Best Elliptical Trainer For Small Space

If you live in a house that has smaller rooms, you can purchase ellipticals that are made for small spaces. There are four of them you can choose from. Two of them have already been discussed, but the dimensions will be noted below.

The York X515 trainer has 1360 x 540 x 1560 mm dimensions. The Impulse Encore ECE7 elliptical trainer has dimensions of 1765 x 820 x 1600mm.

The Sole SC 200 Stepper has dimensions of 143 x 45 x 153 cm. This trainer will cost you AUD 2,999.00. If you cannot afford it, you can do six monthly payments of $499.83 with moneyme.

This cross-trainer provides a smooth and stable ride. It also produces a level of comfort and has ergonomic foot pedals. 

It does come with programs, but it focuses on heart-rate and custom programs. You get two programs of each with this machine.

Just like the others, it also has an easy-to-read LCD screen and stable handlebars to monitor your pulse and heart rate.

The last of the trainers built for small spaces is the Octane Max Trainer. It has dimensions of 76 x 119cm floor area.

The Octane Max trainer is a little more expensive than the others previously mentioned. It will cost you $4,999.00. If that is too much for you right now, you can pay six monthly payments of $833.16.

This comes with a 14-minute workout. All you have to do is select it to begin. You don't have to spend time figuring out which ones to select.

What you see is what you get. You don't have to make any adjustments to this machine. It's built for each person that uses it.

This machine ranges anywhere from beginners to intermediate lever exercise goers. You can choose your resistance level from 0-10 based on your exercise experience.


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