Best Flat Benches in Australia for 2022

What Is A Flat Bench?

A flat bench is a padded board that is supported by a strong steel frame. With the addition of free weights, this piece of equipment may be used to target all of your major muscle groups. If you're new to fitness or searching for fresh variants, try rounding out your regimen with a flat bench and weights. A flat bench is an essential component of any excellent home gym. While there are many bad benches out there, this guide helps you to buy the good ones.

Do You Need A Flat Workout Bench? 

Flat Workout benches are one of the most understated pieces of home gym equipment. Indeed, it is so inconspicuous that many beginners are unsure whether it is worth purchasing or not! However, if you're a newbie who doesn't want to miss out on muscular and strength growth, you should make a careful decision.

A flat workout bench is not a must for a beginner's home gym. The equipment, on the other hand, is critical for optimizing upper body size and strength. This is because a bench enables heavier bench pressing, different angles of chest engagement, and a greater range of motion for chest exercises.

By and large, a flat workout bench is a worthwhile investment for home gyms. A bench may be acquired for a very modest price and will enable you to execute more exercises than you would without one. This necessitates the use of a training bench for people wishing to increase their muscular mass and strength.

Benefits of Using a Flat Workout Bench

Numerous strength workouts require the use of a flat bench. The bench enables you to stand, sit, or lie in the optimal position for a variety of workouts. Some benches are completely flat, while others are height-adjustable.

A flat bench may also be referred to as a flat weight bench or a flat workout bench. It provides a consistent, solid, and firm training companion for a variety of activities. The flat training bench enables the performer to conduct a variety of strength exercises. Bench presses are an excellent illustration of this. The flat weight bench is also suitable for bench presses, weight flyes, and shoulder presses. If you simply utilize the bench for bench press or incline press workouts, you will primarily train the chest, arms, and shoulders. If the flat bench includes a leg roller or if the bench is combined with weights or weight bars, you can train the entire body.

A flat workout bench is a versatile piece of equipment that is particularly popular in the gym. It is also safe for home usage, which makes it great; you never have to wait your turn and can train whenever and for as long as you want without having to wait for someone else. Certain flat benches are height and position adjustable. These have the advantage of allowing you to target certain muscle groups by altering the training angle. If you're looking for a weight bench, look for one with an integrated rack for storing weight bars and discs.

Key Features To Look For In Flat Bench

When shopping for a flat bench, the most critical factor to consider is the bench's weight capability. You're going to want something that can support the biggest weights you anticipate lifting in the future. To a lesser extent, you'll want to examine the product's quality and the comfort and padding provided by the bench pad.

It's critical to consider the following additional information before purchasing your flat workout bench.

Weight capacity

Commercial flat workout benches are significantly stronger than home and light commercial weight benches. Using excessively high weights on a home bench can result in the bench collapsing, resulting in significant harm. This includes the back support, flat benches' locking mechanism, uprights, and J-hooks/racking pins. Ascertain that your bench is sturdy enough to comfortably accommodate the weights you intend to use.

Bench size 

Bench sizes vary considerably. Olympic benches are substantially larger than flat benches. Ascertain that your bench fits within the allotted space and that there is sufficient room around it for safe and unobstructed use.

Bench weight

Lighter benches are easier to move and frequently less expensive to purchase, but they are not as robust as heavier benches. While lightweight benches are suitable for household and light business use, they may be insufficiently sturdy for use in a professional context.

The width and length of the back support 

Some benches have wider or longer back supports than others. Females and teenagers will have no problem with a small back rest, but larger exercisers, particularly when lifting heavy weights, may have difficulty. Some benches may be too short for tall persons to hold their heads and lower backs simultaneously. In general, longer benches are more useful.

Bench height

The majority of benches have a predetermined height. You'll be significantly more solid during the majority of workouts if you can plant your feet firmly on the floor. If you must stretch to reach the floor, you risk hyperextending your lower back, which can result in injury or at the very least an unstable exercise position.

