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Wattbike Pro Exercise Bike (3760W)

Key Features:

  • Connectivity -Combines the ultimate ride experience with digital analysis tools to help all riders improve their performance.

  • Accurate Data -Carefully engineered and independently tested to deliver ±2% accuracy across the full power range of 0-3760W.
  • Polar View - Visualise how you apply force through each pedal stroke and optimise your technique with our patented analysis tool to improve your pedalling efficiency and power output.
  • Resistance Systems - Using an innovative combination of air and magnetic resistance, the Wattbike Pro delivers up to 3,760W of power in smooth, incremental increases.
  • Real Ride Feel Technology -Replicate the resistance and sensation of riding on the road, delivering the most authentic ride feel available. 

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  • Wattbike Pro Exercise Bike

    The Wattbike Pro is the bike of choice for riders looking to train and improve their performance with big wattage interval training. The Wattbike took eight years to take shape, alongside the consultation of the former head of British Cycling Peter Keen.

    Now it is used by multiple top cycling federations including Australia, the USA, France and the UCI, as well as athletes from other sports including, athletics, rugby, sailing, motorsports and football.

    Wattbike redefines Indoor Cycling

    The Wattbike Pro and Trainer have redefined indoor cycling. Ultra robust, they stand up to training sessions from the world's most powerful athletes. Incredibly versatile, they are equally at home on the side of a rugby pitch as they are in your home.

    Astoundingly accurate, they ensure you make the most of your data, during each and every session.

    The Pro and Trainer combine our years of painstaking research, analysis and improvement into one. Redefine the way you ride with Wattbike Pro and Trainer.

    Wattbike Pro Exercise Bike

    Wattbike accurately measures +40 performance parameters

    Where the Wattbike separates itself from the competition is in its ability to accurately measure over 40 performance parameters that help to improve technique and power output.

    The Wattbike offers 2% accuracy throughout the entire range of the wattage, which on this Pro model is 1-3760 watts. This medium to high resistance is ideal for interval training or for those looking to push big power numbers.

    Despite being a static bike, the Wattbike's fit is fully customisable, almost more so than on an actual bike and the real ride feel will quickly have you forgetting that you are not out on the road.

    The fan resistance is designed to replicate the feel of real riding resistances in a smooth and consistent fashion. Adding to this real feel is the chain and sprocket system that allows you to freewheel.


    Wattbike Overview Video


    Wattbike Pro Exercise Bike

    Wattbike Key Features


    Wattbike Pro combines the ultimate ride experience with digital analysis tools to help all riders improve their performance.

    Accurate Data

    Whatever your workout, you can rely on our data. The Wattbike Pro has been carefully engineered and independently tested to deliver ±2% accuracy across the full power range of 0-3760W.

    Polar View

    Visualise how you apply force through each pedal stroke and optimise your technique with our patented analysis tool. Training with Polar View helps improve your pedalling efficiency and power output.

    Wattbike Pro Exercise Bike

    Resistance Systems

    The Wattbike Pro uses an innovative combination of air and magnetic resistance to deliver smooth, incremental increases. With a maximum of 3,760W for the Wattbike Pro, there is enough resistance for even the toughest workouts.

    Real Ride Feel Technology

    Our unique technology replicates the resistance and sensation of riding on the road, delivering the most authentic ride feel available. That means all of the effort you put in indoors easily translates out onto the road.

    Performance Metric

    We measure over 37 metrics about your riding and display them in the Wattbike Hub. We work with third party apps to deliver power, speed and cadence.

    Wattbike Pro Exercise Bike

    Offline Use

    Wi-Fi is required for initial login/signup. After that, you can ride wherever you want. You don't need to have Wi-Fi or mobile data, we'll simply sync your data the next time your app is open and you have Wi-Fi.

    Connectivity & App Compatibility

    Wattbike Pro and Trainer connect via ANT+, FE-C and BLE. Wattbike Pro and Trainer support apps that are ANT+ and FE-C compatible. 




