Sole F60 vs F63 Treadmill Comparison

Sole F60 vs F63 Treadmill Comparison: Which Should You Get in 2023?

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Are you in the market for a new Sole treadmill? Even though Sole has discontinued its F60 model treadmill, it hasn’t stopped exercise buffs from seeking it. After all, it’s among the best budget treadmills.

Still, the company replaced the Sole F60 with the newer model, the Sole F63, which features improvements in several areas. Our detailed comparison of these two folding treadmills, will help you decide which is more suitable for you, so continue reading!

Sole F60 vs F63 Treadmill: Summary

The Sole F60 treadmill and the F63 share many similarities. Both provide spacious running decks that offer comfort underfoot and a top speed of 12 mph. They have the same number of preset programs. The two treadmills are also foldable.

However, the Sole F63 pulls ahead in several areas, making it a worthy replacement for the F60. It has a larger display and better backlighting. Its motor is more powerful. Best of all, it’s Bluetooth-compatible. All this makes it the better machine for the modern athlete.

Sole F60 Pros:

  • It’s an excellent choice for beginners starting their workout journey without prior knowledge, courtesy of its ten preset programs.
  • It’s much lighter than later models. At only 207 lbs, its transportation and assembly are more manageable.
  • It’s suitable for individuals of all sizes and provides ample space for running and stretching with its spacious running surface.
  • It features a durable, two-ply tread belt capable of withstanding years of rigorous training, making it an excellent long-term investment for your home gym.
  • It’s ideal for individuals with joint, hip, and ankle pain. The Cushion Flex Whisper Deck significantly minimizes impact.

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Sole F60 Cons:

  • Your entertainment options are limited due to the absence of Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • Its small, 5.5 inches LCD screen may impact the quality of your training. Although the backlight illuminates the metrics well, the garish color may distract some.
Sole F60 Treadmill Features

Sole F63 Pros:

  • With the included heart rate chest strap, you can measure your pulse without keeping your hands on the handrails
  • It can manage a smoother performance than its counterparts thanks to its powerful 3.0 HP motor.
  • It provides ample space for stretching and running with its 20 x 60-inch running surface.
  • It enables you to profit from the benefits of Bluetooth and enhance your workout experience with its Bluetooth connectivity.
  • You can stay on track with your metrics and follow any workout programs closely, thanks to its larger 6.5-inch display.

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Sole F63 Cons:

  • It’s reasonably heavy, weighing 254 lbs when assembled, which makes it challenging to move around once set somewhere.
  • It’s shaky at higher speeds, which can be potentially distracting or impactful to your workouts.
Sole F63 Treadmill Features


Sole F60 vs. Sole F63: In-Depth Comparison

So how does the new-generation Sole treadmill compare to its older counterpart? Let’s find out by stacking them up on a feature-by-feature basis:

Motor and Speed

The F60 sports a 2.75-hp motor capable of hitting a top speed of 12 mph.

Sole upgraded the Sole F63’s motor. The 3.0 HP DC type can support a maximum speed of 12 mph, which is on par with the F60’s speed. But that increase in power makes for a better experience. The Sole F63 can handle more weight and run smoother and quieter.


Sole F60 and F63 are nearly similar durability-wise. But Sole made compromises in the durability sector since they’re budget models.

Although both machines share the same top speed, we wouldn’t recommend running at those speeds. They tend to shake the faster you run on them, which can impact their longevity.

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Weight Capacity

According to the company, the F60 and the F63 share a 325-lb. weight capacity. Thus, they can bear the weight of bulky athletes and heavy-set folk without issue.

Portability and Weight

At 207 lbs, the F60 is the lighter of the two machines. Still, it's challenging to move around, even though it comes with wheels. We recommend assembling it in its designated spot.

Yet, the F60 sports Easy Assist Folding, which lets you collapse it into a manageable size. This feature is an excellent space saver, making the F60 ideal for small apartment owners.

Meanwhile, the F63 is much heavier than the F60, weighing 254 lbs. Although it folds, its weight makes it challenging to move around if you're not a strong athlete.

Sole F60 vs Sole F63 Treadmill


Running Surface

The Sole F60 and F63 feature a 20 x 60-inch running surface, providing ample space for most workout routines. In addition, they feature a 2-ply belt that offers comfort underfoot.

However, Sole markets the newer model as being kinder to the joints, stating its cushioned surface reduces impact by 40%. This makes it ideal for users with chronic joint pain.

