Impulse Adjustable Workout Benches

Why You Should Consider Buying A Impulse Adjustable Bench

Unlike other branded adjustable benches, Impulse benches come at affordable prices while maintaining quality. They are also user-friendly, so you will not have to struggle to learn how to use them. If you often move your bench around the gym floor, Impulse will make the work easier for you because of the integrated transport wheels. The incline benches can also handle high-use demands. In short, if you buy a Healthstream bench, you will be a step closer to enjoying an unlimited range of benefits. 

Which Impulse Adjustable Bench Is Right For Me?

Depending on your preference, Impulse always has something for you. So, if you plan to install the bench in a high-use setting, the recommendation is to buy the Sterling FID bench. 

Nothing is as satisfying as moving your bench from one position to another with a lot of ease. So, if you have previously been struggling to reposition your bench, the Ultimate IT7011 will bring you the relief you have always wanted. It comes with built-in transport wheels.

Impulse Sterling FID Bench

If you plan to use the bench every day with friends and family, the Sterling FID is the perfect bench for you. The manufacturer built it with the demands of a high-use environment in mind. It integrates an electro-welded powder-coated frame with maximum structural rigidity and integrity. 

It is easy to adjust this bench to have various exercise position options. It doesn’t matter if you want to switch from incline to 90 degrees or decline or flat presses. Unlike other benches, this one comes with a 60mm thick seat and padding for maximum comfort.

It also fits perfectly with multi-press racks and Smith machines.

Impulse Ultimate IT7011 Adjustable Bench

Now, if you want an adjustable bench that you can quickly move around your home or gym floor, Impulse Ultimate IT7011 is for you. Unlike most incline benches, this one comes with transport wheels for easy movement. 

It incorporates high-density upholstery with a design for extensive use, commercially or at home. The overall design is also user-friendly to comfortably and effectively work out. The price is also friendly. If you want to equip your gym’s strength area, the IT7 range generally fits all facility types. 

Impulse  Studio Incline Bench

The Studio Incline bench is a great option for those looking for affordability without sacrificing quality and load capacity. With six incline positions and bonus leg pads (great for sit ups!), this bench is a favourite, particularly in home gyms. 

No corners have been cut during manufacturing, with a powder coated heavy duty steel frame and double stitched upholstery, the Impulse Studio FID Bench can hold a 150kg user with up to 150 kg of load on top!

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