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Best Sellers and Customer Favourites

Sole F65 Folding Treadmill

Sole F65 Treadmill

Price: $3,299

Why The Sole F65 Is A Best Seller

The F65 jumps up to a powerful 3.25 horsepower Continuous Duty motor which delivers challenging speeds up to 18 km/hand up to 15 incline levels. The F65 also has a larger deck at 22 x 60 inches in size and comes standard with a larger 7.5 inch backlit LCD display.

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Sole F80 Folding Treadmill

Sole F80 Treadmill

Price: $3,899

Why The Sole F80 Is A Best Seller

The F80 treadmill has been reviewed as "The best treadmill in its price range" and steps up to a lifetime warranty and the Cushion Flex Whisper Deck, shown in a study to reduce joint impact up to 40% as compared to running on asphalt. The F80 deck performs like top-range commercial brand treadmills (costing thousands more)... 

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Impulse Encore ECT7 Treadmill

Impulse Encore ECT7 Treadmill

Price: $5,199

Why The Impulse ECT7 Is A Best Seller

The Impulse Encore ECT7 Treadmill is a heavy duty commercial rated treadmill featuring a powerful 3hp AC motor and huge 51cm x 153cm running deck. The Pullflexx Commercial Suspension System absorbs impact shock which reduces stress on joints and muscles. The 6 window (LED) + Dot Matrix (LED) display allows for different information to be shown simultaneously giving the user a richer workout experience...

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SportsArt Foundation T635A Treadmill

SportsArt T635 Treadmill   

Price: $5,999

Why The SportsArt T635 Is A Best Seller

The SportsArt Foundation Series light commercial and residential cardio line continues to set industry standards in both unique design and biomechanic excellence. The MyFlex Plus™ deck cushioning provides 30% more shock absorption and carries a lifetime warranty. The large 55cm x 154cm belt provides ample running space and is constructed from low friction material that is resistant to static build-up...  

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Shop By Treadmill Type/Form-factor

Looking for a specific type of treadmill such as the ever-popular folding treadmill, or trending curved treadmills? Select from the below options and we'll show you the full range of products that match your needs.

Curved Treadmills

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Curved treadmills are manual treadmills with no motor; the running motion and energy from the user drives the treadmill belt, with each strike of the foot providing downward force that works with gravity to move the foot and belt down and backwards. This motion simulates the natural stride pattern, reducing impact to joints while increasing muscle engagement in a manner that provides a comfortable running experience as well as enhancing training. 

Folding Treadmills

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The ability to fold away the running deck of a treadmill and even wheel it into a corner, cupboard or storage room is the key selling point of folding treadmills. This space-saving functionality is hugely popular among residential treadmill buyers, with the ability to conserve space particularly popular as more people move into apartments where floor space is at a premium.

Browse The Best Treadmill Brands

Looking for treadmill models from a specific brand? Just choose your preferred brand from our list to see all their models.

Impulse Fitness Treadmills

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Impulse Fitness is a leading supplier of health and fitness products, with over 40 years of experience and innovation in the industry. The Impulse Encore series is their premier range designed for premium home use as well as corporate fitness.

SMAI Treadmills

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SMAI began in 1985 when the founders began producing martial arts uniforms in their garage. More than 30 years later, SMAI is now an internationally acclaimed brand recognized as a leading supplier of martial arts and fitness equipment, serving a wider athletic market.

Sole Fitness Treadmills

Shop Sole Fitness Treadmills


Sole Fitness is a premier name in fitness and is recognized as the fastest growing treadmill brand in the US, with a multiple award-winning product range. With a wide range of treadmills designed to meet every budget, and back by class-leading warranties, Sole treadmills are perfect for home use, light commercial or full commercial use.

SportsArt Treadmills

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SportsArt are focused on creating beautiful, smart and innovative fitness products that help sustain the health of the planet as well as the user. Leveraging over 40 years of innovative design and manufacturing excellence, SportsArt are an established leader in the fitness industry, providing advanced fitness, medical, performance and residential equipment with unparalleled durability and value with best-in-class warranty.

Stairmaster HIITmill Treadmills

Shop Stairmaster HIITmill Treadmills


Stairmaster knows what it takes to make the toughest workouts; they pioneered the StepMill and took HIIT to the next level. The Stairmaster HIITmill treadmills are self-powered and deliver an effective resistance training platform that captures the benefit of speed, agility, lateral and sled training in a smaller space-saving footprint. 

Woodway Treadmills

Shop Woodway Treadmills


For those who demand the very best treadmills and equipment available, Woodway is the first choice for performance, durability and comfort. From fitness training to medical rehabilitation and the uppermost echelons of human performance, Woodway is dedicated to providing every user with the best possible experience in fitness.

Professional sports teams, athletes, and celebrities alike use Woodway Treadmills to optimize their workouts. Woodway’s patented design provides a superior running surface that is preferred by the professionals. From the gym to your home, Woodway Treadmills provides the ultimate in user comfort and premium performance.

York Fitness Treadmills

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York's beginnings originated in 1932 when Bob Hoffman, the founder of World Weightlifting, started York Barbell. More than 80 years later, York Fitness are a globally recognized brand providing treadmills and fitness equipment for home use. York folding treadmills are functional, durable and reliable treadmills suitable for the price-conscious user.

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