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Sole SB900 Indoor Spin Bike

Key Benefits

  • 22KG chrome-plated flywheel and magnetic braking provide smoothest ride in home cycling
  • With double-sided pedal clips, users have the option of using the shoe cage or SPD cleats
  • The integrated console displays RPM, Time, KCal, Distance and Speed and is works with wireless heart rate chest straps, ensuring users stay hit their goals
  • High-grade steel tubing along with an aluminium shroud makes the Sole SB900 indestructible yet light and manageable. 


  • Sole SB900 Indoor Spin Bike

    The Sole SB900 takes users to the next level of exercising and is satisfactory to both the Indoor and outdoor cyclist.

    Understanding the needs of both types of users, Sole combined them together to design a comfortable, affordable bike allowing users to have the dual experience in the comfort of their own home or Commercial setting.

    Sole SB900 Spin Bike Overview

    Regardless of whether you prefer the road bike or are an indoor cycle enthusiast, comfort is extremely important. In terms of comfort, the SB900 comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars that move up and down as well as fore and aft.

    Also users have the option of using toeclip or clipless (SPD) pedals. A heavy duty 22KG chrome plated flywheel and magnetic braking design will guarantee a quiet and smooth ride.

    The integrated console displays RPM, time, KCal, distance and speed and is also compatible with a wireless heart rate chest strap, ensuring users that they staying within their heart rate training zones and work to get their optimal results.

    Sole SB900 Indoor Spin Bike Resistance Control

    Key Features:

    • Magnetic Resistance for a smoother user experience
    • Adjustable seat, handlebars, and pedals can have optional toe caps
    • 22KG chrome-plated flywheel and magnetic braking provide smoothest ride in home cycling
    • Best commercial/home use bike at its price
    • Designed by indoor and outdoor cyclists combining the best features of both styles
    • Adjustable seating and pedals allows for maximum comfort while working out
    • Monitor your progress towards goals with interactive display
    • Most durable commercial/home use bike on the market
    • Bright, backlit LCD display displays real-time workout data
    • Wireless chest strap compatible, provides real-time information to help you get the most out of your workout (chest strap not included)
    • Heavy-duty commercial steel and aluminium finish set the industry standard for being lightweight and durable



    Sole SB900 Overview Video

    Sole SB900 Indoor Spin Bike Adjustable Seat

    Adjustable Seating

    Allows a user to move forward and backward on the seat as well as the back rest.

    Because all users differ in height it’s important to have the freedom of finding that perfect comfort level during a workout.


    Easy console viewing prevents workout frustrations.

    Displaying workout info on a large screen is vital for meeting workout goals, and easy viewing means less distractions and more achievement.


    A strong durable frame is vital for Commercial bikes.

    Heavy Steel tubing along with aluminium shroud makes the Sole bikes indestructible but light and manageable. Two wheels upfront act as touch points and make moving the bikes easy and convenient.

    Sole SB900 Indoor Spin Bike Pedal Toe Cage SPD Cleats

    Magnetic Resistance

    Our whisper quiet resistance gives users a smooth transition in between resistance levels, all while maintaining an extremely quiet workout.

    Allowing users to worry less about fitness equipment noise, and focusing more on reaching fitness goals.


    • Platform: Upright/Cycle
    • Adjustable Seat: Vertical/Horizontal
    • Adjustable Handlebars: Vertical/Horizontal
    • Programs: Personal stats can be entered and displayed
    • Heart Rate Monitoring: Chest Strap Compatible
    • Pedals: SPD/Toe Clips
    • Resistance: Magnetic
    • Resistance Levels: Turn Dial (multi level)
    • Water Bottle Holder: Yes (2)
    • Workout Display: 10.2 x 7.6cm (3″ x 4″) LCD
    • User Weight Capacity: 136KG
    • Assembled Dimensions: 107 x 54 x 103cm
  • Domestic Warranty (>2 hours per day): Lifetime* frame, 3 years parts, 1 year labour
  • Commercial Warranty (>8 hours non-continuous use per day):  1 year parts
  • *’Lifetime’ is considered the reasonable life expectancy of the product

    Weight: 68 kg

    Shipping Dimensions: 108 x 26 x 103 cm

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Very happy

    I am very happy with my bike, the only negative I have is that that I feel that the lowest resistance setting is too heavy. I usually go to fitness first classes, and those bikes seem to have much lower settings which is better for the sprints.
    I had no issues with set up, very easy.

    Great belt drive bike!

    Great exercise bike, it is HEAVY so if you have to move it anywhere besides to the first floor and you can't press 150 lbs. get help. Heavy is a good thing when you are getting on or off or standing up in the petals. I work out pretty vigorously and I weigh 110 kg. and the bike never moves, even if I stand with all my weight on one petal getting on or off. Great adjustments for handle bars, and seat for both me 5'10" and my wife at 5'4".Super quiet and even pedaling with the belt drive. Easy to adjust tension, although I wish it would take fewer turns of the tension knob to go from easy to difficult. This is a terrific bike with all the great features one wants, except a user friendly computer. Basically, it is just to hard to figure out for me, so I just use a timer and work out as hard as I want to, the heart rate meter is fairly easy to use if you have a matching chest strap. This is my first belt drive, seriously go the upgrade to the SB900 if you are a serious exerciser.

