Adjustable & Portable Squat Racks

Morgan Adjustable 2 Pcs Squat & Bench Rack

The Morgan Adjustable 2 pcs Squat and Bench Rack has 15 holes for adjustable height. The weight capacity for this rack is 150 kilograms. The non-slip feet enhance stability and safety whennot in use. It is a breeze to assemble and is construction with powder-coated steel.

Morgan Adjustable Commercial 2-Pcs Squat & Bench Stand

The Morgan Adjustable Commercial 2-pcs Squat and Bench Stand can support up to 600 kilograms, making it perfect for powerlifters who perform squats or bench presses. The adjustable uprights can placed to match your height, and the adjustable squatting arms on fixed on the upright. Pins that bolt in place offer extra security, while the solid four millimeter steel ensures durability.

RTM Commercial Adjustable Squat Rack

The RTM Commercial Adjustable Squat Rack is perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, as it prevents overuse injuries while building strength. The sturdy construction supports your barbell set when you are working out. This stand is made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel that allows it to hold up to 300 kg. It has 10 holes that allow the user to adjust it to heights between 79 cm and 101 cm to ensure a customised workout.

RTM Adjustable Squat Rack/Pull Up Bar

The pull-up bar on the RTM Adjustable Squat Rack/Pull Up Bar is the perfect way to train from your home. It has an easily adjustable height, so it can accommodates different users. It has a bench press rack and adjustable barbell hooks which you can lift confidently without wanting an extra rack. The pull-up bar is perfect for you if you do not have enough space in your home gym.

RTM Adjustable Portable Squat Rack Stand

The RTM Adjustable Portable Squat Rack Stand gives a gym-quality workout experience in the comfort of your home. It features two high-grade steel stands that offer a solid foundation for your squat reps. Both stands of the RTM Adjustable Portable Squat Rack Stand are built with very wide feet and high-quality steel that is welded in an upright position to offer maximum stability and strength. The wheels on the side of the stand base make it easy to transport.

RTM Adjustable Barbell Stand

RTM Adjustable Barbell Stand offers a practical addition to your home or studio gym equipment. It has a pair of quality stands that holds your barbell set as you undertake your deadlifts or squats. Crafted with strong powder-coated steel, it can hold up to 300 kilograms. It features 10 holes that enable height adjustments from 128 cm to 160 cm. This feature allows you to have a complete workout routine.


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