Everfit Rowing Machines

Everfit Rowing Machines

Everfit Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine

Extremely simple but able to offer a satisfying workout, the Everfit Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine employs a magnetic brake system and targets all of the major muscle groups. The LCD console allows you to select which workout you want with up to eight levels of manual resistance. You can also use the console to monitor your progress.

The anti-slip footrests have adjustable straps, and the seat is moulded for comfort. This Everfit rowing machine is very quiet when in use and folds down for easy storage when not, making it perfect for apartment dwellers. The durable steel glide rail and sturdy frame means it will give you a good workout for years to come.

Everfit Water Rowing Machine

Another machine that offers simple but satisfying workouts is the Everfit Water Rowing Machine. It makes you feel like you are rowing on the water due to the resistance it offers. You can see the water splashing around in the tank with each stroke. Mediate to the sound it provides to give you both a relaxing and fulfilling workout at the same time.

The seat is moulded for comfort, and the machine features anti-slip footrests with adjustable straps to enable smooth glides. The LCD display allows you to keep up with your workout and monitor your progress. The Everfit water rowing machine allows you to fold it up when not in use, and you can simply wheel it away when you are done.

Everfit Cyclone Air Rowing Machine

Affordability is the name of the game with the Everfit Cyclone Air Rowing Machine. Even though it comes at a lower price point than some of the other machines, it still offers eight resistance levels that are perfect for working your back, le, arm, and abdominal muscles. The wheel glide system is made of durable steel, and it features a moulded seat for comfort. Large and adjustable, the footrests also maximise comfort.  

The large LCD monitor will tell you if you are working out at the right place as it displays your workout rate. It moves silently and is foldable, making it perfect for those who live in an apartment. Extra stability is ensured by the non-slip stand.

Everfit Elastic Resistance Rowing Machine

The Everfit Elastic Resistance Rowing Machine is simple but offers a very satisfying workout. It uses an elastic-rope system which targets all the major muscle groups. The LCD display allows you to choose which of four resistance levels you want for your workout.

Quiet and sturdy, the machine is perfect for home use. Anti-slip footrests with adjustable straps make for a smooth glide. It also has a moulded seat for maximum comfort and folds away for easy storage.

Everfit Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

With its magnetic braking system, the Everfit Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine is extremely quiet so no one will be bothered by your workout. Featuring 10 levels of manual resistance that target all of the major muscle groups, this machine ensures a well-toned back, abs, and legs. Choose which workout you want and monitor your progress on the huge LCD display. The wheel glide rail system, made of durable steel, guarantees a smooth workout.

The moulded seat and adjustable large footrests promise comfort throughout your workout. The machine folds down and has rollers, making it easy to move and store away. If you are low on space, this machine is perfect for you.

Everfit Everfit Water Rowing Machine $983.99 $2,124.95
Everfit Everfit Cyclone Air Rowing Machine $549.99 $609.95
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