Best Selling Olympic Bench Press

Healthstream Ultimate IT7015 Olympic Incline Weight Bench

The Healthstream IT7015 is made up of the highest-quality components. Its user-friendly spotter step allows for easy and effective spotting on big lifts.

High strength welds and durable double stitched marine-grade upholstery ensure this bench will stand the test of time.

With a lifetime warranty on the frame and storage for weight plates, it's small wonder why this bench is a customer favourite!

Healthstream IT7014 Olympic Flat Weight Bench

The Healthstream IT7014 Olympic Flat Bench is made of high-quality materials. It's wide design and multiple feet provide exceptional stability for wide range of lifts.

It offers long-lasting double-stitched upholstery for optimal comfort and support. And let's not forget Healthstream's lifetime frame warranty!

Healthstream IT7016 Olympic Decline Bench

The Healthstream IT7016 Olympic Decline Bench completes the trifecta of weight benches every gym needs.

The wide and fully adjustable bench easily accommodates users of all sizes while the leg rollers ensure a secure lifting position for focused and controlled lifting.

The highest-quality welds and marine-grade upholstery ensures this bench will last years if not decades.

Weight Bench FAQ


What Is A Weight Bench?

A weight bench is the focal point of practically every weightlifting set. A basic weight bench is made out of a board that is about a foot broad and three feet long that is elevated above the ground on legs. Typically, this board is cushioned for comfort. The weightlifter sits, lies down on his/her stomach, or leans on the bench to do different exercises. 

The exercises performed are often performed with barbells and dumbbells, which is why the bench is referred to as a "weight" bench. Additional pieces of equipment may be added to or placed around the bench to allow for additional workouts.

How Do You Use A Weight Bench?

Sit on the bench with your feet on each side for support and your back flat on the bench. Lift the weight back and above your head while keeping your elbows near to your ears. With dumbbells, you may raise one arm at a moment while utilizing your non-lifting hand to support the other and maintain it aligned with your body while you lift it.

Which Weight Benches Are Best?

  • Healthstream Weight Benches
  • Everfit Weight Benches
  • York Fitness Weight Benches
  • Powertrain Weight Benches

Should You Buy A Weight Bench?

Yes! A weight bench is essential if you want to grow muscle and increase muscular mass. You'll be able to target a wide variety of muscle groups with this home gym equipment in no time.

When Should You Add More Weight To Your Bench Press?

When considering whether or not to raise the weight you're lifting, use the "2 for 2" rule: Increasing the weight is a good idea if you've completed two sessions where you've been able to complete two additional repetitions with the weight you began with.

Where Should You Buy A Weight Bench Online?

Cardio Online offers the Australia's biggest range of weight benches to meet any need or price. Additionally, we also offer free shipping on most products as well as our industry-leading 30-day returns policy! When you buy from Cardio Online you can rest easy knowing that you're in good hands.

Do You Need A Weights Bench?

Yes. This piece of equipment is essential for enhancing one's upper body strength and size. When it comes to chest workouts, a bench provides a wider range of motion and the ability to do powerful bench presses.



What is a Weight Bench?

Every gym in Australia has a weight bench, and for valid reason. When it comes to weight training, the weight bench, often known as the bench press, is an essential piece of equipment.

For the most part, weight benches are made of a cushioned board that is supported by a pair of steel legs and used by bodybuilders to sit or lie down. Weight benches are distinguished from regular workout benches by their sturdiness and capacity to hold a high amount of weight.

Even though there are many various types of weight benches available to buy, they are not all the same. We've compiled a list of some of the most often used bench styles for your convenience.

Benefits of Using A Weight Bench

Bench presses have numerous benefits, including building upper body strength, enhancing muscular endurance, and even prepping your upper body for actions such as pushups. They can also serve as a useful strengthening workout for athletes participating in sports such as running, hockey, and football.

Additional Benefits of using a weight bench include: 

  • Support: Lifting weights properly necessitates that you have a good support system in place. It has the potential to improve your productivity and quickness. Additionally, it helps guarantee that exercisers are able to concentrate on weight without losing their balance or experiencing any other pain since benches are often soft cushions.

  • Muscle tone: For most individuals, a strong upper body is what they're after, and a weight bench set may help them achieve that look. As a result of bench press training on an adjustable weight bench, your body fat will be reduced, which is good for your joints. You'll notice an improvement in bone density and flexibility as you exercise your muscles. The abdominal muscles are also strengthened by the use of a weight bench.

  • Versatility: Many benches, such as the adjustable folding bench from Everfit or Powertrain, can be used in a variety of ways. They have a wide range of training options and may give full-body workouts for those who want to get in shape. This versatile training bench is ideal for people who want to build up their upper body strength. Back angles may be set to flat, tilted, or lowered. Back muscles may be strengthened and flexed by training from a variety of angles.

  • Increasing upper body strength: Using a bench press weight bench can help you lift more weight. In order to press greater weights, and in most cases, to do a heavier shoulder press, you must maintain proper technique, which can be done on a weight bench.

  • Exercising muscles: A wide variety of home gym equipment may be used to work out muscles. To strengthen the pectoralis major, do bench presses on a weight bench. During a bench press, this is the muscle that's most easily developed and exercised. It's the muscle that makes the chest muscles seem larger and more imposing. Horizontal stretching is the primary goal of this product. Strengthening and exercising the triceps while weightlifting is made easier by the bench press. In addition, the bigger triceps will make your arms seem more muscular and toned.

Do You Need A Weight Bench? 

For those who prefer a more free-flowing fitness routine, Weight Benches are an excellent option. In addition to weightlifting, the adjustable weightlifting bench may be used for a variety of other workouts. Every muscle in your upper body may be worked with dumbbells or barbells, including the core and lower body muscles.

If you're serious about building muscle, particularly in your upper body, then a good quality weight bench is essential. Even if you're not a serious weightlifter and are looking to rehabilitate an old injury, or just maintain a reasonable level of strength and fitness, a weights bench provides so much versatility to your workout that it's almost a no-brainer!

Whether you own a commercial gym, PT studio or you're building out your dream home gym (how convenient are garage gyms!), no facility is complete without a weight bench as the centerpiece. 

How To Use A Weight Bench