Elliptical Trainers with Adjustable Stride Lengths

Before you look at which elliptical to buy, there is one more feature that commonly gets looked over when choosing an elliptical. This feature is the stride length.

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Some ellipticals are shorter and made for smaller people, and there are tall ones that are made for taller individuals. Don't purchase the wrong stride length.

Things can happen if you end up choosing the elliptical trainer that is the wrong size for your body type. Your body may be reaching too hard and you could pull a muscle. It will also be very uncomfortable.

Sole E98 Elliptical Trainer

This elliptical normally belongs in a commercial setting, which means it's good to place it in gyms. You can place it in your home as long as you have room for it. It has a wide design with a 20" stride length.

The trainer also has electronic features that make it easy for you to use while you're exercising. You may want to set your program before you start pedalling. If you need to change anything while you're on the move, then it's easy to do.

This elliptical has ten different programs to choose from including a Fitness Test Program. With this program, you have to have other fitness qualifications completed. This test will make things either harder or easier on you based on what your heart rate is as you're moving.

The screen size is 10.1", and it's an LCD screen that is very clear and easy to read. This elliptical also has heart rate grips. You put your hands on those while you're moving, so the machine can read your heart rate.

If you want to increase or decrease your resistance levels, the controls are on the handles for easy access. There is also a Bluetooth capability. You can transfer your data to your smartphone or other devices to have access to your data.

Other features include custom-designed foot pedals to add less stress to your ankles and knees. Also, a power incline is a major feature to have. Your lower body can be worked out in ways that wouldn't be possible without the power incline feature.

The Sole E98 elliptical also includes adjustable foot pedals. This will give you a comfortable feel as you're pedalling. 

One of the best features is the strong frame. This elliptical supports heavy people for their chance to lose weight.

It's important to know what other people think of this trainer to help with your decision. The customers that have purchased this elliptical have given this machine a 5-star rating. They say that it's easy to use and comfortable.

SportsArt E835 Elliptical Trainer

If you are just now starting to exercise, this may be the best elliptical trainer in Australia for you to purchase. The trainer will grant you a full-body lower impact workout.

It does not require you to plug it in, so you can use it outside if you want for a peaceful site to exercise. 

Many people can use this elliptical. It is not recommended for anyone that weighs over 400 pounds. You can purchase this for your home gym, a fitness centre, anywhere that you see fit.

If you have a lot of extra fat you need to lose, you can choose any one of the 40 programs it comes with.

Many people like exercising to music because it helps the time go by quickly. Included with this machine is a holder for your iPod or phone. When you plug in your headphones, you can use the built-in volume control.

The LCD screen features several things you can monitor while you're exercising. You can check your calories and how far you're going. It can also check the amount of time that has passed and many more.

One of the best features is that the SportsArt elliptical trainer comes with Quick Start keys. These keys make it easy for you to choose a workout while you're exercising. No more stopping your program to choose a different one.

Both of these ellipticals will offer something special to your household. There are several more to choose from that you don't know about yet. Those include the ellipticals with the power incline

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