Magnetic Rowing Machines

Welcome to our collection of top-of-the-line magnetic rowing machines! These fantastic fitness machines offer a full-body workout that targets various muscle groups, improves your cardiovascular health, and boosts your overall strength.

We stock the best magnetic rowing machine brands in the market, including Powertrain, Everfit, Sole, and York. So let's dive into the world of magnetic rowing machines and explore their features and benefits!

In the realm of indoor fitness, magnetic rowing machines distinguish themselves with a host of advantageous features. They exhibit consistent resistance levels, acclaimed quietness during operation, and often come in foldable designs for convenient storage.


Magnetic Rowing Machines Features

Magnetic rowing machines utilise a magnetic brake system to create resistance, which is key to their operation. This resistance system has several benefits:

  • Consistency: The resistance offered is uniform and does not fluctuate with the rowing pace, providing a steady workout experience.
  • Silence: Magnetic resistance operates almost silently, making these rowers ideal for home use where noise is a concern.
  • Low Maintenance: Lacking friction-based parts, these rowers typically require less upkeep.


Types of Resistance Compared

Magnetic rowing machines offer a distinctive resistance type compared to air or water rowers. Here's how they match up:

  • Magnetic Resistance is adjustable and independent of rowing speed, resulting in a predictable and controllable workout environment.
  • Air Resistance increases with the speed of the row, offering dynamic difficulty but also generating more noise.
  • Water Resistance simulates real rowing sensation but can require more maintenance and is usually not as quiet as magnetic resistance.


Physical and Performance Specifications

The design and size of magnetic rowing machines are variable but they often share certain specifications:

  • Foldable Design: Many models are foldable, saving space when not in use.
  • Resistance Levels: Most machines offer a range of resistance levels, allowing for user-specific intensity adjustments.
  • Size and Weight Capacity: They come in various sizes with a robust design, often supporting a weight capacity up to 136 kg or more.
  • Features: Enhanced models include Bluetooth connectivity and interactive workout programs.


Choosing the Best Magnetic Rowing Machine

Selecting the best magnetic rowing machine involves considering various factors, such as cost, features, and the practicalities of using the machine at home.


Factors Affecting the Cost and Value

When considering the price of magnetic rowing machines, they often find that costs can vary widely. Budget-friendly models may provide essential functions at a lower price point.

On the other end, premium models may offer advanced features, like interactive training elements or enhanced build quality, which contribute to a higher cost.

A magnetic rower's value is determined not just by its price, but also by the warranty and longevity it offers. Consumers should look for a warranty that ensures a good investment over time.


Evaluating Comfort and Functionality

The comfort of a magnetic rowing machine primarily hinges on the design of its seat and foot pedals. A padded seat and adjustable foot straps ensure a more comfortable workout, reducing strain and allowing for longer sessions.

Features such as the length of the rail and the smoothness of the magnetic resistance are central to the functionality of rowers. Machines with high-quality aluminium rails, like the Horizon Oxford 3 Rower, are catered towards a wider range of user heights.

For those seeking interactive workouts, they might consider a rower with a touchscreen and programmed routines, as seen on the Hydrow Rower – often cited as the best magnetic rowing machine overall due to its immersive experience.


Assessing Storage and Assembly Options

The practicality of storage and assembly is crucial for users with limited space. Many seek out rowers that are easy to assemble and come with storage-friendly features like a foldable design or built-in wheels. Models like Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 or the SF-RW5801 are noted for their compact design, making them suitable for smaller living areas.

Machines with quick and simple assembly processes add value by reducing the time from unboxing to use. Users typically favour rowers that combine sturdiness with ease of assembly.


Maximising the Magnetic Rower Workout Experience

Maximising the workout experience with a magnetic rowing machine involves the incorporation of advanced technology and detailed metric tracking. These components are essential for a tailored and engaging workout, suitable for various fitness levels and goals in a home gym setting.


Technological Integrations for Interactive Rowing

Modern magnetic rowing machines are often equipped with LCD monitors and Bluetooth capabilities, providing a platform for interactive rowing experiences. Subscription-based services offer live and on-demand workouts, allowing users to join virtual rowing communities and compete with others. Features like adjustable foot pedals and customisable workout options ensure that the machine can adapt to individual needs, enhancing both comfort and performance. Engagement is further elevated with:

  • Pre-programmed workouts that simulate different environments and rowing challenges.
  • High-definition screens showcasing rowing routes and providing visual motivation.


Workout Effectiveness and Metric Tracking

For an effective workout, consistent metric tracking is vital. Rowers can monitor their performance through metrics such as stroke rate, distance, and heart rate, enabling them to set and achieve targeted fitness goals. The benefits of rowing include:

  • Cardio enhancement, vital for overall fitness levels.
  • A low-impact but high-intensity workout, suitable for a wide range of users.