Frame finish

While weight benches can take a lot of abuse, they should still be made to last. Powder-coated frames are more impact resistant than painted frames and will retain their appearance for a longer period of time. However, painted frames are typically less expensive and easier to "touch up" when chips occur.

Pad thickness/comfort

Weight benches should be padded firm but not excessively so. If the cushioning is excessively thick or too soft, you may experience a sense of instability, particularly when lifting heavy weights. With repeated use, the padding should not compress or distort. However, if the padding is overly stiff, it may be inconvenient.

How To Use A Flat Bench

Chest Exercises

On the flat bench, chest exercises include bench presses with a barbell, chest presses and flys with dumbbells, and push-ups with body weight. Chest presses are performed while lying face up on a bench and holding dumbbells above your head with your palms facing your legs. By bending your elbows, slowly lower and raise the dumbbells.

Push-ups engage the chest muscles in two distinct ways. The lower chest is targeted by placing your hands on the bench and your feet on the floor. Your upper chest is targeted by placing your toes on the bench and your hands on the floor. Maintain a straight back and a firm core in both forms as you bend your elbows to lower and rise your body.

Triceps Exercises

The triceps are a group of muscles located on the backs of the upper arms. Bench presses with a close grip, lying tricep extensions, and dips all engage these muscles on a flat bench. Close grip bench presses are performed in the same manner as traditional bench presses, only your hands are closer together on the bar and your arms are kept close to your body as you lower and raise the bar.

Leg Exercises

Although leg workouts are typically performed on machines, they can be performed on a flat bench as well. Two step-up versions target the glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings, or thigh and buttock muscles. To perform standard step-ups, facing the bench with your hands on the dumbbells and your feet together. Place your right foot on the bench, your left foot next it, and then step down leading with your right foot. Step up again, this time leading with your left foot, and alternating.

Back Exercises

Rows and pullovers with one arm work the latissimus dorsi muscles located on the upper surfaces of the back. Pullovers are performed lying facing up with a barbell held straight over your chest and slightly bent elbows. Reduce the bar behind your head in a smooth, arcing motion; then raise it back to the starting position and repeat.

One dumbbell is required for one-arm rows. Place your left knee and hand on the bench, your right foot behind you, lean forward until your back is parallel to the floor, and with your right hand, pull a dumbbell up to your lower tummy. Reduce it gradually until your arm is fully extended, then repeat. Keep your arm close to your side while lifting the weight. Along with the lats, this exercise works the rhomboids, the muscles located between the shoulder blades.

Ab Exercises

On the bench, abdominal exercises need the body to be in a variety of positions. Leg pull-ins, for example, are performed from a leaned-back position on the bench, with your legs extended and your hands holding the bench's borders behind you. As you bend forward, tuck your knees into your chest steadily, then reverse the motion.

Leg-raise hip raises work the lower abs when performed face-up with your legs extended out and your hands grabbing the end of the bench behind your head. Raise your legs steadily toward your head, then lift your hips off the bench for a second. Reduce your body weight gradually and repeat.

Long-lever crunches work the upper abdominals and are performed on the floor with your heels resting on a bench. Extend your arms behind your head, clasp your hands together, and contract your abs to lift your torso. Reduce your body weight gradually and repeat.

Best Selling Flat Benches

Healthstream IT7009 Flat Bench

A sturdy flat bench with double-stitched, high-density fabric for added durability. The Healthstream IT7 Range is comprised of commercially available goods of the highest quality. The IT7 Flat Bench's user-friendly design enhances the effectiveness and comfort of workouts.

The Healthstream IT7 Flat Bench is a key component of our high-performance resistance and strength training collection. The IT7 line has been thoroughly tested in gyms of all types worldwide and has been built with ease of use and optimal functionality in mind.

Each piece is crafted and constructed to endure the rigors of commercial gym use. Simultaneously, the design, setup, and movement are all intuitive and simple to understand for users of varied expertise levels. As a result, the IT7 range is ideal for a variety of facility and user types.

