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SportsArt is a well-established figure in the fitness industry. They have over four decades of experience in design and manufacturing. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their development of energy-generating fitness equipment.

Key Offerings:

  • ECO-POWR™ Line: This range includes cardio equipment that converts human effort into usable electrical power. This effectively turns workouts into a source of energy.

  • ECO-NATURAL™ Line: Their self-powered cardio equipment promotes energy conservation through motion and the elimination of external power sources.

Their catalogue caters to a diverse range of settings, from private residences to commercial fitness centres, and even medical facilities. If you are part of a hotel chain or similar establishment seeking to enhance its fitness amenities with eco-friendly equipment, SportsArt may emerge as a preferred partner.


Sustainability Goals:

SportsArt's ethos revolves around creating products that enhance human fitness and contribute to environmental wellbeing. By employing your movement to generate electricity during exercise, you are actively participating in a green energy initiative each time you use SportsArt's equipment.

In the realm of green fitness, SportsArt positions itself confidently as a pioneer. Their goals align with societal shifts towards ecological responsibility. Your choice to integrate their equipment into your lifestyle or business reflects a commitment to nurturing a sustainable future. This resonates with the increasing global emphasis on energy conservation and renewable sources.


SportsArt Product Range and Features

At the heart of SportsArt's philosophy, you'll find a commitment to ecological sustainability without compromising on the durability and functionality of their fitness equipment.


Treadmills and Energy Efficiency

SportsArt treadmills stand out for their Eco-POWR™ technology that exemplifies green fitness solutions. These advanced treadmills are not only designed for cardiac and physical therapy but also aim to be energy efficient.

The SA-T655MS treadmill goes beyond conventional design by generating power to offset consumption. This ensures your workout is as environmentally friendly as it is effective.


Manufacturing and Sustainability

Durability and sustainability are keystones of SportsArt manufacturing. They focus on biomechanics to ensure that equipment like the SportsArt Strength lines not only follow the natural movement of the human body but also feature durable materials.

Their attention to detail promises you a consistent workout experience. It also represents SportsArt's commitment to long-lasting design and green manufacturing practices.


Australian Market Presence

For customers in Australia, SportsArt demonstrates strong support through local warranty options and dedicated Aussie customer support. They cater to the demand for high-quality fitness equipment with a range of products made accessible to you.

Should you find a price lower than what SportsArt offers, their price match guarantee ensures you get not only the best equipment but also the best value. With fast shipping across Australia, their presence in the Australian market is both reliable and customer-centric.


SportsArt treadmills are designed with both sustainability and user experience in mind. They often feature robust construction, advanced cushioning systems for comfort, and user-friendly interfaces. Some models also include eco-friendly technology, such as the ECO-POWR™ line which converts human energy into electricity.

SportsArt Fitness equipment is renowned for high-quality construction and long-lasting durability. Their machines offer innovative features comparable to other top names in the fitness industry, often standing out for their green technology integration.

SportsArt provides an extensive range of gym equipment, including treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, and strength-training machines. Each category offers various models to cater to different fitness levels and workout needs.

In Australia, SportsArt equipment can be purchased through authorised retailers like Cardio Online.