    Wattbike Pro Exercise Bike

    Wattbike Performance Computer

    Various tests can be carried out on the bike to determine training zones using the integrated Wattbike Performance Computer. The Wattbike can connect to a heart rate monitor (sold separately) with ANT+ compatibility for an even deeper level of training accuracy. This also allows you to connect the Wattbike to ANT+ enabled Garmin devices.

    The Wattbike Performance Computer is able to display a live Polar graph, which is capable of showing in real time the trajectory of your pedalling stroke. This allows you to improve your technique and efficiency by honing in on dead zones in their pedal stroke.

    This computer can connect wirelessly to your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth, allowing you to record and save session data before uploading your ride to Wattbike's Powerhub software for further review.

    Wattbike Expert (included) software offers the ability to review session data in real time in depth and share your data via social media sites such as Strava, Facebook and Twitter.



    RoadCycling Wattbike Review Video

    New Zealand All Blacks Wattbike Review Video


    • HEIGHT: Max. 130cm
    • WIDTH: 66cm
    • LENGTH: 125cm
    • WEIGHT: 55kg
    • FRAME: 30kg, 80mm x 40mm
    • FEET: 5cm diameter rubber feet
    • ROLLERS: Transportation rollers fitted
    • BOTTOM BRACKET: 30mm thick
    • CRANKS: 170mm long
    • SEAT: Racing seat fitted as standard
    • PEDALS: Combination pedals fitted as standard
    • COVERS: Heavy duty ABS plastic construction
    • CHAIN: Industrial 1?2" x 1?8" steel
    • BELT: Automotive industry rubber, kevlar reinforced belt
    • SEAT AND HANDLEBAR STEMS: 45mm square x 3mm thick stainless steel
    • POWER RANGE: 0–3760W (Pro Model Only)
    • RESISTANCE: Dual — Air brake and magnetic brake

    In The Box


    How To Set Up Your Wattbike

  • Ask a Question


    Ask a Question
    • IS there a guide on how to use the Wattbike Performance Monitor?

      The Performance Monitor is the head unit on the Wattbike Pro/Trainer. With the Wattbike Performance Monitor you can test, train and review your data in one place. For a full guide on how to use the monitor, watch our video below:
      How To Use The Wattbike Performance Monitor You can download the manual by clicking the following link: Model B Monitor Manual In order to use the Wattbike Hub smartphone app on the Pro/Trainer, you will need a Bluetooth enabled Model B Performance Monitor. We offer monitor upgrades which you can view online here

    • How much maintenance does the Wattbike Pro require?

      The Wattbike Pro/Trainer is designed to require minimal maintenance and should withstand heavy usage. If you notice any unusual symptoms, such as loud noises or grinding during operation, stop using your Pro/Trainer and contact Wattbike for support. After Every Session To ensure your Pro/Trainer stays in good condition remove all sweat, dust, dirt or other substances by using a clean, soft cloth and a non-abrasive liquid cleaner. We recommend using the Muc-off Care Pack.  Do not spray any cleaner directly onto the bike, always into the cloth first. Wipe down the exterior covers and frame, saddle, handlebar and monitor. Make sure that the handlebar stem and saddle stem are not over the MIN markers. Weekly Maintenance Vacuum the floor under and around the Wattbike. Inspect the feet bolts, saddle and handlebar sliders and monitor bracket for looseness. Tighten as necessary. Inspect the saddle and handlebar stem adjustments. Tighten as necessary. Check that the pedals are secure. Tighten as necessary. Ensure that no sweat/ liquid is pooling on the metalwork or covers. Lubricate, using a 3-In-One Multi-Purpose Spray Oil or similar product, the thread of the locking and adjustment levers. Check the battery level on the monitor, from Main Menu, Properties, and then Battery. If the level is below 50% charge using the external charger for a period of 8-12 hours. We recommend that you do this every 1-2 weeks. Monthly Maintenance Check for smooth and quiet operation of all moving parts. Check your monitor firmware version in the Properties section. Compare to the latest monitor firmware version at and update if necessary. Biannual Maintenance Using a 3-In-One Multi-Purpose Spray Oil or similar product lubricate the chain. To do this use place the straw of spray lubricant between the cover and the chain ring close to the chain itself. This step requires you to remove the right hand cover. Spray gently down towards the floor and rotate the crank anti clockwise twice. Please see page 80 of the Owners Manual for further information on preventative maintenance.

