York Exercise Bike Comparison

York Exercise Bike Face-Off: Which One Is Right For Your Home Gym?

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Considering the reliable and affordable quality of a York exercise bike to bring the gym experience to your home? You’re in luck, as we’ve compared the full range of York bikes for your convenience!

York established itself as a reliable fitness brand with its diverse line-up of exercise bikes. Whether you’re budget-oriented or looking for a premium package with the most features, our York exercise bike comparison will “steer” you, no pun intended, toward the right pick just for you!

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York Performance Bike vs. York C400 Exercise Bike

York Performance Bike vs York C400 Exercise Bike

What better way to kick off our York exercise bike round-up than putting both York Performance exercise bike and York C400 bike head to head? Both models share the same reliable build, and they’re designed to fit seamlessly into the fitness routine of beginners and veterans alike.

York’s two signature bikes offer eight different adjustable levels of resistance to ensure you’re all set up down the line! Once the current resistance profile is no longer challenging, you can simply crank up the difficulty and see yourself conquering new heights!

Also, you get built-in stabilizers for a smooth cycling experience together with an old-school one-piece crank for the pedals that require low maintenance. Follow along as we dive deeper into what unique features each bike brings to the table!

Seat Adjustability - How They Compare

Seat comfort shouldn’t be an afterthought, especially since it can factor in the length of your pedalling sessions. Having a large cushioned seat can make you lose track of time and go for extended workouts without your back getting numb.

The two bikes easily check the comfort box with their cushioned seats. However, we should give extra props to the York C400 for its extra large cushioned seat that fits all body types and never feels like a nail in the back, even after long pedalling sessions.

It’s also worth noting that the York C400 allows for an adjustable rake and slide seat, giving you more control over how to set your exercise bike. The process is as simple as turning a knob to unlock your seat slider. Once you land on the perfect position, deploy the lock, and voila, you’ve got yourself a personalized pedalling experience!

Unfortunately, the York Performance bike doesn’t fare well in this regard. Here, you get a non-adjustable seat that guarantees extra stability even during intense pedalling workouts. The saving grace is that York Performance’s seat comes in a neutral position that should feel natural for most cyclists.

Workout Programs - How They Compare

Don’t want to fiddle around with different menus and scroll through various metrics to set up your own workout program? The C400 hears you loud and clear, as it comes with seven presets that cover different fitness goals and are designed for athletes with different skill sets.

You’ll find workouts designed specifically for burning fat, others prioritizing endurance, and some targeting lower-body muscle tuning. Of course, you can always add your personal touch on such presets based on what works best for you to double down on your gains!

On the other hand, York Performance falls short in terms of built-in programs. Workouts need to be adjusted manually with no list of presets to choose from like what the C400 offers. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker for many, as you can visit online forums and find beginner-friendly workouts that make an excellent starting point.


Display/Console - How They Compare

What better way to get you motivated to tackle your daily pedalling workouts than seeing real progress? The York C400 offers seven different statistics for you to cycle through at your heart’s content, including speed, distance, calories burnt, heart rate, and of course, time!

You’ll never feel overwhelmed with all the information at your disposal, as the York C400 offers a smart scan feature that cycles through the most relevant statistics one at a time. All you need to do is hold down the “mode” button and you’ll have a solid idea about your performance in real-time on the stunning 3.4” LCD.

On the other hand, the York Performance gives you a basic readout display with the same statistics, but readability might be an issue, especially if you’re all sweaty and moving in place during vigorous workout sessions.

Warranty - How They Compare

In terms of warranty, both bikes are certified for home use only. This means that gym owners are out of luck here, as York bikes are designed for personal use. You get a 12-month warranty on parts, so you can rest assured that York will replace any defective parts with their genuine counterparts with no questions asked!

That’s not all; you also get a warranty on the bike frame itself that lasts for one year if you opt for the York Performance, and a lifetime if you go with the York C400. This shows how much York is confident in the build quality and durability of its bikes.

Design, Dimensions/Weight - How They Compare

York engineers have done a great job balancing design and functionality. The two models share the same design cues with their ergonomic, unibody, and heavy flywheel at the bottom, and adjustable stabilizers that even out bumpy surfaces.

