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Fantastic treadmill

We looked into getting A different treadmill, but read a number of reviews that were not good, as well as a lot of technical, at $4000, that turned us off. Then we saw this one on Amazon and did some research on it. Decided to purchase it and it was a fine purchase. My wife uses it the most and can't get enough of it. FAIR WARNING----if you order this and it is shipped to you, it is EXTREMELY HEAVY...this is no chincey treadmil. Great quality and solid, very solid and heavy construction. So....get some friends to move it up any stairs, you won't be able to do it on your me. I highly recommend buying the In-Home installation and getting someone else to set it up for you.

S. W.
Solid and well-made

Because its hard to get much exercise walking done during the colder months, my wife and I decided to get our first treadmill after researching them on Consumer Reports and reading Amazon reviews; we chose the Sole TT8 and (now its assembled and in place) are so far glad we did. I say so far since weve only been using it for a week.
I dont know how others get their huge and heavy boxes into their homes and final treadmill locations, but it took great effort from me and my burly son (we highly recommend using appliance lifting straps) to lift and maneuver the unboxed treadmill base unit out of the garage, into the house, down the stairs, around tight corners, and finally onto a treadmill mat where the machine rests today.

As far as assembly went, let me say I was born with the gift of turning 15-minute projects into hour ones, hour projects into two hour ones, and half-day ones into all-day endeavors; somehow I managed to take a whole Saturday morning to get the TT8 put together. To me some of the instructions were a bit unclear, the drawings were smaller than these old eyes would have preferred, it was hard for me to line up a number of bolt and screw holes, plus I had no one around to assist me in, for example, holding heavy pieces while I bolted them to the frame.

But the treadmills now in its final resting place, were enjoying its features, build-quality, looks, and stability, and Ill try to remember to update my review once weve used it for a year or so.

Very happy with this big treadmill

This machine is a beast it's about the size and weight of a health club machine. It's super stable to I took it up to 16 km/h without a wobble. I'm a regular runner logging about 75 km per week. I hate running indoors but if I have to, this is the treadmill I would pick. It's got none of the useless nonsense fancy garbage some of the other models have. Just workouts and a good solid surface that won't let you down.

High-end home treadmill that delivers

I recently purchased this unit, it was shipped free to my home, arrived five days after purchase, and I just set it up yesterday. I have been a regular gym treadmill user and have become used to running on various models. This is the first home treadmill I have purchased.

PROS: The unit is very stable and solidly built. The assembly took about an hour from start to finish and was fairly intuitive. Being tall (I'm 6'6" and 230lbs), the 22" wide deck and 60" length is comparable to what one would find on a high-end unit in any gym. The incline feature cycles smoothly, and the unit is very sturdy even at high speed (greater than 8.0 mph).

CONS: The motor cycles very slowly between speed changes. For example, it can take upwards of thirty seconds to go from a comfortable running speed (such as 6.5 mph) down to a comfortable walking speed (such as 3.5 mph), which can make for a somewhat awkward transition. I suspect this is a specific built-in programming feature by the manufacturer to prolong/protect the motor. The display is average and there are limited programmable features. The fans and speakers are less-than-desirable for a high-end unit.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a non-folding treadmill built for running. Overall, I'm very happy with this unit as I make the switch from running on professional models at the gym to running more at home. It is sturdy, smooth, quiet, and first impression is that it will hold up well to a lot of use. Ideally, the speed transitions would be a little faster (which, it seems, the 3.5 HP motor should be able to handle) and the control panel would have better features more consistent with the price tag.

Great treadmill

Sole makes great quality affordable products. I am very happy with this purchase. It is very sturdy and has a large running surface. Another review mentions the wheels on the front being an issue. That is so the machine can incline. It doesn't make it any less stable. Mine is on the basement floor and doesn't shake around. It isn't any louder than a treadmill you would use at the gym. If you have the room I highly recommend it. I also have the E95 elliptical machine and love it.

Dale. E.
Running bear

First off let me say i dislike running on treadmills as they can be very boring. I purchased this treadmill based on consumer reviews and ratings. Mine was delivered within 4 days and they carried it into my house to the area that i wanted. I assembled it myself in about 1 hour with ease by following simple directions. Very sturdy (Built like a Tank) and very heavy. Smooth running treadmill no jerky movements and all functions work exceptional. I rate this product excellent.

E. C.
Light Commercial is not just a marketing phrase. This treadmill delivers.

I have run on many different types and classes of treadmills from the lower end ones they sell at discount retailers to the high end ones at nicer hotels and gyms. Compared to a cheap treadmill, the difference in the Sole TT8 is significant. Compared to a high end "commercial" treadmill, the difference in the Sole TT8 is trivial. In fact, on many metrics the Sole TT8 out performs these expensive gym models.

On cheaper (lower powered) models the belt will strain every time your foot hits the ground. Just like a commercial treadmill, the Sole TT8 does not even seem to notice. Even when running at full 6% decline, there is no noticeable strain on the motor or slippage of the belt. One of the marketing pitches Sole uses is the inclusion of a 5 kg. flywheel on the motor. This flywheel does have the negative effect of slowing the rate of acceleration and deceleration, but it also keeps the belt running at a steady speed when loaded.

The deck cushioning of the Sole TT8 is one of the best I have ever felt. Many more expensive treadmills still feel like running on a slab. They are sturdy and strong, but barely move up and down while you run on them. Cheaper treadmills often use springs (or something similar) directly under the deck. Running on springs feels like running on a mattress. While it may reduce impact on your body, it is not a natural feeling. The Sole TT8 is sturdy, strong, and cushioned. The cushioning is built into the support of the base, not the deck itself. When you land, the whole platform lowers (motor and all) at the front, decelerating your impact. When you push off, you are pushing from a more secure area at the rear of the deck. So instead of driving springs further down, you keep your energy to propel you forward. I struggle to describe how nice and natural it feels, but the difference is night and day.

The build quality is excellent. The treadmill is sturdy, the side rails are aluminum, nothing wiggles or wobbles. It is also amazingly quiet. Not...

Dangerous D.
Solid treadmill figuratively and literally

I bought this TT8 treadmill direct but wanted to commemt after having owned this for about 1 month. I cannot comment on ease of assembly because I paid for it to be assembled on-site but its a solid treadmill. I also have an 6 year old sole elliptical and its held up well so I expect the same from this tt8. It has all the features you could ask for (heart rate, positive and negative incline, etc). Its got a very long stride allowance and the speed and ramp can also be controlled on the side arms of the machine. Plenty of storage area on the panel for drinks, remotes, phones and whatnot. Theres a nice attempt at a fan blowing at your face but its pretty dinky. But lets face it, I didnt pay $7000 for a fan. I bought this treadmill because its solid as Im 64 110 kg so I need something that isnt going fall apart. So far, Ive been extremely happy with this. It cost a little more than the competition but its well worth it in my opinion.


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