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It works for me!

After doing an extended amount of research both at my local shopping malls and on the Internet, I chose the Sole E95 because it really is the best bang for the buck in the $1,200 to $1,900 price range in my researched opinion.

Before purchasing my elliptical machine here on Amazon, I went to Sears and other sporting goods stores and tested the machine along with several others (NordicTrack, ProForm, Horizon, Livestrong, Nautilus, Best Fitness) which are also available here on the Internet. Not one of the other brands that I tested came even close to how the E95 operates and feels during a workout. Machines such as the "NordicTrack Elite 17.7" had very cool display interaction software and others had Jillian from the "Biggest Loser" or HD videos to help move you along, but in the end it was all about the machine itself and not the bells & whistles for me.

I went with the Sole E95 over the E35 because the E95 has a heavier flywheel which is a main component of the machine overall. Also, the display panel on the E95 has more functionality which was a plus.

Gym equipment in the privacy of my home

I love this Elliptical. I opted for this model because when I began working out, I was 330lbs, and was worried about about a wimpy piece of equipment breaking and embarrassing my pride. This really fit the bill. I workout once a day for 45 minutes. My roommate cannot believe how quiet this machine it is. There is virtually no sounds. What a huge change from my old treadmill. I can workout at 6AM and not a sound is made. I really do appreciate the quality of this product. Back to the beginning, the box was large and heavy. It did take me a few hours to put it together. I did have to use a little of the lube on the rails to eliminate a squeak. Otherwise everything went well. FYI I am 6'3" and I think we have 8ft ceilings, and I an not hitting my head on the ceiling. I love it, and am happy to keep working towards my health goals.

i love it!!!

Absolutely awesome! I've had the sole 95 elliptical for about 2wks at this point and I LOVE IT!!!! I use it every day for about an hour and it is absolutely what I was looking for. I have a severely damaged knee and have had to give up running, but I can still get a decent "run" on the elliptical without putting too much strain on my knee. My only complaint, if it is one, is that I wish it had a holder for my big water bottle. It had a small compartment big enough for my phone, but if they had a cup holder for my water bottle it really would be absolutely unbeatable.

J. D.
Good machine

I'm pretty happy with the E95.

It was reasonably easy to assemble, though I'm pretty handy with that sort of thing. It's probably on the high end of complexity compared to your typical Ikea assembly.

The overall build quality seems great.

A few small issues:

- The computer and LCD are fairly rudimentary compared to elliptical machines I've used in health clubs, but that's understandable given that this is a lower cost machine.
- I'm tall, and the stride length of 20" seems a bit too short.
- The right foot bed squeaks some. I'm working on it.

Sole Fitness E95

I bought this elliptical machine after looking at several models in person and reading reviews about the product quality and customer satisfaction of the Sole line. Overall, I'm pleased with the machine and it rivals the more expensive brands I have used in gyms. The elliptical is much larger in person than expected but the build quality is definitely there. I opted for the E95 instead of the slightly cheaper E35 due to the ability to control elevation with a button push. I do like that feature. The foot pedals are adjustable but I have not been able to move the adjustment screws. I'll need to take a wrench to them, as they are too tight to be moved by hand. The slide rails make squeaking noises, despite frequently (daily) cleaning. Overall, it is a good product. I use it daily for 45 min and truly feel a whole body effect after using it. It is a good purchase. Full stars would have come if the foot pedals were easily adjusted and the noise was not present.

Fantastic Choice!!!

We have been using it for 2 1/2 months.

I recommend this to anybody considering purchasing an elliptical in this price range. By far the best bang for the buck, considering the options, reliability, and price. Getting it through Amazon made it super easy.

I could not be happier with our choice! My wife and I use it every day.

This model is very quiet, and sturdy. I use it at 4:30 am in a room directly beneath my wife and kids. I spent more, because I want it to last a long time without problems.

The built-in programs are fantastic. It allows you to customize them for resistance and length, and save the workout using the User1 and User2 buttons.

I am using a Polar H1 heart rate monitor for each workout. I turns out that Sole uses the same generic signal used in commercial gym equipment, which is "non-coded 5 KHz". The Polar T31 and H7 are also compatible. My heart rate shows up on the lower right of the screen, and there is a bar showing % of MAX suggested heart rate based on my age and weight. This is REALLY helpful for keeping in the cardio zone without over doing it (heart attack) and pushing hard enough for a proper workout. This is my favorite part of the machine. I do not us the Heart Rate programs, which automatically control resistance based on your ideal heart rate.


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