UFC Adjustable Workout Benches

Why You Should Consider Buying A UFC Adjustable Bench

The UFC range consists of benches that are easy to store because they have a built-in wheel design. The comfortable thick padding is ideal even when exercising with heavy loads. A UFC adjustable bench consists of a safe and heavy-duty robust construction. If you are into ergonomic designs, buy a UFC adjustable bench and experience its range of multifunctional designs. 

Which UFC Adjustable Bench Is Right For me?

If you want a UFC adjustable bench that will offer you the convenience of storing your fitness accessories, the UFC Zone is suitable for you. Generally, the UFC home workout equipment range comes with a multifunctional design, ideal for all training types. So, the UFC FID and Deluxe FID will suit you. 


The UFC FID bench is more like the UFC Deluxe. The two share easy-latch backrest support, wide stabilizer bases, solid steel structure, and durable cushion cover features. Without forgetting that it allows you to adjust the seat angle effortlessly.

Did we mention the leg and foot brace? They allow you to perform multiple exercises like weighted decline crunches.

UFC Deluxe Adjustable FID Bench

Are you looking for something that will serve you for years? UFC Deluxe FID is what you need. It consists of a rigid construction from a broad stabilizer base, solid steel frame to long-lasting cushion covers. It will handle anything you throw at it. 

With UFC Deluxe, you will not mess around with tricky latches and pins, and it gives you the convenience you deserve thanks to the easy-latch backrest support. 

UFC Zone Adjustable Incline Bench with Storage

Now, if you have been dreaming of owning an all-in-one adjustable weight bench, look no further. The UFC Zone has everything you need in a training station, from an additional Zone+ to multiple storages for your valuable fitness accessories. 

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