among cyclists aiming to enhance their fitness.


Customising Workouts

Your Wattbike training can be finely tuned to meet your specific fitness targets. You can select from a variety of training zones and workout types to align with your objectives.

Whether that's improving cadence, building power, or working on climbing ability.

  • Training Plans: Structured to cater to different fitness levels, from beginners to elite athletes.
  • Resistance Levels: Adaptable to simulate different terrains and intensities for a well-rounded indoor training experience.

Using the Wattbike Hub, you can customise your sessions. This ensures you are working within the right zones to meet your training goals, whether that's increasing watts or preparing for a benchmark test.


Tracking Performance and Progress

Monitoring your development is key to maximising the effectiveness of your training regimen.

The Wattbike provides various metrics that enable precise tracking of your performance:

  • Power Output: Precise measurement in watts allows you to gauge your strength and endurance over time.
  • Polar View: Offers pedalling technique feedback, helping you to refine your performance.
  • Training Zones: These will guide your workout intensity and are essential for tailored fitness development.

By consistently training with the defined resistance levels and assessing your performance metrics, you can systematically achieve and set new targets.

The Wattbike stands out as an accurate indoor training tool for anyone serious about their cycling training.


Wattbike Connectivity and Enhancements

Your Wattbike's performance is greatly elevated through its advanced connectivity features. These features seamlessly integrate with various apps and platforms.

Continuous enhancements in the form of updates ensure that your indoor cycling experience is up to the standard of current technological progressions.


Integrating with Apps and Platforms

The centrepiece of your connectivity experience is the Wattbike Hub app.

It enables you to display your cycling data on a TV using Android or iOS devices and connect to an ecosystem of popular fitness applications such as Strava and third-party apps like Zwift.

This integration extends your training environment beyond the physical realm of your Wattbike.

  • Popular platforms include:
    • Strava
    • Zwift
    • Training Peaks
    • Apple Health
    • FulGaz
    • Garmin Edge

Conveniently, the Wattbike Hub app supports Dual-Channel Bluetooth Connectivity. This allows you to update your device to the latest firmware with ease and maintain connection to two devices simultaneously.


Staying Informed and Up-to-Date

To get the most out of your Wattbike, staying informed about the latest news and product updates is key.

Subscribing to the Wattbike mailing list grants you access to a wealth of resources, including:

  • Training tips: Enhance your cycling proficiency with expert advice.
  • Product updates: Receive notifications on the latest features and improvements.
  • Exclusive discounts: Enjoy special offers that are exclusive to subscribers.

Always ensure your Wattbike Hub app is updated to the latest version for optimal performance.

This empowers not just a better user interface but also ensures you have the latest enhancements in connectivity and feature set for an enriched indoor cycling experience.


Wattbike Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common queries about Wattbike products, helping you understand the differences between models, the investment required, the unique training benefits they offer, and where to purchase them.

How does the Wattbike Atom differ from the Wattbike Pro?

The Wattbike Atom is designed for home use with an emphasis on smart technology and connectivity, whilst the Wattbike Pro offers higher resistance levels suited for professional athletes.

The Atom features automatic resistance changes and is geared towards interactive training experiences.

What is the typical price range for a Wattbike?

The cost of a Wattbike varies depending on the model and features.

Generally, prices start from around £1,600 for the entry-level Atom and can exceed £2,500 for high-end models like the Pro and Trainer.

Are there distinct benefits to training with a Wattbike compared to traditional indoor cycles?

Training with a Wattbike provides accurate data tracking, a real ride feel due to its unique air-braking system, and extensive connectivity to training apps.

This leads to more effective, structured, and engaging indoor cycling sessions.

How does the Wattbike facilitate weight loss and fitness goals?

The Wattbike aids in weight loss and fitness by providing precise feedback on your performance, ensuring you train at the correct intensity.

It also offers a variety of workouts and the ability to track progress over time, which can help in maintaining motivation and consistency.

What features does the Wattbike Hub offer to enhance training?

The Wattbike Hub is an app that complements your training by offering structured workouts, detailed analytics of your rides, and tests to assess your performance and monitor improvements.

It also allows you to compete with other users, adding a competitive edge to your workouts.

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