SportsArt Cross Trainers

SportsArt cross trainers are recognised for blending design and technology, aiming to provide an engaging workout experience. These machines are suitable for use in both home and commercial gym settings in Australia and globally.

SportsArt Cross Trainers are feature-rich, offering an integrated approach to cardio and strength workouts. These machines combine multiple functionalities, including elliptical, stepper, and cycle movements, providing a varied training experience. The SportsArt E835 Elliptical Cross Trainer is an example of their innovative design.

SportsArt Cross Trainers Overview

One of their prominent models is the E845 Performance Series Elliptical. This cross trainer is equipped with contact and wireless heart rate monitoring options and offers multi-language support. It stands out with an electronically adjustable stride length ranging from 17 to 29 inches (43 - 76 cm), ensuring adaptability and comfort for a wide range of users.

SportsArt's Cross Trainers, particularly the V886 Verso, are noted for their ECO-NATURAL™ status, showcasing an eco-friendly approach to fitness equipment design. The V886 model, along with being self-powered, provides options such as the SENZA™ touchscreen for interactive user sessions.

Characteristics such as a three-in-one cross trainer can be found in models like the G886 Verso, which allows transitions between stepper, cycle, and elliptical functionalities. The convenience of mid-workout adjustments is facilitated through console and handle-based controls. Users can customise their experience by adjusting stride height, length, crank arm, and resistance levels.

These ellipticals often come with a sleek console layout, designed to be user-friendly, and incorporating features such as a three-speed fan for added comfort during intense fitness sessions. They are crafted to suit users focused on tracking workout parameters like resistance levels, time, calories burnt, and heart rate.

By integrating robust build quality and features that enhance workout efficiency, SportsArt demonstrates a commitment to contributing to the fitness industry with innovative cardiovascular solutions.


SportsArt Elliptical Technical Specifications and Features

  • Design: SportsArt cross trainers are known for their sleek angles and comfortable use. The machines often feature a Myflex™ pedal cushioning system which adapts to the user's weight, ensuring minimal impact on joints.

  • Resistance Levels: With up to 40 levels of resistance, users can challenge themselves and progressively increase workout intensity.

  • Console Features: These cross trainers include comprehensive display consoles that provide essential workout metrics such as distance, strides/min, total strides, and heart rate. Many models support wireless heart rate monitoring and integrated mobile phone/tablet holders for convenience.

  • Dimensions: The SportsArt cross trainers typically have substantial footprints, with assembled dimensions indicating a conscientious use of space.

  • Additional Features: The E835 model boasts features like dual headphone jacks, built-in volume control, and options for iPod/iPhone connectivity. The SA WELL+™ system may be present in some models, allowing for detailed workout tracking.

  • Power: The self-powered design of some cross trainers eliminates the need for external power sources, offering flexibility in placement.

  • Weight Capacity: The user weight capacity often exceeds 180 kg, making these machines accessible to a variety of individuals.

  • Warranty: SportsArt offers generous warranties on their equipment, often including a lifetime warranty on the frame.

  • Programs: Pre-set programs including Quick Start, Cardio, Weight Loss, and Active Zones cater to different fitness goals.

Choosing a SportsArt Cross Trainer means investing in a machine built with the user’s fitness journey in mind. While providing solid technical specifications, they maintain a clear focus on user comfort and workout variety.


SportsArt Cross Trainers User Experience and Compatibility

SportsArt Cross Trainers are integrated with user-centric features to enhance the training experience across diverse environments, including strength training zones, physiotherapy clinics, and cardiac rehabilitation centres. These machines are designed to be compatible with users of varying levels—from beginners to advanced athletes—and adaptable for different rehabilitation requirements.

The sturdy design allows for a high user weight capacity, making the trainers accessible to a wider user base. This inclusivity is also seen in the adjustable resistance levels which cater to individuals at different stages of their cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation or allied health programmes.

Display panels on these trainers are sophisticated yet user-friendly, presenting essential workout metrics such as distance, strides/min, calories burned, and heart rate (HR) clearly. The intuitive systems are equipped with programmable functions like Quick Start, SA WELL+, and manual adjustments, offering customisation aligned with personal fitness goals and workout levels.

Here's a summary of the key features in a tabulated format:

Feature Description
Design Integrated with a sleek layout and ergonomic controls for ease of use.
MyFlex Pedal Cushioning Helps in reducing impact on joints during high-intensity workouts.
Cardio Zone Allows users to target specific endurance levels during a workout.
Weight Loss Zone Enables calorie-focused exercises for an effective weight loss routine.
Active Zone Suitable for warming up or cooling down, offering a broad aerobic range.
Glute Program Focuses on glute strength for a comprehensive lower body workout.


In physiotherapy gyms and allied health facilities, adaptability is crucial; SportsArt Cross Trainers offer various movement options akin to treadmills, recumbent bikes, and upright bikes, allowing for full-body engagement and targeted muscle training. Such versatility ensures these trainers can support recovery journeys and enhance overall physical robustness.


SportsArt Cross Trainers Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common enquiries about SportsArt cross trainers, aiming to assist in making informed decisions about the brand's products.

What features distinguish SportsArt cross trainers from other brands?

SportsArt cross trainers are known for their innovative designs, which may include self-powering capabilities, user-friendly interfaces, and a variety of workout options. Some models feature SENZA™ touchscreens enhancing the user experience.

What are the known benefits of using SportsArt elliptical machines?

Users of SportsArt elliptical machines commonly report low-impact, total-body workouts. The brand's elliptical trainers are designed to provide smooth motion, supporting cardiovascular health and muscular endurance, and they may aid in weight management.

How do user reviews rate the performance of SportsArt cross trainers?

User reviews generally rate SportsArt cross trainers highly for their durability and functionality. Many appreciate the robust build quality and the range of features that cater to different fitness levels.

Can you compare the efficiency of SportsArt cross trainers with other popular elliptical machines?

SportsArt cross trainers are often comparable in efficiency to other top elliptical machines, offering similar levels of resistance and stride length. They stand out for self-generating power systems in some models, making them energy-efficient.

What should be considered when choosing a SportsArt elliptical for home or commercial use?

When selecting a SportsArt elliptical, considerations include available space, the intended use (home or commercial), and the features needed, such as workout programs and connectivity options. Budget and warranty support are also important factors.

How does the SportsArt E835 model differ from the 805P and 807P models?

The SportsArt E835 model typically offers more advanced features than the 805P and 807P models, including a wider array of workout programs and resistance levels. It may also have a more sophisticated display and connectivity options, supporting a more comprehensive fitness regimen.

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