Magnetic Spin Bikes

Magnetic spin bikes offer a blend of high-tech resistance features and the convenience of an indoor cycling experience. They're ideal additions to your home gym.

These bikes provide a versatile platform for improving your cardiovascular health and burning calories.

Benefits of Magnetic Resistance

  • Durability: Magnetic resistance systems suffer less wear and tear than their friction counterparts. This is because there are no touching parts—resulting in less maintenance over time.

  • Consistency: The level of resistance is highly consistent and repeatable. You get the same resistance level every time, which is essential for tracking your progress reliably.

  • Silent operation: Magnetic spin bikes are quiet - virtually silent. The lack of physical friction resistance significantly lowers noise generated during use, letting you pedal peacefully

Key Features of Magnetic Spin Bikes

  • Magnetic Resistance System: Magnetic spin bikes use a contactless magnetic resistance. This ensures a smooth and silent ride. The system uses magnets to create tension, which can be easily adjusted to suit your workout intensity.

  • Resistance Levels: Your magnetic spin bike typically comes with multiple resistance levels. This feature allows for a finely tuned workout that can range from nearly effortless pedalling to a challenging climb equivalent.

  • Adjustability: Look for a magnetic indoor cycling bike that offers adjustable handlebars and seats. This adaptability means the bike can be customised to fit different body sizes, ensuring comfort during your home workout routine.


Our top-rated Magnetic Spin Bikes


Schwinn AC Performance Plus Spin Bike With Carbon Blue Belt Drive

The Schwinn AC Performance Plus Spin Bike is a top-of-the-line bike featuring an aluminium frame construction by Giant, providing a rust-free, lightweight, and durable design. Its 6-magnet non-contact brake system ensures smooth and consistent control, while the aluminium seat slider and posts add to its durability.

The Performance Plus handlebars cater to all rider needs, and the Schwinn Fit System allows for infinite adjustments. Its Virtual Contact™ Resistance Technology eliminates friction and wear, and the Carbon Blue™ belt drive offers an authentic outdoor ride feel. The commercial warranty covers the frame, corrosion, belt, mechanical parts, and labor.


Schwinn AC Sport Spin Bike

The Schwinn AC Sport Spin Bike offers a comfortable and high-performance experience with its High Performance handlebars and Virtual ContactTM Magnetic resistance brake.

The Carbon Blue™ toothed drive train ensures an authentic cycling experience, while the Schwinn Fit system allows for a wide range of adjustments. The commercial warranty covers the frame, corrosion, mechanical parts, and labor.


Sole SB900 Spin Bike

The Sole SB900 Spin Bike is a top-quality option with a heavy-duty commercial steel and aluminium finish. It features a 22 kg chrome-plated flywheel and magnetic braking for an ultra-smooth ride. The wireless chest strap compatible console helps you monitor your heart rate, and the bright backlit LCD screen displays real-time workout data.

Additional features include SPD/Toe Clip Pedals, water bottle holders, tablet/phone holder, and a 135 kg user weight capacity. The quality is backed up by a lifetime frame warranty and three years of warranty on parts.


Precor Spinner Shift Indoor Cycle

The Precor Spinner Shift Indoor Cycle provides a smooth, fluid motion and riding feel with its 19.5 kg flywheel. Designed for superior durability, it features oversized cranks, patented morse taper pedals, and an oversized steel frame.

The micro-adjustable fore-aft seat and handlebar adjustments, height adjustments, and oversized pin-pop knobs make it easy to personalize your bike for the perfect fit. The commercial warranty covers the frame, belt, parts, and labor.


Precor Spinner Chrono Power Indoor Cycle

The Precor Spinner Chrono Power Indoor Cycle features an ultra-low maintenance Kevlar reinforced cogged belt drive with a 10-year warranty. Its patent-pending magnetic resistance system offers improved linear resistance, and the best-in-class color LCD console features Watts measurement with ultra-b

bright backlight, Bluetooth, and ANT+ compatibility. The proprietary anodized commercial-grade aluminum tube frame is lightweight and features a contoured design for strength and sweat resistance. The Spinner® Power LCD color Console (included) offers a range of electronic readouts, and the bike has no need for batteries with its energy-saving design.


Wattbike Nucleus

The Wattbike Nucleus is born from the Wattbike Pro/Trainer and features a high-definition Performance Touchscreen with workouts, plans, tests, and a new interval builder for a personalized workout experience.

The Wattbike Nucleus offers ±2% accuracy across the max power range of 2000W and features Real Ride Feel technology, replicating the resistance and sensation of riding on the road.

The Pedalling Effectiveness Score tool helps improve your pedalling efficiency and power output, while the bike offers extensive connectivity options, such as ANT+ compatibility and support for various devices.


Wattbike Trainer

The Wattbike Trainer is an incredibly versatile and accurate indoor bike, with a ±2% accuracy across the full power range of 0-2000W. It features the patented Polar View tool for optimizing your pedal stroke technique and an innovative combination of air and magnetic resistance for a smooth, incremental increase in power.

The Real Ride Feel Technology ensures an authentic ride feel that translates easily onto the road.


Our magnetic spin bike collection offers a range of high-quality, durable, and versatile options to help you achieve your fitness goals. With a wide selection of brands and features, you're sure to find the perfect magnetic spin bike for your needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your indoor cycling journey today!



Magnetic Spin Bike Frequently Asked Questions

Explore these common queries to get the most out of your magnetic resistance spin bike experience.

What are the advantages of using a magnetic resistance spin bike?

Magnetic resistance spin bikes offer a quieter, smoother ride compared to their flywheel counterparts. They also require less maintenance due to the lack of physical contact between moving parts.

How do the resistance levels on a magnetic spin bike compare with traditional flywheel models?

Unlike traditional flywheel models, magnetic spin bikes provide more precise resistance levels. This allows for fine-tuning of your workout intensity without the wear-and-tear that friction-based systems may endure.

What features should I look for when choosing a magnetic spin bike?

Search for bikes with a sturdy steel frame, adjustable resistance levels, and a comfort-fitting seat. Features like a belt drive and a high weight capacity can also be indicative of superior quality.

How should I maintain a magnetic spin bike to ensure its longevity?

Keep your bike clean, check bolts and fittings regularly for tightness, and maintain proper alignment of parts. Magnetic bikes are low maintenance, but regular inspections can extend their life.

What price range should I expect when shopping for a magnetic spin bike?

The prices can vary widely. You can find more affordable options in the lower hundreds and premium models priced over a thousand pounds. The price depends on the bike's features and durability.

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