When it comes to storage, the York Performance and York C400 won’t pose much of an issue. They’re considered among the compact exercise bikes on the market and can fit easily in your living room or garage.

Furthermore, moving the bikes from one room to another shouldn’t be much of a hassle, thanks to the wheels at the bottom. It also helps that York’s signature bikes are lightweight, with each of them sitting around 20 kg.

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York C400 vs York C410 Exercise Bike

York C400 Bike vs York C410 Exercise Bike

The York C410 exercise bike takes everything we love about the York C400 up to eleven. The new iteration shares the same adjustable rake and slide seat, allowing for more workout variations. It also keeps the extra large cushioned seat for unmatched comfort while pedalling.

You’d be pleased to hear that the C410 deploys the same stabilizer technology that allows the bike to stay on its ground no matter how uneven the surface can be. This allows for a smooth ride without wobbly distractions that take you out of the mood.

As you can already tell, the C410 shares the same core features, so what extra additions does the new bike offer to justify a new model number?

Resistance Levels - How They Compare

An exercise bike is a serious investment! You don’t want to buy a bike that fails to keep you on your toes after only a couple of months. A future-proof exercise bike with room for scaling up your workouts as you get better is exactly what aspiring athletes are looking for.

The eight resistance levels offered by the C400 offer enough challenge and allow for muscle tuning. Nevertheless, York decided to go far and beyond with the C410 and allow for 32 different resistance levels in its newer model.

This way, you can apply progressive overload more efficiently, as the exercise bike allows you to push yourself a bit more whenever you get quite comfortable with a given resistance level. Being able to fine-tune your bike’s resistance and have mini-milestones between the eight major ones offered by the C400 is a game-changer!

Resistance Type - How They Compare

You might wonder how the C410 manages to deliver such a modular scale of resistance with an accurate transition from one level to the next. The answer lies in the electromagnetic resistance type deployed by the York C410.

The system bases the level of resistance on the voltage of the current passing through a wire to generate electromagnetic force. This allows the York C410 to achieve exceptional levels of accuracy while keeping a silent profile. Also, the wear and tear on the resistance system are kept at a minimum, extending the virtual life expectancy of your exercise bike.

The same can’t be said about the York C400, which depends on an old-school resistance dial that has to be operated manually. You can crank up the resistance by turning the knob in a clockwise direction, and if you hit a steep challenge, you can bring the resistance down a notch by dialling the knob in the opposite direction.

The manual aspect prevents the resistance system from achieving the same level of accuracy seen with the C410. This might make replicating certain workouts a bit challenging. You need to accept the trial and error element to ensure you’re getting a frustration-free experience with your brand-new York C400.

York C400 vs York C410 Features

Max User Weight - How They Compare

In terms of sturdiness, both bikes keep a sturdy profile no matter how hard you push them. You won’t have to worry about a wobbly ride when taking on your daily pedalling workout. This takes your mind off the physical bike itself and allows you to achieve a zany mind state where you achieve the most mind-muscle connection.

The heavy-duty frame allows the C410 to accommodate users with a maximum weight of up to 130 kg. The C400 achieves a similarly impressive feat with its 100 kg rating. This ensures more people can hop on the York exercise bikes and start their journey toward achieving their aspired fitness goals.

Flywheel Weight - How They Compare

For the uninitiated, the flywheel is the heavy disc that contributes the most to your exercise bike’s weight distribution and sturdiness. The weighted disc has to be meticulously balanced as it’s connected to the pedals and stores the rotational energy generated during a workout.

When choosing an exercise bike, the heavier the flywheel weight, the better! The C410 comes with an 8 kg flywheel that makes for an enjoyable cycling experience.

On the other hand, the York C400 incorporates a 4 kg disc, which still does a great job but doesn’t compare to the silky smoothness offered by its C410 counterpart.

Crank Type - How They Compare

Pedalling your exercise bike is actually made possible through the crank set component. It operates as a link in a chain by connecting the pedals to the front gear and lower brackets. Without getting into many technicalities, the crank set is what allows you to pedal your way through your cardio workout!

