Wall Mounted Squat Racks

Wall mounted squat racks are a staple in modern home gyms, combining space efficiency with the robustness needed for serious weightlifting. They are an excellent choice for those looking to save space without compromising the quality of their training.

Wall Mounted Squat Racks Features

A wall mounted squat rack is a type of power rack designed to be fixed to a wall, which provides several benefits. First and foremost, the space-saving design is ideal for smaller workout areas, where floor space is at a premium. When not in use, some models can be folded back against the wall, further reducing their footprint.

These racks typically come with adjustability features like multiple J-hook positions, allowing users to customise the height for different exercises and user sizes. Adjustable features are crucial for targeting specific core muscles through varied workouts.

Most wall mounted racks are constructed with heavy-duty materials, such as 12-gauge steel, and often feature a matt black powder-coated finish for durability. This build quality ensures strength and safety for users, as well as longevity of the equipment.

The inclusion of plate storage is another important aspect, with many racks offering integrated solutions to store weight plates—keeping them readily accessible whilst also maximising space efficiency.

For exercises, the wall mounted squat rack supports strenuous workouts, accommodating a barbell for squats, presses, and other weightlifting exercises that activate multiple muscle groups.


Choosing the Wall Mounted Squat Racks

When selecting a wall mounted squat rack, there are several key factors to consider to ensure it meets one's needs:

  • Size and Space: Measure the available space and check the dimensions of the rack. Ensure there's ample room for movement around the rack during workouts and consider the space needed when the rack is expanded if it is a folding type.

  • Strength and Weight Capacity: Check the specifications for the maximum weight capacity of the rack to ensure it can safely handle the user’s lifting requirements.

  • Versatility and Adjustability: Look for racks that offer a variety of features, such as adjustable J-hooks and pull-up bars, to cater to a range of exercises and accommodate different users.

  • Material and Construction: Opt for a rack made from thick, heavy-duty steel, such as 60mm x 60mm steel thickness of 2mm, to ensure stability and durability.

  • Type of Squat Rack: Decide whether a folding squat rack like the Muscle Motion Valor Wall Mounted Folding Squat Rack or a non-folding version better suits the intended use and available space.

Each individual should assess their personal fitness goals, space, and budget to find the wall mounted squat rack that aligns best with their workout needs, ensuring a safe and effective training environment.


Wall Mounted Squat Racks Installation and Setup

When looking to install a wall mounted squat rack, it is crucial to consider both the space you’ll require and the safety implications of correct mounting. Ensuring stability and secure support for your home gym or commercial setup can prevent injury and provide the best workout experience.


Space Requirements

Home Gym:

  • Depth: At least 179mm clearance from the wall is necessary to accommodate the squat rack and allow for proper usage.
  • Width: A minimum width of 1200mm ensures that there is sufficient space to load and unload weights comfortably.
  • Height: A ceiling height of at least 2308mm is recommended to mount the rack and to perform overhead exercises without obstruction.

Commercial Use:

  • Ample space around the rack is required to handle higher traffic and additional gym equipment.


Mounting and Safety Considerations


  • The wall must be structurally sound to anchor a squat rack. Use heavy-duty bolts and, if uncertain, consult a professional.
  • Ensure that the mounting height aligns with the user's requirements and that the squat rack is level.


  • Attach spotting arms at appropriate heights to assist during failed lifts or when training without a spotter.
  • Regularly check all fixtures for wear and cables for tension to maintain stability and safety.
  • For enquiries or assistance, the supplier's 'contact us' section should provide additional support.

Sturdy mounting and adherence to safety guidelines ensure that the squat rack becomes a reliable piece of equipment in any strength-training regime.


Wall Mounted Squat Racks Accessories and Enhancements

Wall-mounted squat racks are versatile pieces of gym equipment that can be enhanced with a variety of accessories. These additions improve functionality and the range of exercises that can be performed.


Additional Equipment

Weights and weight plates are fundamental for strength training with squat racks. Various types, such as rubber hex, pro-style, and neoprene dumbbells, cater to different preferences. For organised storage, weight trees or plate holders keep the workout area tidy.

