Adjustable Benches - 20 Best Incline Benches for 2022

When it comes to your body’s fitness, you have to choose the best workout equipment. But what kind of exercises and workouts do you want to start with? If your goal is to perform core muscle exercises and upper body workouts, adjustable weight benches are the perfect choice for you. 

So, an adjustable bench (also known as incline benches or a FID bench) is a piece of workout equipment that offers you more integrations and versatility. It is often more expensive than typical flat benches. With an adjustable weight bench, you can adjust the workout position from flat to incline and decline. 

Do You Need An Incline Bench?

If you want to make your workout efficient, you need a robust incline bench that will offer you a wide range of workout positions. An incline bench allows you to adjust the weight bench based on your preferences. For instance, from a 20-degree decline to an 85-degree incline, you will be able to hit all your essential muscle groups. 

Benefits of Using An Adjustable Incline Bench

An adjustable weight bench has multiple benefits ranging from performing core muscle exercises to upper body workouts. Buying an adjustable weight bench for your home saves you the hassles of hitting the gym every day. With such an adjustable bench, you can perform incline press, bench press with dumbbells, lying triceps extensions, dumbbells pullover, and more. 

Key Features To Look For In An Adjustable FID Bench

If you want the best out of an adjustable FID Bench, look for the following essential features;

  • It has to have highly stable, solid, and sturdy frames.
  • Check for the premium quality of the bench’s built and engineering.
  • Look for an aesthetically appealing appearance.
  • Check how easy it is to adjust from flat to incline and decline positions.
  • Look if it has built-in transport wheels.
  • What is its maximum weight limit?
  • Does it have a broad base for optimum stability? 
  • Look for the adjustment options. How many angles and positions does it have?

Best Selling Adjustable Workout Benches

Healthstream IT7011 Adjustable Bench

The good thing about the Healthstream incline bench is that it is built using the highest quality manufacturing methods. The entire frame is precision-welded from thick, high strength steel. And its backed by a lifetime warranty!

You also get to enjoy extensive usage thanks to the high-density, double-stitched commercial-grade upholstery.

What about transportation and moving it around the gym floor? It's easy, thanks to the integrated transport wheels. 

Impulse Encore ES7011 Adjustable FID Bench

Many people love this Impulse FID bench because it is perfect for the gymnasium or studio. It is also a heavy-duty bench that you can use commercially or at your home gym.

Additionally, it features an innovative ergonomic design that gives you the convenience of adjusting from an incline bench to a flat bench within seconds. 

You can adjust a piece seat pad from 0 to 30 degrees and the back pad from -5 to 85 degrees with a lot of ease. With a strong frame rated for a 200kg load (excluding user), this bench is a top choice.

Healthstream Sterling FID Bench

A high-quality adjustable bench should be firm, rigid, and robust. Talking of rigidity, this Sterling FID bench from Healthstream will serve you with maximum rigidity and integrity due to the powder-coated electro-welded frame.

It is easily adjustable from flat, 90-degree, incline, and decline presses, thus delivering optimal exercise positions. 

Even better with this Healthstream bench is that it perfectly fits with multi-press racks and Smith machines. The manufacturer built this bench with the demands of a high-use setting in mind.

For these reasons, and the 60mm thick comfortable padded seat and backrest, the Healthstream FID Bench is a very popular choice for home gyms.

Workouts You Can Do With An Adjustable Workout Bench

Best Adjustable Workout Bench Exercises Using Body Weight

The good news is that if you don’t have dumbbells, you can still perform bodyweight training with a workout bench only.

For the chest, you can perform;

  • The feet-elated push-ups
  • Up-down push-ups
  • Hand-elated push-ups
  • Chest-squeeze push-ups and more.

For the Abs, you can perform;

  • The back bridge
  • Plyo push-up
  • Feet-elevated mountain climber 
  • Inchworm
  • Hands-elevated mountain climber and more.

For glutes and legs, perform;

  • The straight leg-feet elevated hip push
  • Shoulders-elevated butterfly hip push
  • Hack squat
  • Bench squat
  • Feet-elevated hit thrust and more.

