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Elevate your fitness with our range of Steppers and Stair Climber machines, meticulously designed for an effective functional workout that builds strength and gets your heart pumping.

Experience a workout as close as possible to true stair climbing, with options to vary your routine with lunges, side strides, or the farmer's walk, targeting different muscle groups for a comprehensive exercise session.


Discover the Benefits of Our Stair Climbers and Stepmills

Effective Cardio and Strength Building: Our stair climbers, from brands such as Stairmaster, simulate real stair climbing, enhancing your cardiovascular health and strengthening key muscle groups such as glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

Versatile Workouts: With user-friendly controls on a large LCD screen, easily adjust your pace from a gentle climb to an intense stair sprint at speeds ranging from 24 to 164 steps per minute.

Durability and Quality: Built with high-quality, commercial-grade steel, our machines promise longevity and stability, ensuring a safe and effective workout environment.


Explore Our Diverse Stairclimber Collection

Compact Steppers

  • Perfect for: Small spaces at home or under-desk exercise.
  • Features: Portable and easy to store, these mini-steppers are great for quick workouts. Enhance your exercise with dumbbells or arm weights for a full-body workout.

Full-Size Stair Climbers

  • Perfect for: Those seeking a robust, gym-like experience.
  • Features: Featuring advanced workout programs, including built-in intervals, these stair climbers offer a dynamic exercise routine.

Professional Series Stepmills

  • Perfect for: Commercial gyms and serious trainers.
  • Features: Premium models with extensive programming options and deep analytics to track time, distance, pulse, and calories burned.


How to Choose the Right Stepper for You

Assess Your Room: Whether you need a compact stepper for a small room or a full-size stair climber for a spacious gym, choose a model that fits your available space. BE sure to check there is enough height above your machine!

Consider Your Fitness Goals: From gentle climbs to vigorous workouts, select a machine that matches your fitness level and goals.

Budget Considerations: We offer options for various budgets, ensuring you don’t compromise on quality or effectiveness.


How to Use Your Stepper Machine

Start Right: Begin with gentle stretches, set a manageable pace, and ensure proper form to engage your core and maximize muscle engagement.

Vary Your Routine: Use intervals and different stepping techniques to keep your workouts exciting and challenging.

Maintenance Tips: Keep your stepper in top condition with regular cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a long-lasting exercise companion.


Shop With Confidence

Customer Support: Our team is here to guide you through each step, from selecting the right machine to after-sales support.

Fast Shipping: Enjoy fast Australia-wide shipping

Free 30 Day Returns: All our products are backed by our 30 day returns policy

Commercial Enquiries: For commercial-grade steppers suitable for gyms and recreation centers, visit our commercial cardio page or contact our commercial team for personalized assistance.


Buyer Your Stair Climber from Cardio Online

Cardio Online offers a premium selection of stepper machines and stair climbers. Contact us today, or shop online for the best in fitness technology. Step up your workout game and achieve your fitness goals with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address some of the most common inquiries regarding stair climbers, focusing on their health benefits, weight loss potential, purchasing considerations, comparative effectiveness, usage for transport, and features geared towards the elderly.

What are the benefits of using a stair climber machine for exercise?

Stair climber machines provide a low-impact cardio workout that targets your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. The resistance element of climbing steps helps to strengthen these muscle groups while potentially improving cardiovascular health.

How can stair climber machines aid in weight loss?

As a high-calorie-burning exercise, using a stair climber can be effective for weight loss. It raises your heart rate, boosting metabolism, and engages multiple muscle groups, which can lead to increased calorie burn and, over time, weight loss.

What should be considered when purchasing a stair climber for home use?

When purchasing a stair climber, evaluate the machine’s size, resistance levels, stability, and additional features that fit your home space and fitness goals. Durability and warranty are also important factors to consider for long-term use.

How does stair climbing compare to walking in terms of workout effectiveness?

Stair climbing is generally more intense than walking, burning more calories and providing greater cardiovascular and muscular benefits. It involves a greater range of motion and resistance, leading to a more challenging workout.

What are the advantages of stair climber trolleys for transporting goods?

Stair climber trolleys are designed to make moving heavy objects up flights of stairs easier and more efficient. They lessen the physical strain on the user and reduce the risk of injury or damage to goods when compared to carrying items manually.

What features make a stair climber suitable for elderly users?

Stair climbers that are suitable for elderly users often have features such as adjustable speeds, easy-to-grip handles, and clear controls. These features can make the exercise safer and more comfortable for older adults. They promote balance and coordination while minimising strain.

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