Glute Machines

Are you ready to take your lower body workout to the next level? Look no further, as we bring you the best selection of glute and hip thrust machines to supercharge your training.

Whether you're looking for a hip thrust machine, glute kickback machine, glute drive machine, or other glute-focused equipment, we've got you covered. Let's dive into the world of these powerful machines and discover the perfect one for your fitness journey.

Selecting the Right Glute Machine

Choosing the right glute machine involves evaluating a range of criteria to ensure it complements individual training goals, taking into account anatomy, durability, and space requirements.

The ideal equipment will enhance lower body strength, focussing on the gluteus maximus, through a variety of exercises.


Glute Machines Considerations for Purchase

When looking to acquire a glute machine, several factors should drive the decision-making process.

Firstly, consider the anatomy of the glute muscles and the types of exercises that best target the gluteus maximus, hip abductors, and hip extension movements. Machines that allow for a wide range of exercises such as hip thrusts, glute bridges, and hip abductor movements are invaluable.

  • Range of Exercises: Look for machines that offer a variety of movements, such as glute ham developer machines for hip extension and hip thrusts, and cable machines for glute kickbacks and cable pull-throughs.
  • Durability: The machine should be built to withstand regular usage, especially when working with heavy weights. Check the build quality and reviews related to longevity.
  • Space and Size: Assess the footprint of the machine. If space is a constraint, consider a 2-in-1 machine that maximises functionality while occupying less room.
  • Budget: Determine what value the machine offers for its price, ensuring it is affordable while meeting your fitness equipment needs.
  • Adjustability: To cater to various exercises like deadlifts and glute bridges, select machines with features like adjustable dumbbells or adjustable platforms.


Hip Thrust Machines: Power up Your Glutes and Hamstrings

Hip thrust machines are designed to specifically target your glutes and hamstrings, providing an intense workout that promotes muscle growth and strength. Our top hip thrust machines include:


Nautilus Glute Driver: Ultimate Support and Comfort

The Nautilus Glute Driver is designed with your comfort and support in mind. Its upper body pivot bench ensures full spinal stabilization, while the heavy reinforced padded waist harness provides optimal lifting application.

The oversized angled foot platform accommodates users of all sizes, and the dual-sided safety catch and release mechanism ensures ease of use. With integrated resistance band pegs for modification of load curve and commercial-grade dual pivot bearings, this machine guarantees a smooth and effective workout.


Impulse Sterling SL7038 Glute Thruster: Durable and User-Friendly

The Impulse Sterling SL7038 Glute Thruster is a reliable and durable machine built with super-sized tubes for added stability. Its back and abdomen cushions are filled with high-density foam, conforming to the contour of the human body for maximum comfort during exercise.

The extended anti-slip gloves on the auxiliary handle and starter handle effectively increase grip and prevent slippage, while the steel anti-slip pedal ensures a stable and effective workout. Its adaptive seat adjustment mechanism is easy to use, and the convenient barbell storage hanging corners make it an all-around user-friendly option.


Glute Kickback Machines: Isolate and Strengthen Your Glutes

Glute kickback machines allow you to isolate and work on your glute muscles, providing an excellent way to build strength and tone. Check out our top glute kickback machines:


Healthstream SL7008 Rear Kick: Low Maintenance and Effective

The Healthstream SL7008 Rear Kick is an ideal machine for those seeking minimal maintenance and high effectiveness in a commercial setting. Its one-touch adjustments with color-coded adjustment points make it easy to use, and the design replicates the feel of free-weight movements.

The machine's high maximum loading weight ensures a challenging workout, while the thick, square tubing ensures maximum integrity. The electrostatic powder-coated and heat-cured finish provides superior durability, and the comfortable 60mm thick seats and padding ensure a pleasant exercise experience.


Impulse IT9526 Glute Kickback: Adaptable and Comfortable

Enjoy a versatile workout with the Impulse IT9526 Glute Kickback, featuring neutral movement thanks to rotating hand grips that adapt to different user sizes. The large arm pads increase the holding area of user arms and provide maximum comfort during exercise.

The high-density poly-foam upholstery and double stitches offer both comfort and durability, while the self-lubricating cable with nylon-coated fiber ensures a long service life.