Other bodyweight exercises with an adjustable bench include Box Jack, step down, hop overs, box jump, step-ups, and box shuffle. You can also perform explosive step-up, crunches, bodyweight bench dips, and more.

Best Adjustable Bench Exercises For Chest

FID benches are incredible when it comes to exercising your chest. The following are essential chest exercises that you can perform with your adjustable bench:

  • Perform chest dips between two benches by bending your arms to lower the body.
  • “The Smith close Grip bench press” requires you to lower weight to the chest and push it back until your arms are straight. Elbows have to be close to your body.
  • The “Decline barbell bench press” requires you to lie on a bench with your back. Tuck your elbows in a little, lower the barbell to the chest and start to the starting position.
  • The “Close-grip barbell bench press” requires you to lie on a flat bench on your back with your feet on the floor. Inhale and lower the barbell close to the chest while your elbows are close to your body. Exhale while pressing the barbell back to the original position.
  • The “Hammer-grip dumbbell bench press” starts with you lying on a flat bench on your back while holding a dumbbell pair. As you exhale, press the dumbbells inward and upward, simulating an arcing motion until you fully extend your arms over the chest. Lower the dumbbells in a reverse motion as you inhale to the starting spot.
  • The “One-arm hammer-grip dumbbell bench press” needs you to lie on a flat bench while holding one dumbbell in one of your hands. As you exhale, press the dumbbell inward and upward, simulating an arcing motion until you fully extend your arm over the chest. Lower the dumbbell in reverse to the original spot as you inhale and repeat the exercise with the opposite arm. 
  • The “Decline hammer-grip dumbbell bench press” requires you to lie on a declined bench while holding a pair of dumbbells. Ensure you hook your feet securely under the attached footpads and press the dumbbells inward and upward as you exhale. While inhaling, lower the dumbbells to the original position and repeat the exercise.  

Best Adjustable Workout Bench Exercises For Back

Reverse hyperextension

Nowadays, you do not need a glute-ham developer or a Roman chair to perform the reverse hyperextension exercise. If you have a workout bench, you are good to go. This exercise works best in strengthening your posterior chain muscles and lower back. 

So, how do you perform a reverse hyper using a workout bench? You begin by lying on your stomach on a flat workout bench. Move close to your hips at the bench’s end and grab the board or the frame. 

When you begin, ensure your legs are straight. You can slightly bend them if you wish and lift them as high as possible in slow motion while focusing on your lower back and spine.

After attaining the top position, you can take a moment to hold your lower body and finally lower your legs slowly.

Dumbbell rows

Performing several dumbbell rows also strengthens your back. You have the option of choosing between the single-hand version or, better still, the two-hand version. Other chest-supported versions also target each part of your back. 

Best Adjustable Workout Bench Exercises for Arms 

Performing exercises that target your arms is critical in your daily workout. So, as you complete your back, chest, abs, and legs exercises, don’t forget to perform these arm workouts.

Bench dip

The target muscle here is the Triceps Brachii. You begin by positioning two benches parallel. Then stand between the two benches.

Position your hands on one bench’s inside edge and your heels on the other bench. Ensure you suspend your bottom between the benches.

While bending your elbows, exhale slowly and lower your body until you form a 90-degree angle with your elbows. Extend your elbows while inhaling and slowly raise your body to the original position and repeat the exercise.

Bent-knee bench dip

The starting position here is pretty simple. You just need to sit on a bench’s side and then place your hands by your hips on the bench’s edge. Slide your bottom off the bench after slightly moving your feet forward. At this point, your arms are supporting your body. 

Start lowering your body by flexing the elbows as you inhale. Then raise your body by extending the elbows as you exhale. Repeat the exercise several times.

The Triceps Dip

To prepare for this exercise, start by standing between two benches’ ends and position your hands on the edges. Straighten your legs with the torso upright and heels on the floor.

Now bend your arms to lower your body while ensuring your elbows are pointing back. After feeling a slight stretch in your shoulders or chest, straighten your arms by pushing the body up. Repeat the exercise severally.

If you urgently need an adjustable bench, the following are the best-selling benches that may also interest you.