    Great so far

    So I was a little worried about buying this bike after reading some of the reviews on Amazon, however I looked at reviews elsewhere and the positive feedback on other sites led me to purchase it.

    First off, my package arrived in great condition and was delivered by a very professional and courteous driver. There was no noticeable damage While it was heavy, the box was manageable enough for my wife and I to get it upstairs into the room it will stay in.

    I opened the box, expecting a nightmare of parts. To my pleasant surprise, the bike was already mostly assembled. Installation of the bottom support bars, handle bars, pedals, and monitor was very easy. I was actually able to use the tools provided for the entire build and never felt the need to get my "real tools" from the garage.

    My first ride was pretty good, and I didn't experience any issues with the resistance as some have mentioned. I weigh 122 kg and never felt as if the bike was unstable. Admittedly, I am not in the best shape, so I am unable to really test how much resistance this thing can have, but the mid-range resistance I did have felt smooth while I was riding. I did stand for portions of my workout, and once again the bike was solid.


    Have had a great experience with this bike. I am a trainer and have two of the SB700 bikes and needed another one, so I upgraded and got the SB900 because of the magnets and how quiet it claimed to be. The claims are right it is very quiet, there are no pads rubbing and even at a high pace with huge watts it is quiet. I often ride in my office before clients come it and I have starting riding the 900 most often since I can run the TV at the same time at normal volume. I was a little nervous based on some of the reviews about sizing on this unit, but it is built on the same frame, as far as I can tell, as my 700 bikes and they are all fully adjustable. I run clients from 6' 5" down to 5' 2" no problem. It it was a problem I could not use them since part of my service is micro adjusting my people into a perfect bike position on the bikes in my shop, and then duplicating it on their road and mtn. bikes. SPD pedals are a nice add on but none of my clients including myself use SPD's but I see a lot of spinners that do still use them.

    Overall good bike, just as good as the 700's but the magnet resistance it worth the upgrade, wish I had three 900's.

    Truly a BEST buy!

    I have had the bike now for 6 months. There is rarely a day that goes by that at least one of us is not on the bike. Typical ride is 45 minutes. We are also avid outdoor road cyclists. Where we live, traffic makes riding outside after work dangerous, so this has been a GREAT option. Previously we used an old road bike on a trainer. I simply quit using it because it took too long to change the bike - I am 5'9" and my wife is 5'3". I am glad to be able to cycle daily again.

    Surprisingly there are numerous mediocre and poor reviews. Primarily they center on: lack of usefulness of the resistance knob. Some complain it does not work. Neither did mine. In shipping, the wire between the magnet and the tension knob may come apart. Simply remove the bodywork and place the wire back in the receiver. It takes about 5 minutes to remove the body work and 10 seconds to fix the wire. I called Sole and they stayed on the phone while I did this. That was the only problem. The other complaints were about how far you had to turn the knob to notice an increase in resistance. That is true and I think its a benefit. It takes about 10 full turns to go from ridiculously easy to Col de Tourmalet hard. Plenty of settings in between. NOT like a cheap, noisy spin bike with only a few settings... One said it was too heavy. Why didn't you read the specs before you bought it? The heavy flywheel also makes it durable, quiet, efficient, and have a great range. You're probably never going to move it anyway. If you need something that goes in and out of a closet - this is not for you. Some said it was a lengthy process to reset the monitor. I guess if you call pressing the right button while the unit sits on total time for 3 seconds lengthy...

    This is a great piece of equipment and was nearly half the price of the Keiser - the only other I would consider after MUCH research. I expect this to be more heirloom than disposable. There really aren't many things made like this anymore.

    CONS: Not a po...

    Apart from one glitch, this is a great bike. Very happy.

    I've never had an exercise bike before so I don't have a real point of comparison but I have seen them in stores and tried them there and at friends' homes. I can say that this Sole SB900 feels sturdier and of better quality than most. I've had it for a couple months now and love it. Just got cycling shoes recently and it's a better experience than using the cage part of the pedals with regular shoes. The bike gives a great workout and I always want to use it. I had read some complaints about the monitor but it's fine. It's not a fancy integrated one like on certain bikes but it definitely does its job. It's a standalone/wireless monitor that receives a signal from a component connected to the flywheel. It gives readings for all relevant data for proper motivation and monitoring: speed/rpm, calories, distance.

    When I received it, there did not seem to be any damage to the box. However, when I opened it up the part of the frame that connects to the front crossbar that contacts the floor was bent. Must've happened at manufacturing because, as I said, there was no damage to the box to indicate it had been dropped. Rather than go through all the trouble of repacking and shipping (it's very heavy - flywheel and frame - which I correlate to good quality) I hammered it out with much effort because it's strong and thick steel and got it to fit the floor crossbar. The blemish/damage isn't visible because it's at floor level and on the inside, not visible (hard to describe beyond that).

