Powertrain Rowing Machines

PowerTrain R23 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Able to give you a power-packed high intensity workout, the PowerTrain R23 Magnetic Rowing Machine supercharges your home gym to the next level. The seat is contoured and rides on four rollers, which makes it feel like a machine at a professional gym. The machine can also be used from a standing position so you can do bicep curls and achieve a total arm workout.

The footpads feature adjustable straps making for a smooth ride. Your upper and lower body work together on this machine, meaning multiple muscle groups are activated. It features a magnetic flywheel, variable resistance, and a commercial glide rail. The LCD screen is easy to read and has a built-in computer, so your workout can be based on whatever your goals are at the moment.

PowerTrain RW-H02 Magnetic Rowing Machine

With its high-density contoured seat, the PowerTrain RW-H02 Magnetic Rowing Machine offers a high intensity workout that promises to be power-packed. It offers nearly a full body workout and increases your chances of losing weight while building muscle. It ensures you will burn a lot of calories while at the same time you strengthen your muscles.

Featuring eight different resistance levels, the machine also has a large LCD screen and built-in computer. Monitor your progress while also choosing exactly what kind of workout you want. The machine is foldable, making storage easy when not in use.


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