SportsArt Exercise Bikes

Why You Should Consider Buying A Sportsart Upright Exercise Bike?

Sportsart Upright Exercise bikes are known for giving you exceptional design and styling along with comfort. They are a top fitness brand, but their bikes are sold at an affordable price point. The Sportsart company has been in business for more than 40 years and are now positioned to become one of the leaders in the fitness equipment. Their products are sold in over 80 countries and is the only fitness company that manufactures its own motors, electronics, and components.

Most Sportsart bikes can be used both in the home gym and in commercial enterprises. Features found only on Sportsart bikes completely adjustable seat positions, which means they can be moved to fit anyone, and an infrared remote control. Their CardioAdvisor allows you to enter your weight and age to get an accurate blueprint of your workout.

Which Sportsart Bike is right for me?

As with any other company, the features you want determine which bike you buy. Look at affordability, how much space you have in your home, and what type of workout you want. Sportsarts bikes can be adjusted to fit any rider. If you are looking for a way to burn calories and get a good cardio workout, their CardioAdvisor helps to personally map your workout so it fits you.

More features usually mean a higher price point. If budget is an issue, decide which features you can live without and then choose your model. If you budget isn’t a problem, it’s still important to decide exactly what you want from your bike. If you want a personalized workout, go for one that has several different workouts to choose from or go with one that is programmable.

Sportsart C535 Upright Exercise Bike

Self-powered, the Sportsart C535 Upright Exercise Bike requires no outside electric source. It can be used in both home gyms and commercial pursuits. Because it doesn’t require an outside source of electricity, this bike can be set up and used anywhere you want. A built-in generator, which is driven by the rider using the bike, powers the computer in the console.

The seat is user-friendly and adjustable so almost anyone can use it. It adjusts to you as you use it. The pedals are oversized, and the straps are adjustable. It includes a headphone jack, a USB port, and workout tracking functions. It also has a cardio advisor display on the console.

Sportsart C545U Upright Exercise Bike

Built for home and light commercial use, the SportsArt C545U Upright Exercise Bike is self-generated and built to give you a full cardio workout. The low shroud profile makes it easy to mount and dismount. Being self-generated, it does not have to be used near an electricity source so it can be set up anywhere.

The low impact nature of this bike means any rider, from beginner to expert, can use it and benefit from its design. The electro-magnetic resistance is super quiet so it’s perfect for a person who lives in an apartment. You won’t disturb your neighbours when you workout.

The LED console is user friendly and has many programs, such at fat burn and YMCA fit test. Selecting the program you want is easy, and your workout level isn’t hard to track either. The upright exercise bike features headphone jacks so you can rock to your music while you workout. Both the seat and the pedals are fully adjustable making it an ergonomic workout for the user.

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