    Overall, though, great bike and I'm really happy with it. I paid extra for the magnetic resistance flywheel on the SB900 (vs. the SB700) and it seems great. The 900 is also supposed to be quieter than the 700 but I've never tried the 700 for comparison. But I can say it's a very quiet bike even at high speeds, and much quieter than my brother's cheaper exercise bike (different brand and cheaper quality). So far I think this bike was well worth the investment and would have no qualms recom...

    But the price was right and shipping was good

    Not quite as user friendly as our previous bike. But the price was right and shipping was good.


    The box is big....and heavy! But so worth it,the bike is amazing,quality craftsmanship.only noise You hear is the sound of your heart beating out of your joke,whisper quiet & smooth the many adjustments are fast and appreciated,my spd's clicked right in...again very nice. Would buy again no problem

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  • Dispatch Timeframes

    We strive to dispatch orders as quickly as possible, that's why we provide Next Day Dispatch on the majority of orders. Orders generally take 1-2 business days to clear from our warehouse, with 95% of orders dispatched within 1 business day. However some products require additional packing and handling prior to dispatch and therefore take longer to process. These can include:

    • Boxing bags - boxing bags are made to order and filled prior to dispatch. Due to the additional time required to fill bags, there may be a backlog of orders being processed. Consequently, delays in dispatch may occur during peak times (eg. Black Friday, pre-Christmas)
    • Heavy items - Bulky items and large orders are required to ship on pallets and often require additional packing prior to dispatch. 

    Shipping Timeframes

    Shipping time frame will vary depending on your location and the items you have ordered, but a general range is 1-7 business days from dispatch. Capital city metro areas can generally expect shipping times between 1-3 business days. Inner regional metro areas can expect shipping times between 3-5 business days. Shipping to outer regional areas can expect shipping times between 5-14 business days. 

    Free Shipping

    Our Free Shipping policy applies to most orders over $100 however charges will apply if shipping to more remote locations or if delivery requires a greater level of involvement by the courier eg. provision of a tailgate truck. If your order meets these criteria, we guarantee Free Shipping direct to your door with our "Leave Safe Home Delivery" option.

    All deliveries are to curbside only eg. garage or front door. Due to courier regulations and rules, delivery operators are not allowed to transport items beyond the front door.

    If you require assistance in transporting your product into the house, upstairs or similar, please contact us prior to delivery and we will happily arrange for assistance from our national network of third party specialist handymen. All handymen are vetted by us to ensure only the highest level of customer service and professionalism is provided.

    A number of our products are heavy and bulky items, and as such there are some restrictions to our Free Shipping policy. For items over 40kg, these restrictions are as follows:

  • - Items over 40kg are shipped on pallets and therefore come under additional courier restrictions. Consequently, we are only able to provide Free Shipping of palletised orders to commercial addresses or to the nearest depot.

  • - Delivery of palletised orders to residential addresses are subject to an additional service fee from our couriers for the provision of heavy duty tail-gate trucks and associated extra labour.


    The receiver will be contacted prior to delivery to arrange a suitable delivery date and time. Deliveries are scheduled for either an AM or PM slot on any given day.

    This service utilizes power tailgates with two-man crews or crane trucks when required and this is included in the quoted price. All goods in excess of 40kg in weight are palletised.

    Delivery is to front car port, driveway, doorstep or wherever practical depending upon site access. Drivers are not permitted to move item(s) within the residence or around the property due to OHS reasons. Please contact us at the time of your order to arrange for our in-home set-up and installation service.
    This service assumes reasonable and safe access to the site is available. Overhanging trees, steep driveways, unsealed driveways, narrow driveways or streets or an unforeseen obstruction may deem the delivery unavailable.

    If your delivery address is a regional postcode, please contact us to see whether the Residential Delivery option and/or our in-home installation service is available in your area. If the Residential delivery option is unavailable, we will ship to the nearest depot or alternative commercial address.


    This service is available Australia wide for consignments containing individual item(s) less than 40kg in dead weight.

    In utilizing this service the sender is acknowledging the carriers right to leave the goods at the recipients site without obtaining a POD signature. Where the item is left will be at the discretion of the driver. If the receiver happens to be home a signature may be obtained by the driver.

    For Leave Safe Home Deliveries, you cannot request the driver to ring customer prior to delivery. They simply will not call your customer because in booking this job, you are authorizing the driver to leave the goods in a safe area if your customer is not at home. If you would like us to call your customer prior to delivery, you will need to book a standard home delivery.

    Freight Warranty: For those customers with freight warranty, your freight is still covered whilst in transit for loss or damage. If your consignment is lost or damaged after confirmation of leave safe ("Driver POD" or system "Delivered" status) then your freight warranty coverage is void.


  • Freight costs vary for each buyer depending on their post code/location.
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