Impulse Weight Benches

Impulse weight benches are a great piece of equipment that will serve as a focal point for your weightlifting and strength training, allowing you to get the full advantages of repetitions and sets.

These benches are also adaptable pieces of workout equipment. Some allow you to concentrate on various muscle regions from upper body exercises targeting your chest and triceps to bodyweight exercises and more – particularly Impulse incline/decline benches.

Incorporating a Impulse weight bench to your home gym can help you smash your lifts while taking up less room than other pieces of equipment.

Why You Should Consider Buying A Impulse Weight Bench

Impulse weight benches are essential pieces of strength training equipment for every gym or personal trainer studio, big or little.

They are an essential component of any weight training program, with contemporary benches enabling you to exercise at any angle, target practically every muscle, and reduce the chance of injury.

Adjustable Impulse Weight Benches

Workouts with dumbbells may be customized to meet individual needs thanks to the levels that allow for a variety of adjustments. Compound heavy lifting is not included into most versions, but they do have handles and wheels so they can be moved easily between racks.

A good example of this kind of bench is the Origin Multi Adjustable Bench. This may be used in a business gym as well as a private residence. Users may target certain muscle areas thanks to the -10° to +80° settings (in seven stages) that are available.

Flat Impulse Weight Benches

Despite their simplicity, Impulse weight benches are a trustworthy choice for specific workouts. They're the best option for your gym if you want to conduct flat bench presses and other exercises that don't need elevation. With a fixed position, you are assured of stability and less danger of needing to maintain hinges and moving parts.

Generally speaking, a flat Impulse weight bench is lower in height than an adjustable or incline/decline bench. Unlike adjustable benches, the flat bench has a single, solid deck, so there's no gap where the hinge would be. With wheels or handles, flat benches are usually simple to move about, even if they are set in height and angle.

What Types of Impulse Weight Benches Are There?

There are four main types of Impulse  weight benches on the market right now:

  • Multi-Adjustable Benches
  • Flat Benches
  • Olympic Benches
  • Specialist Benches

Which Impulse Weight Bench Is Right For Me?

#1 Impulse Sterling Decline Chest Press Weight Bench

The Impulse Sterling Decline Olympic Bench is a significant product in the Sterling Range that has been intended for both facility owners and users. Its plate loading capabilities and four built-in plate storage pegs enable minimum maintenance, which is ideal for facilities with a high volume of usage. This incline Olympic bench has safety feet that prevent damage to the floor and other equipment.

Two variable bar catcher heights are available to accommodate varied user heights and provide additional safety on bigger lifts during the final repetitions. In addition, the spotter platform on the Impulse Sterling Incline Olympic Bench provides even greater protection for heavier lifters.

The Impulse Sterling Incline Olympic Bench is a component of the Healthstream Sterling series, which was included in the special equipment given for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and is now in use all over the world.

#2. Impulse Ultimate IT7031 Shoulder Press Weight Bench

The Impulse Ultimate IT7031 Shoulder Press Bench seat is cushioned with soft foam cushioning and has a padded backrest. Body solidity is verified and muscular fatigue is reduced during workout thanks to the comfort of high-thickness foam padding and the seat. With a beautiful leather covering and dense foam padding, it's comfortable to use for a variety of exercises and workouts. It allows you to do any workout while feeling really comfortable.

It is constructed of thick, high-quality steel pipe to ensure that it will last for a long time. A one-of-a-kind frame with a distinctive construction is built of heavy-duty commercial-quality steel, which is also solid and long-lasting in nature.

#3. Impulse Ultimate IT7015 Incline Weight Bench

The Olympic Incline Bench is a multipurpose piece of fitness equipment. It can be used to stimulate numerous muscle groups at home for a complete exercise. It provides for a broad range of leg, arm, chest, and core-focused strength-training workouts. It can be used with a rack or free weights.

For any and all of your workouts. Heavy-duty construction ensures that this piece of workout equipment can be used by individuals who are heavier than average. Superior cushioning and upholstery provide a comfortable sitting experience.

#4. Impulse Ultimate IT7014 Olympic Flat Weight Bench

The ergonomic design of the Impulse IT7014 Olympic Flat Bench makes it easier to use and more enjoyable to work out on. Flat-bench bench press activities may be performed using this machine. Ideal for both men and women, it has a vertical racking system that can hold Olympic bars. In addition, it features a flat, cushioned seat that does not have any gaps or joints.

#5. Impulse Ultimate IT7016 Decline Weight Bench

Both Men's and Women's Olympic-sized bars may fit in the Impulse Ultimate IT7016 Olympic Decline Bench's vertical rack. The cushioned backrest and seat provide excellent support and relaxation. Leg rollers, which may be adjusted for a more comfortable or more secure lifting posture, are also included.

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