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Sole Fitness is an established provider in the realm of fitness equipment. The company is renowned for its durable and high-quality products. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Sole has carved a niche in the industry with its commitment to research and development.

Their range of equipment includes treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes. All are designed with robustness and the user's fitness journey in mind. Sole's integration of the SOLE+ app with its products enhances the experience by providing a comprehensive library of free fitness content, classes, and more.

Favourable Recognition:

  • Sole Treadmills have received accolades often. These include "Best Buy" endorsements from fitness experts for combining quality and value, reflecting the brand's standing in the marketplace.

Consumer Resources:

  • Customer support is a strong focus with accessibility through phone and email.
  • The brand maintains a strong digital presence, offering insights and updates through platforms such as YouTube.

Product Features:

  • SOLE equipment includes value-adding features such as integrated tablet holders, Bluetooth connectivity, and heart rate monitoring capabilities.
  • A signature element across Sole's products is the smooth and quiet operation, owing to design elements like heavy-duty flywheels.


Treadmill Features and Options

Sole Fitness offers a range of treadmills designed to meet the needs of casual walkers to serious runners. Each comes with unique features and options that enhance the user's fitness experience.


Model-Specific Attributes

Every Sole Fitness treadmill has features tailored to different fitness requirements and budgets.

For instance, the Sole F63 is an entry-level option that boasts a 3.0 HP motor, suitable for both walking and running. On the other end of the spectrum, the Sole F80 includes a 3.5 HP motor, with a robust 22" x 60" running surface suitable for intense workouts.


Technology Integration

Technology in Sole Fitness treadmills includes touchscreens and Bluetooth capabilities.

High-end models, like the Sole F85, integrate a 10.1” Android-powered touch screen with built-in entertainment apps and wireless connectivity to keep users engaged during their workouts.


Workout Programmes and Customisation

A diverse range of preset workout programmes is available across the Sole treadmill line.

Users can engage in standard training routines such as manual, hill, fat burn, HIIT, 5k, 10k, and heart rate control (HRC). They can also participate in customised sessions tailored to individual fitness goals.


Physical Design and Capacity

Sole treadmills are designed with a sturdy frame and high weight capacities.

For instance, the F80 can accommodate users up to 375 lbs. Many models, including the Sole F80, feature a foldable frame utilising a hydraulic folding mechanism to save space. The Cushion Flex Whisper Deck reduces impact to joints by 40%.


Sole F80 Specifics

Sole F80 is renowned for combining durability, powerful performance, and convenient features. A spacious deck, powerful motor, and a 15-level incline range make it one of the best treadmills for home usage. Its foldable design offers easy storage without compromising on a solid, stable feel during use.


Connectivity and Entertainment

State-of-the-art connectivity features include Bluetooth audio speakers, USB ports, a tablet holder, and data transfer functionality to fitness apps.

The Sole+ app syncs with the treadmill to track workout data. Meanwhile, the built-in entertainment apps and wi-fi capability enhance the workout experience.


Adjustability and Performance

Sole treadmills offer remarkable adjustability, with speeds ranging from a slow walk to up to 12 mph and incline settings that simulate uphill terrains.

The F80's Cushion Flex Whisper Deck provides a comfortable surface. Users can easily adjust speed and incline mid-workout using controls on the console or armrests.


Sole Fitness Customer Support

When choosing Sole Fitness equipment, consumers are considering the balance between cost-saving and investment in long-term durability and support. The company promises comprehensive customer support and offers a range of services from purchase to maintenance.


Service and Maintenance

For the upkeep of its treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes, Sole Fitness places an emphasis on the strength and durability of its components.

Warranties provided may include lifetime coverage on certain elements such as the frame, reflecting the brand's commitment to product integrity. Service and maintenance queries are addressed by customer service with the intention of upholding the brand's promise.


Installation and Assembly

Sole Fitness aims to facilitate easy installation and assembly.

For some consumers who prefer professional help, the company offers assembly services. The Sole F80 Treadmill's manual contains clear instructions for those who wish to assemble it themselves, and customer support is available to assist when needed.


Training and Resources

After purchase, the SOLE+ App is available to enhance the user's fitness experience by providing free classes with every machine purchase.

This digital extension aims to substitute the need for a gym membership. It offers a diverse range of fitness programs and a fitness test to monitor progress.


Health and Impact

The brand has designed its equipment, like the Sole F80 Treadmill, with a Cushion Flex Whisper Deck to lessen impact during cardio sessions.

The low-impact design caters to consumers seeking to save their joints from the rigour of running and is an example of Sole Fitness's commitment to consumer health.


Sole Fitness Frequently Asked Questions

The Sole F63 treadmill is known for its robust construction, featuring a 3.0 CHP motor, and a user-friendly interface that includes 10 preset workouts. It also offers a top speed of 19.3 km/h and inclines up to 15%, making it a versatile machine for different fitness levels.

Sole elliptical trainers, such as the Sole E95 model, are designed with a heavy-duty flywheel and a high gear ratio, offering a smooth and quiet operation.

They provide advanced features like adjustable stride lengths and customisable foot pedals, differentiating them from many competitors in terms of comfort and ergonomic design.

Customers can anticipate a supportive customer service experience with Sole Fitness.

The company provides assistance via toll-free telephone lines and online support channels. Warranty registration can be conducted over the phone or through an online warranty registration form.

The Sole Fitness app, SOLE+, is available for users to download. It offers free classes with every machine purchased.

The app is designed to enhance the workout experience, although details regarding subscription costs, if any, should be checked directly on the app or the company's website for the latest information.

Sole Fitness equipment is renowned for its durability. It has a reputation for manufacturing sturdy machines that can endure rigorous use.

The warranty typically covers the frame, motor, and parts for various periods. Exact terms are specified for each product. Customers are advised to register their product to ensure warranty coverage.