The two bikes take different approaches in how they handle their crank set components. For instance, the C400 uses a single-piece crank that proves to be easier to maintain, cheaper to produce, but generally weaker and may be more prone to breaking if pushed beyond it's design limits.

If you choose to go for the C410, you get a heavy-duty three-piece crank that is much more reliable and generally over-engineered.

The latter feature is a huge advantage for the three-piece crank set, as you don’t need to replace the whole assortment when something goes wrong. You can simply pinpoint the defective component and purchase a replacement for this particular part.

Workout Programs - How They Compare

The two York bikes on display here offer built-in workout programs for you to choose from. The C410 delivers an impressive catalogue of 16 different programs to ensure you find the one that clicks with your fitness goals.

Compare this to the 7 programs offered by the C400, and the comparison might start to feel slim. Fear not, as the C400 nails down all the basics and brings a healthy variety to the mix.

You can always tweak specific programs depending on your progress to take a more reactive approach to your workouts and ensure each session checks all the intended boxes!

It’s also worth noting that the York C410 adds some extra metrics to the conventional package we’ve seen with the York Performance and York C400.

Here, you get to check your RPM or Revolutions Per Second and see the real-time recovery of your heart rate when you take a break between cycling sessions.

We’re advocates for more information, and we can see how getting more metrics at your disposal can help you better assess your workouts and track your progress.

Display/Console - How They Compare

You need to give your cycling statistics some room to breathe, and that’s exactly what the expansive 5.6” backlit LCD panel of the C410 sets to achieve. York makes the most of the larger display real estate and scales its software to take advantage of each pixel.

The 3.4” LCD on the C400 is still put to great use, especially if you use the scan mode that cycles through different metrics at a 4-second interval. You’ll never feel that your display is crammed at any time, and you’ll have a moment to take in the info on display and tweak your performance accordingly.

Accessory Storage - How They Compare

You can’t undermine the importance of staying hydrated throughout your pedaling workout. If your water bottle isn’t within reach, you might have to interrupt your cycling session, get off your exercise bike, grab a cup of water, get distracted by what your family members are doing, and the list goes on!

That’s why we appreciate the fact that the York C410 comes with a water bottle holder to keep you in the zone and ensure you complete your pedaling session on one go instead of frequently reaching out to the pause button.

Design, Dimensions/Weight - How They Compare

It comes as no surprise that the C410 opts for a larger frame to accommodate all the extra features, sturdier flywheel, and 32-level electronic resistance.

You need to make sure that the empty spot in your living room is wide enough for the 97 cm bike. If space proves to be an issue, you can always opt for the more compact C400, with its length of 70 cm.

In terms of design, the C410 archives a sleeker overall look with its darker shades and seamless curves. This doesn’t mean that the C400 is ugly by any stretch of the imagination.

Nevertheless, if you’re someone who’s willing to leave your exercise bike on display all the time, design can be a decisive factor in your purchase decision.

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York C410 vs York C415 Exercise Bike

York C410 vs York C415 Exercise Bike

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! That’s exactly what went into the design process for the York C415 exercise bike. The design and engineering team at York are always hard at work to come up with the next big thing that improves on their most popular exercise bikes without losing the core feature set that made home athletes fall in love with York bikes in the first place.

The C415 shares the same electronic resistance system that allows for 32 different levels of resistance. It comes with the same 5.6” backlit LCD and offers 16 workout programs. Nevertheless, the newer model makes some noteworthy additions, allowing you to push your exercise bike beyond the limits of its predecessor!

Flywheel Weight - How They Compare

Let’s kick off our comparison with the flywheel weight, as it directly influences how intense you can go with your pedaling workouts. Veteran cyclists who aim at building endurance can appreciate the crank-up of flywheel weight from 8 to 10 kg.

The heavier discs ensure you get an injury-free experience when pedaling at extreme speeds for extended sessions. Unlike you, the C415 doesn’t break a sweat and maintains a sturdy profile with no weird jiggles or bumpy rides, even when you’re testing the limits of your stamina.