Hip Adductor/Abductor Machines: Target Your Inner and Outer Thighs

Work on your hip adductor and abductor muscles with these machines, designed to provide a comprehensive lower body workout:


Impulse IT9508 Abductor Adductor (Inner/Outer Thigh): Easy Entry and Exit

The user-friendly design of the Impulse IT9508 Abductor Adductor allows for easy entry and exit, while the weight stack positioned in front of users ensures privacy. The double foot platform accommodates various users, and the easily adjustable starting position offers a wide range of motion.

The machine's self-lubricating cable with nylon-coated fiber ensures a long service life, while the high-density poly-foam and double stitches provide comfort and durability.


Healthstream PL9016 Inner/Outer Thigh: Customizable and Stable

The Healthstream PL9016 Inner/Outer Thigh machine offers an adjustable starting position for a wider range of motion and accommodates users of all sizes. The handlebars on the sides provide stabilization and support, and the protective shroud ensures safety during operation.

This machine is ideal for working both the hip adductor and abductor muscles, and its dual-function design ensures optimal use of space within your facility. The instructional placards demonstrating exercise positions make it easy for users to get started with their workout.


SportsArt Dual Function DF202 Abductor/Adductor: Customizable and Easy to Use

The SportsArt Dual Function DF202 Abductor/Adductor machine stands out for its intuitive operation and easy changeover between exercises. With multiple seating positions, users can achieve a full range of motion during their workout.

The 1:2 weight ratio means the resistance feels twice as heavy as the actual physical weight, keeping the product weight to a minimum. The 5-inch (12.7 cm) deep groove POM pulleys provide consistent cable tracking, while the 14-gauge machine-welded frame ensures durability.

Stainless steel guide rods resist rust and maintain smooth operation, and the heavy-duty marine-grade cushions provide added comfort.


Glute & Hamstring Developers (GHDs): Boost Your Lower Body Strength

Glute & Hamstring Developers are designed to target your glutes and hamstrings for a powerful lower body workout. Check out our top GHDs:


Impulse Sterling SL7013 Glute & Hamstring Developer: Space-Efficient and Durable

The Impulse Sterling SL7013 Glute & Hamstring Developer is a space-efficient machine designed for optimal user experience during high-weight training. Its 70mm pad thickness ensures comfort, and the four-legged support with rubber foot pads increases friction and contact area with the ground for improved stability.

The surface of the pedal is wrapped in aluminium alloy, featuring anti-skid patterns for added durability compared to plastic and rubber materials. This machine is perfect for those looking to train their waist, back, and abdomen with a durable and reliable piece of equipment.

Glute Machines Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers commonly asked questions about machines for glute development, offering insight into effectiveness, frequency of training, and purchase considerations.

What machines are considered most effective for glute development in a gym setting?

The machines typically rated highly for effective glute development include: the cable machine, leg press, hip thrust machine, and glute bridge apparatus. Their design targets the gluteal muscles through a range of compound and isolation exercises.

How can the effectiveness of glute kickback machines be assessed?

The effectiveness of glute kickback machines can be assessed by their ability to isolate and activate the gluteal muscles. One should look for a machine that allows for adjustable resistance and a full range of motion to accommodate progressive training.

What are the recommended glute training frequencies to optimise muscle growth?

For optimal muscle growth, glute training frequency should include 2-3 sessions per week with adequate rest to allow for muscle recovery and growth. Intensity and volume should be aligned with the individual's fitness level and goals.

Which glute machine models are suitable for home use and offer the best value?

Glute machine models suitable for home use and offering good value are those that are versatile, durable, and have a footprint appropriate for the available space. Machines like the compact hip thrust bench and multi-purpose resistance machines are popular choices.

Can hip thrust machines significantly improve glute strength and shape?

Hip thrust machines can significantly improve glute strength and shape by providing consistent resistance during the exercise. They are designed to maximize glute engagement while minimizing the involvement of other muscle groups.

What features should one look for when purchasing glute press machines?

When purchasing glute press machines, one should consider features such as adjustable resistance, ergonomic design, and stability. These features ensure safety and proper form.

The overall build quality is also important. It ensures a tailored workout that scales with the user's progression.


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