Morgan Elite Flat Bench

Morgan Elite Flat Bench is a commercial-grade gym and studio bench. It is constructed from powder-coated laser-cut steel that measures 4mm thick.

Due to the high quality steel used, a large 800kg weight tolerance is possible. To achieve this high weight capacity, our commercial bench features high-grip, durable rubber feet for increased stability.

The bench's upholstery has been reinforced with a 7cm EVA foam foundation and an underlay lined pad to create a pleasant yet sturdy finish. The bench weighs 31kg and measures 1.16m x 59cm x 47cm with a 1.21m x 33cm x 7cm thick pad.

Browse All Our Flat Exercise Benches

Morgansport Flat Workout Bench

Morgan Flat Commercial Workout Bench

The Morgan Flat Workout Bench's robust tube metal structure ensures that it can withstand even the most demanding exercise program. The supporting frame is capable of carrying a maximum load of 400kg.

The bench's feet are topped with protective edges to prevent slipping and sliding and to prevent scuffs and scratches on your floor. The cushioned support ensures maximum workout comfort. You may work out your entire body securely and comfortably by training your arms and back and toning your upper body.

Whatever your regimen, this adaptable flat bench will undoubtedly provide sturdy support.

UFC Flat Bench

For anyone serious about dumbbell or barbell workouts, the UFC Flat Bench is a must-have. It is an indispensable and adaptable addition to your home gym, as it allows for the execution of a variety of strength training exercises.

The UFC Flat Bench is built sturdy with a heavy-duty steel frame that sits low and broad for maximum stability, allowing you to confidently engage each muscle group. It's ideal for arm, shoulder, chest, and back workouts, as well as ab and dumbbell routines.

Everfit Flat Workout Bench

Everfit Flat Bench, with its sturdy tubular steel construction and extra-thick padded top, is ideal for strengthening and defining the chest muscles, as well as the triceps and deltoids.

It is one of the best exercises for strengthening the upper body. It features capped feet with protecting edges that protect the floor while still providing a secure grip.

Not least, the wide feet ensure that this flat bench remains extremely solid throughout even the most strenuous workouts.

Powertrain Flat Exercise Bench

With a load capacity of up to 110kg, the powertrain flat bench is ideal for increasing the intensity of your weight training, especially if you also own resistance bands or free weights.

The 6cm thick padding on the gym bench gives support during strenuous sets, while the heavy-gauge steel frame assures that the flat gym bench will withstand years of frequent use.

Additionally, this flat bench features steel supports and non-slip feet, providing a sturdy surface for workouts that include dumbbells, barbells, or no extra exercise equipment.

If you're looking for a gym bench that can be used for all of the basic exercises and more, go no further than this one from Powertrain.

RTM Flat Exercise Bench

Experience the convenience, simplicity, and safety of the RTM Flat Workout Bench. With a maximum weight capacity of 110kg, its strong tubular metal structure enables it to resist the most intense exercise regimens.

Protective ends surround the bench's feet, and the bench is upholstered in padded support.

Upper body workouts such as arm and back exercises will assist tone your upper body. Whatever your preferred seating position, this flexible flat bench will provide reliable support.

York FTS Flat Workout Bench

The York FTS flat workout bench provides a solid and comfortable platform for performing some of the most popular chest and upper body exercises.

The bench has a broad base and a heavily cushioned back support that is upholstered in easy-to-clean synthetic leather. It's a sturdy option for light commercial use and smaller training facilities, as it's constructed entirely of strong grade steel.

The bench features non-slip feet for a secure workout, and it's relatively simple to construct by one person.

York Warrior Flat Bench

The York Fitness Warrior Flat Bench is suitable for a variety of strength training routines.

With an 80mm oval tube steel frame, the flat bench allows you to confidently engage each muscle area. Ideal for arm, shoulder, chest, and abdominal training with dumbbells.

The reinforcement beneath the backrest provides a maximum weight capacity of 200kg.

The padding is commercial quality and double stitched for extra durability.