York C410 vs C415 Features

Max User Weight - How They Compare

Looking for a bike that fits all family members? The York C415 hears you loud and clear as it adds 10 extra kilograms to its maximum user weight limit. The bump from 130 to 140 kg might not feel like a big deal. However, any exercise bike that allows more people to adopt healthy fitness habits is always welcome in our book.

Design, Dimensions/Weight - How They Compare

By now, you might have noticed a trend in how each newer interaction by York comes in a bigger shell. It’s no different here, as the C415 is 107 cm in length compared to 97 cm where the C410 was last standing!

Although the York C415 incorporates a heavier flywheel, the overall weight remains the same, sitting at around 25 kg. This ensures pushing the bike from one room to another remains manageable, thanks to the reliable bottom wheels.

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York C415 Bike vs York C420 Exercise Bike

York C415 Bike vs York C420 Exercise Bike

Let’s up the tempo one more time, and bring the York C420 exercise bike into the conversation. The next entry in York’s lineup delivers accurate heart rate recovery and RPM readings just like the C415 it’s set to replace. The newer model also keeps the water bottle holder that proves to be an invaluable asset of an exercise bike once you get used to it.

It’s also worth noting that the C420 offers an impressive level of handlebar adjustability just like the C415. You can slide the handlebar to lean forward while pedaling or bring it within reach to have an upright back throughout your cardio session. With the similarities out of the way, let’s see what cutting-edge features the C420 introduces to the fitness community!

Flywheel Weight - How They Compare

Once more, the C420 sets a higher bar for the flywheel weight with a whopping 12 kg. The heavier flywheel brings the indoor cycling experience as close as possible to the real deal. You’ll only be missing the breeze of air hitting your face when cycling on the road!

It’s also worth noting that the heavier flywheel allows you to build momentum even faster. Once you’ve reached a steady rhythm, your pedaling session is guaranteed to be smoother and more comfortable than with similar exercise bikes with lighter flywheels.

Max User Weight - How They Compare

Heavier cyclists might feel left out when it comes to mainstream exercise bike brands. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with York, as the company built upon all its expertise in making reliable sports equipment to offer a heavy-duty model that allows for a maximum user weight of 150 kg.

You have no more excuses now not to hop on your exercise bike and start burning some calories! The fact that the C420 managed to exceed the impressive 140 kg threshold set by the York C415 shows the company’s dedication to being more inclusive and offering products for a wider segment of aspiring cyclists.

York C415 vs C420 Features

Workout Programs - How They Compare

When it comes to workout programs and fitness statistics, the C420 brings some welcome additions that, once incorporated into your daily workout routine, you won’t ever do without! For instance, the C420 offers one more workout program than its C415 counterpart, bringing the total up to 17.

Here, you get advanced fitness statistics like body fat metrics. You can track how your workout variations contribute to your body fat percentage and look at the larger picture when setting up manual workouts to maximize your fitness gains.

Display/Console - How They Compare

We can always stand behind a larger display, especially if the screen real estate is put to great use! The C420 uses a 5.8” LCD panel compared to the 5.6” display found on the C415.

We have to admit; the larger display is a cool bonus addition that could make some difference, especially for older cyclists with not that sharp sight!

Device Holder/Charging - How They Compare

What better way to lose track of time while burning calories than watching your favorite show or catching up on the latest movie on your to-watch list? The C420 offers a smartphone holder that can be expanded to accommodate a full-fledged tablet.

Design, Dimensions/Weight - How They Compare

In terms of design, the York C415 adopts an easy mount design that lets you get off the bike with the same ease and without accidentally tripping over the pedals.

On the other hand, the C420 goes for a step-through design sitting right in the middle between low-step and step-over bikes. All you have to do is slide your body across the metal frame and you’ll be all set to start your pedaling journey.

Also, the step-through design offers the most upright pedaling position, allowing you to keep a straight posture throughout your training session.

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York C420 Bike vs York LC-UB Exercise Bike

York C420 Bike vs York LC-UB Exercise Bike

So far, we’ve focused on exercise bikes designed for home use. However, this is about to change as our next entry, the York LC-UB exercise bike, is a top-notch commercial-grade bike that doesn’t mess around when it comes to users’ satisfaction.