Rowing machines often offer:

  • Interfaces displaying real-time feedback on workout routines.
  • The ability to save and track progress over time for home workouts, fostering a sense of achievement and incentivising consistent use.


Our Magnetic Rowing Machines


PowerTrain RW-H02 Magnetic Rowing Machine

PowerTrain's RW-H02 Magnetic Rowing Machine is a fantastic option for those looking to step up their fitness game. With a computer that tracks your progress and 1-8 adjustable tension resistance levels, this rower caters to all fitness levels.

Its large, comfortable saddle and new Hi-Tech magnetic brake system ensure a smooth and efficient workout. Plus, its foldable design and 6kg flywheel make it perfect for home use.


Everfit Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

The Everfit Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine offers quiet operation with a magnetic brake system and 10 levels of manual resistance. Its huge LCD display, durable steel glide rail, and commercial comfort moulded seat provide a great workout experience.

And with space-saving foldable design and rollers for easy transportation, you can take your workout wherever you go!


Sole SR500 Air/Magnetic Rowing Machine

Experience an intense full-body workout with the Sole SR500 Air/Magnetic Rowing Machine. This durable machine offers 16 resistance levels, a 5.5" backlit LCD display, and various programs to keep your workouts engaging.

The textured hand grips, oversized pedals, and wireless control ensure a comfortable and efficient workout. Plus, its foldaway design and 204kg user weight capacity make it a reliable choice for all fitness enthusiasts.


Everfit Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine

The Everfit Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine offers a quiet workout experience with its magnetic brake system and 8 levels of manual resistance. With a 3kg flywheel, durable steel glide rail, and big LCD display, you can track your progress with ease.

The commercial comfort moulded seat and adjustable large footrest ensure maximum comfort during your workouts, while its space-saving foldable design makes it perfect for home use.


PowerTrain R23 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Achieve your fitness goals with the PowerTrain R23 Magnetic Rowing Machine. Its genuine magnetic flywheel, variable resistance, and commercial glide rail provide a smooth and challenging workout.

The moulded seat and comfortable high-density foam handle ensure an enjoyable exercise experience. With its easy-to-read LCD screen and built-in computer, you can set your workout goals and track your progress with ease.


York LC-RW Air/Magnetic Rowing Machine

The York LC-RW Air/Magnetic Rowing Machine offers a commercial-grade workout with its 16 levels of air/magnetic resistance, 8kg flywheel, and Kevlar belt drive. With 20 fitness programs and a large dual-colour backlight LCD, you can track your progress and tailor your workouts to your needs.

The large moulded seat, adjustable footplates, and aluminium folding rail ensure comfort and convenience during your workouts. Plus, its heavy-duty wheels make transportation a breeze. With a lifetime commercial warranty on the frame and a 12-month warranty on parts, you can trust the quality and durability of the York LC-RW rower.


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More from Our Brands

For more information on the brands we offer, visit our brand-specific collections: Everfit Rowing Machines, Powertrain Rowing Machines, and York Rowing Machines.

In conclusion, our magnetic rowing machine collection offers a wide variety of options to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, you'll find the perfect rower to meet your needs. So go ahead and explore our collection, and let your fitness journey begin!


Magnetic Rowing Machines Frequently Asked Questions

Magnetic rowing machines have raised questions regarding their functionality and benefits. This section addresses common inquiries to provide clarity to potential users.

What are the benefits of using a magnetic rowing machine?

A magnetic rowing machine offers consistent resistance and a smoother stroke compared with air rowers. They are typically quieter during operation, making them ideal for home use where noise levels are a consideration.

How does a magnetic rowing machine compare with a water rowing machine?

Compared to water rowing machines, magnetic rowers require less maintenance and offer adjustable resistance with the turn of a dial. Water rowers simulate the feel of rowing on water and can be bulkier, whereas magnetic models often have a more compact design.

Can magnetic rowing machines provide an effective workout?

Magnetic rowing machines are capable of providing a full-body workout that improves cardiovascular fitness, builds muscle, and increases endurance. The resistance level can be easily adjusted to match the user's fitness level and goals.

In what ways are magnetic rowing machines superior to hydraulic rowing machines?

Magnetic rowers generally offer a smoother and more natural rowing experience than hydraulic machines, which can have a choppier motion. They also allow for a broader range of resistance levels and are quieter, which is preferable for shared living spaces.

What should be considered when choosing the best magnetic rowing machine?

When selecting a magnetic rowing machine, consider the quality of construction, range of resistance levels, ease of storage, user weight capacity, and whether it includes desirable features like performance monitors or interactive programming.

How does training on a magnetic rowing machine differ from using a treadmill?

Training on a magnetic rowing machine provides a low-impact total body workout. It engages both upper and lower body muscles. This contrasts with the primarily lower body focus of running on a treadmill. Rowing is also easier on the joints than the high-impact activity of running.

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