Sole Cross Trainers

The next section will cover elliptical trainers and narrow it down to choose your favourite one.

Why Should You Consider Buying a Sole Elliptical?

The Sole SC 200 Stepper is great for small spaces. The other Sole ellipticals are great for home use. The power incline is a top buying aspect of these ellipticals.

Which Sole Elliptical is Right for Me?

There are four of these to choose from, and they all are very similar. One difference is that the Sole E95 has a worm drive. It helps to customize and reduces the amount of strain on your toes for a more comfortable feel.

Another difference is that the Sole E98 has a 2-degree incline on the feet. This will help you relax your feet and not put all the work on that part of your body.

Sole Sole E25 Cross Trainer $1,999.00 $3,199.00
Sole Sole E35 Cross Trainer $2,399.00 $4,304.00
Sole Sole E95 Cross Trainer $2,899.00 $4,829.00
Sole Sole E98 Cross Trainer $3,499.00 $6,068.00
Sole Sole E20 Cross Trainer $1,799.00 $2,499.00
Sole Sole SC200 Stepper $2,499.00 $3,149.00
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