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Workout Display

The Sole F60 features a 5.5-inch LCD screen. It displays workout statistics like distance and running speed, and it's crystal-clear, if a little on the small side.

You shouldn’t have too much trouble reading the figures, as the screen’s blue backlight illuminates them well. That said, the choice of colour may be a little harsh for some people’s tastes.

The Sole F63 decided to improve the display. At 6.5 inches, it’s much larger than its predecessor’s. Also, Sole ditched the blue backlight for something more fluorescent. Instead, the font for the information it displays is blue. We think the F63’s display is an improvement on the F60’s.

Preset Programs

Sole endowed the F60 with ten built-in preset programs: a manual program, five preset profiles, two heart rate programs (HR1 and HR2), and two user-defined programs (U1 and U2).

Its five preset profiles simulate running exercises for fat burn, cardio, strength training, intervals, and hill climbing.

The F63 also has ten built-in programs, which follow the same arrangement as the F60. The only difference is that it has a HIIT preset profile, whereas the F60 has an interval profile. The difference is in the name—they both perform the same task.


Both models have their speed and incline controls conveniently positioned on the armrests.

This placement permits quick and easy speed and incline adjustments. Similarly, both machines’ consoles house all the buttons to operate them.


Unfortunately, the F60 lacks Bluetooth connectivity. Its built-in sound system allows you to run along to your favourite soundtrack. However, you must connect your mobile device via wire to play your favourite songs.

Thankfully, the F63 doesn’t have the above issue. It’s Bluetooth-compatible, has a Bluetooth speaker, and supports USB charging. You can run to your favourite tracks and charge your phone simultaneously.


The F63 beats the F60 in the extras department by including a chest strap for heart rate monitoring. The F60 is compatible with chest straps and pulse grips but doesn’t include a chest strap with the machine.

In addition, the F63's console has a tablet holder to secure your phone or tablet (with the help of an adjustable clip).

Still, the F60 has a cup holder, which is excellent for storing your beverages while using the machine.

Both treadmills feature cooling fans to ensure your comfort during workouts.

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Both treadmills are easy to assemble, requiring minimal DIY know-how and some free time. Sole always includes informative, easy-to-read instruction manuals in their packaging.

The deck comes pre-assembled, but you must secure the uprights and attach the console.

However, the Sole F63 weighs 254 lbs. when assembled, while the Sole F60 is lighter at 231 lbs. This makes the process difficult without someone else’s help. The parts are heavy, so you’ll need to assemble either treadmill where you’ll be using it.

User Reviews

The Sole F60 and F63 are both budget models, so a few compromises had to be made.

First, the F60 has no option for an extended warranty, which can be troublesome if your machine fails later. Sole also discontinued it, which makes servicing it all the more difficult.

Although many users agree that both are among the best-value treadmills, some complain of frequent breakdowns after rigorous workouts.

For example, some users on Amazon reviews complained about the F63’s burnt-plastic smell and separating running belt after a couple of years of use.

This is due to their workout styles. Although the treadmill’s motor supports a maximum speed of 12 mph, it isn’t durable enough to handle it for extended periods. To ensure its longevity, stick to walking or light jogging.

If you ask us, opt for the F63 and invest in its extended warranty program. It isn’t uncommon for specific parts to break down due to wear and tear. If you maintain the treadmill properly, you could extend its lifespan even further.

Sole F60 vs F63 Treadmill Features


Conclusion: Sole F60 or F63?

Both treadmills have their merits, but the F63 is an upgrade to the F60.

View Sole F60 Treadmill    View Sole F63 Treadmill


Sole’s newer model brings much-needed modernity through Bluetooth connectivity and a tablet holder. Also, it replaces the F60’s display’s eye-straining garish blue tint with a calmer white light. The F63 includes a heart rate chest strap missing from the F60.

We recommend the widely available F63 over the F60. It’s the better, with more modern options.

Both the F65 and F80 are fantastic options for athletes who prefer to run at home. However, the F65 is considered more budget-friendly. Its motor is slightly weaker, which results in a reduced maximum weight limit, and it still uses the conventional LCD backlit display.
  • 6 min read
The Sole F80 and F85 are among the finest home treadmills in the market, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. However, some slight differences may determine the better option for you.
  • 6 min read

The Sole F60 and the F63 share many similarities. Both provide spacious running decks that offer comfort underfoot and a top speed of 12 mph. They have the same number of preset programs. The two machines are also foldable.

  • 6 min read
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