Squat stands and machines, including functional trainers, expand the workout possibilities considerably. They allow for additional exercises beyond squats, fitting various fitness levels and training programs.

For cardio integration, gym goers often pair squat racks with cardio equipment. Adding items like rowing machines or stationary bikes can create a comprehensive workout area.


Customisation Options

Customisation options for wall-mounted squat racks enhance both the usability and safety of the rack. J-hooks and multi safety locking pins provide secure places to rest a barbell, while jumper arms, dip attachments, and core trainers add variation to the workout.

Guide rods and J-cups ensure smooth operation and help to protect both the barbell and user. A bare steel pull-up bar can be integrated for additional upper body exercises.

Hardware like jumper arms dip and core trainer can transform a simple rack into a complete workout station focused on full-body fitness. They underscore the squat rack's intrinsic adaptability and functional utility in a home gym setting.

For durability and user comfort, choices range from vinyl to chrome dumbbells, each offering different grips and weight distribution.

Product weight and dimensions, such as 39kg for a specific rack model, should be considered to ensure appropriate wall reinforcement for safe installation and use.


MorganSport Wall Mounted Squat Racks: : The Gold Standard

We're proud to offer an extensive selection of Morgansport wall mounted squat racks, known for their durability and versatility. Morgansport designs are perfect for any home gym, studio, or training center. Here are some top picks from their range:


Morgan Fold Back Wall Mounted Cross-Functional Rig

The Morgan Foldable Wall Mounted Squat Rack is the perfect space-saving rig that can fold back onto the wall when you are not using it. This feature makes it perfect for your home, gym, or studio.

Made of 4mm powder-coated steel, it has removable pins that enable the rig to fold to the right or left. This feature ensures that you maximise your floor space for other training needs.

Morgan V2 6 In 1 Assault Wall And Free Standing Rack

The Morgan V2 6 in 1 Wall-Mounted Squat Rack is an excellent addition to your training centre. The rack is made of the highest grade 4mm thick powder-coated steel. Also, it has laser-guided precision that completes every rig component to ensure durability.

It features an extra dipping bar, j-cups, landmine sleeves, and adjustable triangular bar to help you exercise easily.

Morgan 4 In 1 Cross Functional Wall & Free Standing Assault Rack

The assault rack on the Morgan 4 in 1 Wall-Mounted Squat Rack offers many configurations and usability options. It has extra spotting arms and J-cups to let you use the rig immediately instead of sourcing other components.

Composed of four millimetre powder-coated steel, it can be used as a squat rack, bench rack, pull up rack, and monkey bar rack.


Wall Mounted Squat Racks Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common queries about wall-mounted squat racks, providing informative answers to assist individuals in making informed choices for their fitness needs.

How much weight is a wall-mounted squat rack capable of supporting?

A wall-mounted squat rack can typically support between 200 to 450 kilograms, depending on its construction and the quality of materials used. Manufacturers will provide specific weight capacities for their models, which should be adhered to for safety.

What should be considered when selecting a squat rack for a home gym?

When selecting a squat rack for a home gym, one should consider the available space, the weight capacity, the quality of construction materials, and whether the rack includes additional features like pull-up bars or storage options for weights.

What are the pros and cons of foldable squat racks compared to fixed ones?

Foldable squat racks offer space-saving benefits, which are advantageous for constrained areas. However, they may have lower weight capacities and require additional time for setup and stowing away. Fixed racks tend to be more stable but require a dedicated space.

Are wall-mounted squat racks a cost-effective investment for personal use?

Wall-mounted squat racks can be a cost-effective investment, as they typically require less material than full cages and can last many years if built from high-quality materials and maintained properly.

What are the essential features to look for in the best wall-mounted squat racks?

The best wall-mounted squat racks should have a solid steel construction, adjustable J-hooks, a high weight capacity, safety features for spotting, and the ability to fold away if space is a concern. Compatibility with accessories can also be beneficial.

How does the folding mechanism on a squat rack impact its stability and usability?

The folding mechanism should be designed to lock securely in place both when in use and when stored. It should not compromise the stability during workouts but should enhance usability by allowing easy transition between states without requiring extensive effort.

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