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Discover our wide range of back machines designed to strengthen and tone your back muscles like never before. From lat pulldown machines to back extension machines, we've got you covered!


Types of Back Machines

Back training equipment varies widely, each targeting specific muscle groups:

  • The lat pulldown machine works your latissimus dorsi, while a seated row machine engages your upper back muscles, including the rhomboids and traps.
  • The back extension bench and roman chairs focus on the lower back and erector spinae muscles. 
  • Assisted pull-up machines help you strengthen your upper back and arms, whereas cable machines offer versatility for multiple exercises. 
  • T-bar rows and rowing machines simulate rowing movements, strengthening both your upper and lower back.


Selecting the Right Equipment

When selecting gym machines, consider factors like weight capacity, adjustable angles, and comfort. Look for features such as 11-gauge steel for durability, foam padding for comfort, and foam rollers for proper support. Attachments like grip handles and cable attachments can add more versatility to your workout.


Back machines for Lat Pulldown

Lat pulldown machines are specifically designed to target the latissimus dorsi, which are the largest muscles in your back. They work by providing a cable system with a long bar attached at the top, allowing users to pull the bar down towards their chest while seated.

This exercise primarily engages the upper back, biceps, and shoulders, helping build a strong and balanced upper body. What sets lat pulldown machines apart from other back machines is their ability to isolate the lat muscles, providing a more focused workout and helping you achieve that coveted V-shape.

Here are some of our top picks:

Plate-loaded lat pulldown machines:

  1. Healthstream SL7002 Pull Down 

Pin-loaded lat pulldown machines:

  1. Healthstream PL9002 Lat Pulldown/Seated Row Machine
  2. SportsArt Dual Function DF203 Lat Pulldown/Mid Row + Chest Press
  3. RTM Lat Pulldown/Low Row Machine
  4. Impulse IT9502 Lat Pulldown 
  5. Impulse IT9522 Lat Pulldown + Row 

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Back Machines for Back Extension

Back extension machines are designed to strengthen the lower back muscles, specifically the erector spinae muscles that run along the spine. These machines work by having users lie face down with their hips and upper thighs supported, then lift their upper body upwards by engaging their lower back muscles.

This exercise helps improve posture, reduce lower back pain, and build core strength. Back extension machines stand out from other back machines as they specifically target the lower back muscles, which are often neglected in other workouts.

Develop your lower back muscles and improve your posture with these top-rated back extension machines:

  1. Healthstream PL9024 Abdominal/Lower Back
  2. Impulse IT9534 Back Extension/Abdominal
  3. Impulse IT9532 Back Extension

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Back Machines for Pull Ups

Pull up machines, also known as assisted chin/dip machines, offer a helping hand in performing chin-ups and dips by providing a counterbalance system that reduces the amount of body weight users have to lift. Users can adjust the level of assistance, making it suitable for beginners and experienced athletes alike.

These machines target the back, shoulders, and arms, and help users progress towards performing unassisted pull-ups. Pull up machines are unique because they provide a customizable level of support, enabling users to develop their strength gradually and safely.

Check out these top choices:

  1. SportsArt Dual Function DF207 Assisted Chin/Dip
  2. Impulse IT9520 Assisted Chin Dip Combo

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Back Machines for Rear Delt Fly 

Rear delt fly machines isolate and strengthen the rear deltoid muscles, located in the upper back and shoulder area. Users sit on the machine, grasp the handles, and move their arms outward in a sweeping motion, engaging the rear deltoids and upper back muscles.

This exercise helps improve posture, strengthen the upper back, and balance out the chest muscles. Rear delt fly machines differ from other back machines as they specifically focus on the rear deltoids, which can be challenging to target with other exercises.

Isolate and strengthen your rear deltoids with these machines that target the upper back and shoulders:

  1. SportsArt Dual Function DF204 Pec Fly/Rear Deltoid
  2. Impulse IT9515 Pec Fly/Rear Delt

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Back Machines for Rows

Row machines simulate the motion of rowing, engaging the back, shoulders, and arms in a full-body workout. These machines work by having users pull a handle attached to a cable or resistance system while seated.

Row machines help develop overall upper body strength and endurance, and also engage the core and lower body to a lesser extent. Their versatility and full-body engagement make row machines stand out from other back machines.

Row machines are great for a full-body workout, targeting your back, shoulders, and arms. Here are some of our top row machines:

  1. Impulse IT9519 Row
  2. Healthstream SL7004 Low Row
  3. Healthstream IT7019 Incline Row

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Back Machines with Cable Stations

Cable stations are versatile pieces of equipment that offer a wide range of exercises for both the upper and lower body. They consist of adjustable cable systems with various attachments, enabling users to perform exercises targeting the back, chest, shoulders, arms, and legs.

These stations allow for functional and compound movements, engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Cable stations are unique among back machines due to their adaptability and ability to provide a full-body workout with just one piece of equipment.

Cable stations offer versatility for both upper and lower body workouts. These multi-station gyms are perfect for home or commercial use:

  1. Impulse ES3000 Three-Station Gym
  2. Impulse IT9527 Five Station Multi Gym - Dual Tower
  3. Healthstream HS2060 Multi-Station Gym

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Back Machines with Multi-Press

Multi-press machines are designed to target the back, chest, and shoulders by offering various pressing exercises in one machine.

These machines work by having users adjust the position of the handles and backrest to perform different pressing exercises, such as chest presses, shoulder presses, and rows. Multi-press machines help develop overall upper body strength and muscle balance.

Here are some top multi-press machines:

  1. Impulse IT9529 Multi Press
  2. Healthstream PL9021 Multi Press
  3. SportsArt Dual Function DF208 Multi Chest Press

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Ready to Strengthen Your Back? 

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete, we have the perfect back machines for you. Explore our extensive collection of lat pulldown machines, back extension machines, pull up machines, rear delt fly machines, row machines, cable stations, and multi-press machines today! 


Back Machine FAQ

For strengthening your lower back, back extension machines with a strong, steel frame and adjustable pads are recommended. These machines allow you to focus on the lower back muscles by securing your legs and lifting your upper body against resistance.

Lat pulldown machines and cable rows are effective for targeting the upper back muscles. These machines engage the upper back, including the traps and rhomboids, and allow for a full range of motion to maximise muscle development.

A versatile machine like a Smith machine can be suitable for a home gym, offering a range of exercises to target both the upper and lower back safely.

Machines providing low-impact resistance, such as rowing machines or specially designed therapeutic back extension machines, may be recommended for alleviating back pain. Consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any exercise regimen for back pain.

Lat pulldown machines and seated rowing machines are particularly suited for engaging and strengthening the latissimus dorsi, a large muscle in the back that aids in arm movement and posture.

To integrate back machines effectively, start with a moderate weight. Make sure you can perform exercises with proper form and gradually increase the resistance. Aim for a balanced routine that targets all areas of the back. Incorporate both compound and isolation exercises.