Hyperextension Benches

Welcome to our collection of top-quality hyperextension benches! We offer an extensive range of hyper extension benches from leading brands such as UFC, Healthstream, Impulse, and RTM.

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Our goal is to provide you with the best equipment to boost your fitness journey. So, get ready to strengthen your core, improve your posture, and reduce the risk of back injuries with our top-of-the-line hyperextension benches.

Hyperextension Benches

Hyperextension benches are a fantastic addition to any home gym or workout space. They target your lower back, abdominal, and oblique muscles, which are essential for overall core strength and stability. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Improve posture and alleviate back pain
  2. Enhance core strength and stability
  3. Boost flexibility and range of motion
  4. Strengthen lower back muscles
  5. Tone and sculpt your abs and obliques

UFC 45 Degree Hyper Extension Bench

The UFC 45 Degree Hyper Extension Bench is a versatile piece of equipment designed for both inverted back extension and oblique flexor exercises. This bench is set at an exact 45-degree angle and features telescoping, split midsection pads that adjust for users of all sizes.

With 8cm foam rollers, a 10-position adjustable height, and a sturdy powder coat steel frame, this bench guarantees a comfortable and effective workout experience. It comes with a 1-year domestic warranty and supports a maximum user weight of 150kg.

Healthstream IT7007 Hyper Extension Bench

The Healthstream IT7007 Hyper Extension Bench is a user-friendly and functional addition to any gym. It features ergonomic quick adjustment knobs for the backrest and seat angle, allowing for fast and easy adjustments.

Oversized solid foot supports ensure stability during use, while the sleek grey upholstery and silver frame make it a stylish choice. This bench boasts Healthstream's high-quality manufacturing promise and is backed by a commercial warranty lifetime for the frame.

Impulse Sterling SL4047 Hyper Extension Bench

The Impulse Sterling SL4047 Hyper Extension Bench is a commercial-grade bench built for durability with 2.5mm thick steel tubing. High-density poly-foam offers ultimate comfort, while high-precision industrial-grade ball bearings ensure smooth operation and rust protection.

This bench has adjustable support cushions, tilt angle, and cushion height, making it suitable for users of different heights. The unique rolling pattern on the aluminum handle provides an excellent grip, and the widened, enlarged steel anti-skid pedal ensures a stable, comfortable, and effective workout.

RTM Hyper Extension Adjustable Roman Chair

The RTM Hyper Extension Adjustable Roman Chair is a durable, comfortable, and versatile piece of equipment. With adjustable pad angle and frame length, this chair is perfect for various exercises such as sit-ups, reverse sit-ups, crunches, and leg curls.

The chair is crafted from heavy-duty steel tubing and features foam rollers, rubber handles, a seat pad, and sturdy footrests for a safe and comfortable workout. Add weights to increase resistance and challenge yourself further.

RTM 45 Degree Hyper Extension Bench

The RTM 45 Degree Hyper Extension Bench allows you to 

target your lower back and abdominal muscles with the same bench. Perform both oblique flexor and inverted back extension exercises on this 45-degree incline bench. With locking pin adjustable arm pads and calf bar, this all-steel construction bench guarantees a comfortable and secure workout experience.

The steel diamond footplate, foam grips on the handles, and dual-layer, high-quality dense comfort padding for pelvic pads ensure maximum comfort during your exercises. This bench has a weight capacity of 159kgs (350lbs) and is designed with 3 rubber caps on the base for added stability.

We hope our collection of hyperextension benches has provided you with ample options to choose from. Each bench is uniquely designed to cater to different needs and preferences, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your fitness journey.

So, don't wait any longer – invest in one of our hyperextension benches and start working on your core strength and posture today!

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