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E J.
I've had this bike for three weeks and really like it so far

I've had this bike for 3 weeks and really like it so far. It was delivered on time in a slightly damaged box but the bike itself was undamaged. Assembly was pretty straightforward. The bike is sturdy, quiet and the computer program is user friendly. The seat is only OK but comparing with the 20+ year old Tunturi that I traded for this one, I'm happy with the seat. .
On researching this bike before purchasing it, I recall a reviewer mentioning that the console did not power off. The owners manual actually has instructions on how to configure it to power off automatically after use.
I am not an exercise junkie but I actually look forward to my daily workout on this bike. It is awesome to have a variety of programs/workout to choose from without having to make a trip to the gym.
All in all a good solid bike.

Solid for the big guy

I was looking for an upright bike to start an exercise program to help me lose weight. As a big guy (6 4 and north of 150 kg when I purchased it) some of my primary concerns were whether it was large enough to support me and durable enough to last over time. I do fit well on the bike. Seat and handle bar adjustments will allow a 6 4 body to fit without issue. My knees come a little close to the bars but its not an issue. People over 6 4 may have a concern. The max user weight is listed at 136 kg which I was a bit over to begin with. I have not had any issues with regards to weight. The bike is solidly built and is comfortable to ride. If your a big guy this is a good solid bike. I try to use it for about 25 minutes a day and cover about 10 km. They have 20 preset levels and I find level 12/13 and above provides good resistance. Levels below that provide little resistance. It does have more of a mountain bike feel versus a speed bike. Quick thoughts.... the fan is weak and useless but its not a concern for me, the audio is sub standard too but also not a concern for me as we all have portable music these days. The bike is quiet, sturdy, comfortable, heavy, and is a good fit for what I need. I recommend it.

Kelly. R.
Good bike for daily cardio, misses the mark in a few areas, worth the money.

I like this bike. It's worth what I paid for it. Having said that, it just barely misses the mark in a bunch of ways. First of all, there is no way to unpack it to inspect without destroying the box. And, as Sole has no physical showroom, there is no way to see this bike in person without buying and destroying the box. That is a major stupidity. Then, when you do peel away and destroy the layers of packing, the very first part to assemble is the rear support cover and the screws provided to attach it are the wrong thread they dont go in. What an awful introduction to a purchase of this size. If you manage to calm down and get past all that, the rest of the assembly is relatively smooth as exercise equipment goes.
The bike has a relatively powerful top-computer / display as far as sub $2.5k upright bikes go. Its right in the sweet spot of reasonable price and good features.
Some comments in no particular order
This is a bike for people who need 20-60 minutes of cardio a day, not freaks who wear spandex and want to destroy all cars and bike around everywhere. The resistance levels are just right for that.
Im a big guy the adjustable seat support needed to be reversed to fit back far enough to put my butt and my legs/feet at the right distance. Im positive that reversed plate will someday break from metal fatigue and Ill need to get another. Having said that, the saddle it comes with is just fine. No idea why people have complained about that my big rear-end fits just fine
The two user-programmable buttons are cool set your own workout. The downside is that there is no setting to allow cool-down after the workout, so setting a minute or two of lower resistance to get your heart rate back down is then calculated into the averages at the end. Bummer.
The fan is nice but not very powerful. The speakers are handy but do not produce very rich sound. Its a soundtrack to pace your workout nothing more.
The power switch described in the instructions doesnt exist....

J. c.
I also like the 20 levels of tension that I just have

I know now why so many people go to the YMCA for working out. The guy who assembled my bike said it was the kind of bike that they use in the gym's. I look forward each day to exercising on my bike. The seat is a little uncomfortable at first use but, over time I have gotten use too it. I also like the 20 levels of tension that I just have to press a button on the screen to choose a level. I have only had this bike now for a few weeks and I enjoy it so much that I use it twice a day for 30 minutes each time. My bike was also factory set that it would not turn the screen off after using it. I had to unplug it from the outlet. I was able to fallow the easy instructions in the owners manual and now I don't have too unplug it after each use, it now turns itself off in about 15 minutes to a 1/2 hour.

Craig B.

This is a solid bike, runs very quietly and does what it is supposed to do. Has plenty of settings to satisfy your middle of the road stationary bike user.
A quick note on the assembly: The assembly booklet is useless as most of manuals coming out from China or Taiwan. The monitor console was a nightmare to attach to the bike frame, there are 4 screw that have to be installed from under the console, you hardly can see, the holes are very hard to align, it took me and my wife 2 hours to do 4 screws and I am an engineer and not a novice at assembling stuff.
The built in bottle holder in the console is pretty much useless, can hardly hold a tv remote control because it is slanted and not deep enough.
There is no comprehensive list of parts, so at the end of assembly still have a plastic part left out that I have no clue what it is for or where has to be installed?

Functional higher end home bike

I have had this bike for one month and have used it daily. Well built, functional, good digital display board, and comfortable seat. Was concerned about preset resistance being to low. But 20 is the highest resistance and is too difficult for me. Just hope it lasts.

Overall good

Screen doesn't shut off without pulling power. Overall good bike


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