    • Can I change the saddle on the Wattbike Pro?

      Yes. The Pro/Trainer comes with a racing saddle and a comfort saddle as standard. You can then fit the saddle of your choice once the order arrives.

    • How hard is it to set up the Wattbike Pro and can you explain the steps?

      Building the Wattbike Pro/Trainer takes around 30 minutes. The video below provides a guide on how to build your Pro/Trainer straight from the box: 

      How To Build Your Wattbike

      For further instructions and guidance on how to build your Wattbike Pro/Trainer, see page four of the Wattbike Pro/Trainer User Guide.

    • Can I use other training and fitness Apps with the Wattbike Pro?

      Wattbike connects to some of the most popular indoor training and fitness apps, so you can keep training in the way that works for you. Make sure your monitor is up to date with the latest Firmware to ensure you can access all the latest features. 

      Wattbike Hub

      If you’re looking for a personal coach in your pocket, look no further than our very own smartphone app, the Wattbike Hub. Built in workouts let you test, train and analyse your performance all from one simple digital platform.

      Equipment Needed:
      A Bluetooth enabled phone Find out more about the Wattbike Hub


      Strava is the most popular ride companion for many cyclists. If you’re a Strava user you’ll be pleased to hear you can record your Wattbike data through the Hub, then integrate your session into Strava, so you never miss a chance for Kudos!

      Equipment Needed:
      A Bluetooth enabled phone OR An ANT+ phone dongle A lightning to 30-pin adapter (for new model Apple products) How to link to Strava via ANT+
      How to link to Strava via Bluetooth


      If you find indoor training a lonely affair, Zwift could be the perfect solution. Connect your Wattbike to Zwift via ANT+ and you’ll see your speed, power and cadence stats in real time as you compete against fellow riders or amble along on a casual group ride.

      Equipment Needed:
      A Bluetooth enabled phone OR An ANT+ phone dongle A lightning to 30-pin adapter (for new model Apple products) How to connect to Zwift via ANT+
      How to connect to Zwift via Bluetooth

      The Sufferfest

      If you’re committed to training hard and love a high intensity workout, then give The Sufferfest a try. Simply connect your Wattbike to The Sufferfest app via ANT+ to see your speed, power and cadence data in real time. It’s time to record just how hard you’re suffering!

      Equipment Needed:
      A Bluetooth enabled phone OR An ANT+ phone dongle A lightning to 30-pin adapter (for new model Apple products)
      How to connect to The Sufferfest via ANT+
      How to connect to The Sufferfest via Bluetooth


      Want an almost limitless bank of structured workouts on your Wattbike? Simply connect to TrainerRoad via ANT+ to take advantage of any of their numerous workouts and training plans.

      Equipment Needed:
      An ANT+ phone dongle A lightning to 30-pin adapter (for new model Apple products).
      How to connect to TrainerRoad


      TrainingPeaks is a great training partner, offering fitness software across mobile and desktop, with structured workouts and the ability to track progress from anywhere.  You can share your Wattbike data with TrainingPeaks through the Wattbike Performance Monitor.

      Equipment Needed:
      A computer with Wattbike Expert Software installed.
      How to share data with TrainingPeaks


      Whilst not strictly an app, many cyclists use a Garmin device to record and analyse their data. If you own a Garmin device, you'll be pleased to hear the Wattbike is compatible with most models and the setup process is simple.

      Equipment Needed:
      A computer with Wattbike Expert Software installed.
      How to connect your Garmin device
      How to share data with Garmin Connect.

      If asked for wheel circumference please input 207cm.

    • Can I change the pedals on the Wattbike Pro?