With a lifetime warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on the parts, the LC-UB delivers the same warranty benefits offered by an exercise bike dedicated to personal use. This shows how much York is confident in its bike’s build quality and gives you confidence that the LC-UB can take anything you throw its way with no issues!

Resistance Type - How They Compare

When it comes to resistance technology, the York LC-UB uses magnets to dictate how much tension goes into the flywheel. The whole system is silent all the way, as there’s no contact between the different pieces in play.

As you adjust the resistance level, the magnets get closer or farther away from the flywheel, changing the degree of tension in the process.

This is refreshing to see, as most of the York C400 lineup is operated through electronic resistance that depends on the flow of electric current through a circuit.

Max User Weight - How They Compare

If you already thought that the 150 kg weight limit set by the C420 is as far as it goes, think again! The York LC-UB throws any weight barriers out of the window with its 180 kg rating, making it the best bike yet for cyclists of all sizes!

Flywheel Weight - How They Compare

If you’re not the most competitive cyclist out there, you won’t mind how the York LC-UB dials down the flywheel weight from 12 kg to 10 kg.

Still, the LC-UB remains heavier than average exercise bikes on the market, and it delivers the same smooth riding experience you’re already accustomed to with the York brand.

Workout Programs - How They Compare

If you’re still figuring out the training routine that works best for your fitness goals, York has got you covered. The LC-UB offers an extensive arsenal of preset programs to choose from, with a total of 20.

You get to set up your preferred difficulty; you can choose from beginner, sporty, and heart rate oriented, or if you’re up for the challenge, go for the advanced presets.

York C420 vs LC-UB Features

Heart Rate Chest Strap Compatible - How They Compare

If you’re serious about tracking your heart rate, recovery metrics, and calories burnt, you can pair the heart rate oriented presets with your third-party heart rate strap of choice.

Unlike the C420, which only depends on contact heart rate sensors, the York LC-UB allows you to pair more accurate wearable heart rate straps to give you a real-time overview of how your heart is reacting to your exercise intensity.

Device Holder/Charging - How They Compare

In addition to offering a device holder like the York C420, the LC-UB brings a charging USB port to the mix, allowing you to enjoy your content while pedaling and never worry about your phone or tablet dying on your mid-session.

Connectivity - How They Compare

The headline feature of the York LC-UB has to do with its Bluetooth connectivity. The exercise bike wirelessly connects with your iOS or Android devices through the iConsole app. This opens up a more convenient way to record and track your cycling data.

All the info generated during your workout session can be logged onto your smartphone, so you have a clear roadmap of where you’re heading and come up with ways to maximize your fitness gains!

Unfortunately, the York C420 doesn’t offer the same level of seamless connectivity, and all your exercise metrics remain trapped on the bike itself. This shouldn’t be much of an issue for casual users who dedicate a couple of minutes to scroll through their previous metrics before starting a new workout.

Warranty - How They Compare

We’ve already touched on how the LC-UB stands out among other York exercise bikes in how the warranty benefits apply to commercial use as well.

The only caveat here is that for the York LC-UB to be eligible for the lifetime frame warranty and the 12-month warranty on parts, it has to be used in non-fee-paying facilities.

This could be a huge win for initiatives trying to get more people on board with the fitness trend and promote better health practices in our local communities.

Design, Dimensions/Weight - How They Compare

In terms of design, the LC-UB comes in a more compact form factor, making it easier to store as it doesn’t take up as much footprint as that of the York C420.

Nevertheless, the York LC-UB comes with a much heavier body, with an overall weight of 42 kg compared to the 30 kg York C420. This shouldn’t pose much of an issue, especially since both bikes come with bottom wheels that make dragging them around a breeze.

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York Exercise Bike Comparison - Wrap Up

No matter what skill level you’re currently at, our York exercise bike comparison surely includes an entry that has caught your eye!

If you’re more of an old-school cyclist who’s looking for a bare-bones bike that gets the job done at an affordable price, the York Performance and York C400 make for a strong argument.

On the other hand, if you’re a veteran looking for a bike to test your limits, the C415 and C420 are some compelling options.

Finally, the tech-savvy users out there will appreciate the connectivity features and smartphone app integration that the York LC-UB brings to the table.

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