14 Things To Consider Before Buying A Weight Bench

14 Things To Consider Before Buying A Weight Bench

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A weight bench is a must-have if you want to get the best out of your exercises. These equipment items come in distinctive styles, capabilities, and merits. Choosing the appropriate one for your needs can be challenging.

In this guide, you'll discover things to consider before buying a weight bench. Read on!

Weight Bench Features To Consider

1. Flat Benches

Flat benches are versatile, tough, and compact. They come with a sturdy design, allowing you to perform multiple compound exercises, such as Bulgarian split squats, bent-over rows, and bench presses.

Flat Bench

You can use them for different bodyweight exercises, including triceps dips, elevated push-ups, and bench hops. Flat benches are effective in toning your physique, adding muscle mass, and developing strength. Best features include:

  • Anti-slip feet to prevent shifting
  • High-density foam cushion 
  • Thick steel frame with high load capacity
  • Heavy overall weight for sturdiness

While you can use flat benches for seated exercises, they may not offer proper back support when performing your movements. This can make it challenging to shift weights. A flat bench is durable as it doesn't have movable parts, requiring regular maintenance.

2. Adjustable Benches

Adjustable benches offer increased versatility, allowing you to adjust according to your exercise, limb length, and height. You can alter your angle to achieve the most secure and safest position, which can help you to exercise more.

One of the primary benefits of adjustable benches is providing back support. This alleviates the pressure on your back when doing seated exercises, such as bicep curls and shoulder presses, encouraging you to lift heavier weights.

Adjustable Weight Bench

For a great experience, your bench should have at least three adjustable positions, but most include up to five. One of the significant features to consider is how the back pad adjusts, which includes the pull pin type and ladder adjustment systems.

If you're buying a budget bench, it's best to consider equipment with ladder adjustment. Adjusting it is quicker, and the system is more durable than the pull pin type on budget benches.

3. Gap Size (For Adjustable Benches)

The gap size impacts an adjustable bench's comfort and stability. For example, a too-small gap can lead to challenges when finding a comfortable position, making your workout less effective. The bench may feel wobbly and unstable if the gap is too large.

To determine the appropriate gap size for your needs, consider your body size and the types of exercises you perform. If you're taller or have longer legs, a larger seat gap is best to accommodate your body. For exercises involving a lot of movement or shifting on the bench, such as triceps dips, choose a larger seat gap for increased comfort.

4. Ease of Adjustments

Besides multiple adjustable positions, an effective weight bench should offer seamless adjustments. Consider equipment that allows you to quickly and easily change the angle and height of the bench to suit your personalized needs.

A weight bench with appropriate adjustment ease accommodates your needs for multiple exercises. If you use the equipment with multiple people, quick adjustments cater to different body sizes and workout preferences.

Weight Benches in a Gym

5. Warranty

Like other home gym tools, you need a weight bench warranty. This offers you peace of mind and protects your investment, preventing you from potential loss if you can't use the equipment due to manufacturer errors.

When evaluating the warranty, check its length. A longer warranty period shows the manufacturer has confidence in their product. Consider the warranty's coverage, as some may only include defects in materials or craft while others cover wear and tear or accidental damage.

6. Product Lifetime

As a fitness enthusiast, you want a long-lasting weight bench. A durable product can withstand daily wear and tear, allowing you to use it for years without needing replacement.

If you want a durable weight bench, check if the construction uses a high-quality material, such as steel. Consider the material's thickness and gauge as thicker and higher gauge steel is more robust and more durable.

7. Cushion Material

A high-quality bench should have comfortable cushioning material, providing adequate stability when lying on the bench top. The cover should not absorb liquids if spillage occurs, as this can lead to bacteria breeding.

8. Cushion Thickness

When lifting weights on your bench, you push your body against the equipment, which is where cushion thickness comes into play. An ideal thickness foam layer should be at least 2-3" for maximum comfort and safety. Choose a weight bench with a comfortable and padded cushion to use your equipment for an extended period without the pad peeling off.

Moving a Weight Bench

9. Load Capacity

While weight benches are designed for weightlifting, the load particular benches can withstand vary. As you shop for the equipment, consider the marked weight. Not all workout benches show the weight they can sustain, but you can choose the marked ones.

Remember, a static counterweight exerts different pressure on your bench than a moving counterweight. The bench's load limit isn't the actual weight you can lift on the weight bench. It includes your weight plus what you lift. The load capacity for most people is at most 300 pounds.

While 300 pounds are enough for most people, if you're heavier, you may require more. Determine your weight and the bench's heaviest weight. The number you get should be lower than the bench's load limit.

10. Product Weight

Weight is critical when purchasing a bench, as heavier equipment is more stable when exercising. If you lift heavy weights, the bench should be as sturdy as possible to prevent possible injuries.

Besides stability, your bench's weight can show the quality of construction materials. A heavier bench is built using higher material quality. Choose equipment weighing more than 40lb for enhanced quality and stability.

11. Stability

A lightweight and small bench allow you to save space, but there are better ideas than choosing such a bench. Heavy equipment utilizes high-quality construction materials, is more comfortable, provides increased stability, and is long-lasting.

When exercising, you exert your body and additional weight on the bench. If your equipment is wobbly, this can spoil your workout results, and you're at increased injury risk.

For optimal exercise, choose a bench that supports all you have. Most heavy benches come with wheels; you don't need to worry when moving them to your desired location.

12. Footprint/Dimensions

You must pick your weight bench according to your home's space. If your space is limited, it's best to choose fordable equipment, but ensure you measure the bench's size when open and folded. This offers convenience, and you can purchase your tool without worrying about your limited space.

When it comes to dimensions, you must choose an appropriate bench size depending on your height. Select equipment with enough width to allow you to lie on your back. The bench's width must not prevent you from performing downward movements with your arm.

Weight Bench Dimensions

The ideal height enables you to lie firmly on the bench with your feet touching the ground. The International Powerlifting Federation offers the appropriate workout bench dimensions as follows:

  • Length: Not below 122cm, flat and level
  • Width: Not below 29cm and not over 32cm
  • Height: Not below 42cm and not more than 45cm. The measurement is from the floor to the pillow top.

13. Brand

Not all weight bench brands offer the same quality. Some construct the equipment with the user in mind and include the best features to suit your needs. Purchasing from a reputable brand allows you to choose an excellent quality and long-lasting weight bench.

For example, Cardio Online offers different types of proven workout benches for an optimal experience. The products are sturdy, comfortable for use, and long-lasting. You can choose from the variety of available bench types, including:

  • Flat Weight Benches
  • Adjustable Weight Benches
  • Olympic Weight Benches

14. Price

While you may be tight on budget, purchasing a quality weight bench is essential. The items' prices vary, and this can tell you about quality. The cost may be higher for a weight bench depending on the make and specific features.

Heavy-duty equipment lasts for years and guarantees long-term use. To get the best from your weight bench, stretch your budget a bit. Should you decide to sell the product and upgrade, the resale value will be reasonable, and you'll get your money back.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a weight bench should be straightforward if you understand the factors to consider. Evaluate your workout needs and choose an appropriate equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Are you ready to get started? we hope you found this guide helpful on your weight bench buying journey!

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