      Yes you can. The Wattbike Pro comes with Wellgo E148 pedals as standard, however, it has a standard pedal fitment so you can fit your own pedals. We have an instruction guide here on how to install your pedals.

    • What is the difference between the Wattbike Pro and the Wattbike Trainer?

      The Wattbike Pro and Trainer have the same functionality and ride feel, with the only difference being the resistance.  The Wattbike Trainer offers light to medium resistance (0-2000w) and a Wattbike Pro offers medium to high resistance (0-3760W). Which resistance is right for you?  If you are a lighter individual (80kg or less), looking to use the Wattbike for endurance training, or for weight management, then the Trainer would be more suitable. If you want to have multiple users of the Wattbike, including children and partners, we would recommend the Wattbike Trainer. If you are an experienced athlete or have a history in sports that involve explosive power such as rugby or sprinting, then we would suggest the Wattbike Pro would be most suited to your needs.

    • The magnetic resistance control on my Wattbike Pro is slipping, what do I do?

      The magnetic resistance works by creating resistance against the flywheel through the use of magnets at the end of the resistance column. Over time, if the magnetic column has been left for a long period under tension, then the column can loosen and therefore slip under the higher magnetic force.   If your bike is still under it's warranty we can contact the manufacturer to rectify this for you. If the bike is outside of this period then we can quote for repair accordingly when provided with the required information.   If you are experiencing this issue, please contact us with your name, contact details, address at which the bike is present, and the serial number of the bike starting in 220. This serial number can be found by going into the monitors main menu, properties, and then listing the "Sensor ID".

    • How do I oil the chain on my Wattbike Pro?

      We advise oiling the chain on your Wattbike Pro and Trainer every few months depending on the usage of your bike.  To oil the chain we would recommend using a spray lubricant such as Muc-Off Dry Lube to coat the inside of the rollers of the chain, please rotate the pedals backward around 3 times to ensure every roller has been lubricated.  The picture below shows where the oil should be inserted.  Oil.JPG

    • How do I install the pedals on my Wattbike?

      To install your pedals, whether these are our Wellgo E148 dual sided pedals or our flat pedals provided with the Wattbike Atom, you will need a 15mm spanner and/or a 6mm Allen (Hex) key for our E148 pedals. Within our example, we are using or Wellgo E148 dual sided pedals which support Shimano SPD (mtb) or Look Keo compatible cleats.

      1. Rotate the cranks back to the 9 O'clock position and insert the long end of the 6mm Allen key provided into the end of Pedal (pictured below).
      2. Rotate the pedal backwards in a counterclockwise direction to line up the pedal threads. This is a preventative step to minimise the chances of cross threading of the crank.   
      3. Once the threads have been aligned please rotate the pedal forwards in a clockwise direction to tighten the pedal onto the crank. Should you feel any resistance before all threads of the pedal have disappeared into the crank then please go back to Step 2 before cross threading the crank.
      4. Once the pedal has been tightened and all threads are now within the crank you can use the shorter end of the provided Allen key to secure and tighten the pedal onto the crank.  If there is no allen key hole within axle of the pedal then please carefully follow Step 2 by rotating the pedal thread backwards to align the threads. Then rotate forward to pick up the threads and continue tightening using a 15mm Allen Key. 

      N.B Pedals are unlike most other screws, in that the left-hand pedal has an opposite thread. Therefore, all pedals tighten in a forwards manner.


    • How do I tighten the levers on my Wattbike Pro? They're not tightening..

      If you are experiencing issues with the levers on your Wattbike Pro/Trainer you will need to purchase replacements from the manufacturer.  The lock lever adjusts the height of the handlebars/saddle and can be purchased here. The adjustment lever adjusts the handlebars/saddle fore/aft and can be purchased here.

    • Does the Wattbike Pro come with a Wattbike Performance Monitor?

      When you purchase a Wattbike Pro or Trainer the following items are included: Model B Monitor with Bluetooth Wellgo E148 pedals with toe cages Quick start guide Wattbike charger 1 x Comfort saddle 1 x Race saddle 1 x Allen  key 1 x Spanner

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