Pull Up Bars

Welcome to our pull up bars collection, featuring a wide range of options from leading brands like UFC, Morgan, York, and RTM. In this collection, you'll find doorway pull up bars, wall-mounted pull up bars, and multi-grip pull up bars.

These bars are designed to help you build upper body strength, develop your core, and improve your overall fitness. Let's dive into our top picks and their unique features!

Pull-Up Bar Fundamentals

Pull-up bars are integral components of home gym equipment, known for strengthening the upper body. They come in various forms, including doorframe, freestanding, wall-mounted, and ceiling-mounted designs. Each type serves the same primary function but suits different spaces and training regimes.

When considering a door-mounted pull-up bar, it's crucial to keep in mind the weight capacity to ensure safety. These bars typically leverage against the doorframe, so verifying the doorframe's strength is essential.

For a more permanent fixture, one may opt for wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted bars, which require secure installation into wall studs or ceiling joists.

Freestanding pull-up stations offer greater flexibility. These structures are not constrained by door or wall dimensions, making them versatile for various users. However, they often occupy more space and may require a dedicated area in one's home gym.

Installation Considerations:

  • Door-Mounted: Check door width and frame sturdiness; temporary setup.
  • Wall/Ceiling-Mounted: Involve securing to studs; permanent; suitable for higher weight capacity.
  • Freestanding: No installation needed; movable; larger footprint.

To select the proper gym equipment for pull-ups, assess the installation requirements, available space, and personal fitness goals. Ensuring that the chosen pull-up bar can withstand the user's weight and is compatible with their workout space will lead to a more effective and safe exercise environment.


Pull-Up Bars Types and Features

Selecting the right pull-up bar is crucial for achieving fitness goals and ensuring safety. Various types come with distinct features, from door-frame leverage to mounted options and portable designs.


Doorway Pull-Up Bars

Doorway pull-up bars are a popular choice for home workouts due to their ease of installation and removal. Users appreciate the convenience of a doorway-mounted bar, particularly when space is at a premium.


Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bars

These require a sturdy wall for mounting and can support higher weight limits. Their robust construction affords long-term durability, and some models offer various grip positions, enhancing their versatility.


Freestanding Pull Up Bars and Power Towers

Freestanding pull-up stations and power towers, involve a more comprehensive apparatus. Typically including a multi-grip pull-up bar, they may also come with additional features like dip stations and backrests for varied exercises, making them an all-in-one fitness solution.


Portable and Outdoor Options

These bars are designed to be easily transportable and suitable for outdoor use. They provide a fantastic alternative for training on the go, without compromising on the rigorous requirements of pull-up exercises.


Exercises and Training with Pull Up Bars

Pull-up bars provide a versatile platform for a variety of exercises that cater to strength training, specifically targeting back, arm, and shoulder muscles. This section explores the different exercises one can perform with a pull-up bar, supplementary workouts for overall fitness, and structured training programmes for progression.


Basic Pull-Ups and Variations

Pull-ups, a fundamental bodyweight exercise, primarily employ multiple muscle groups, including the latissimus dorsi, biceps, and deltoids. Performers typically begin with palms facing away from the body—a grip known as overhand—and execute the move by lifting their body until their chin surpasses the bar.

  • Chin-ups: In contrast, chin-ups utilise an underhand grip, which may shift emphasis towards the biceps.
  • Wide-grip pull-ups: To intensify the focus on the lat muscles, one might adopt a wider grip.
  • Weighted pull-ups: For advanced training, adding weight through a dip belt or vest can increase resistance, effectively boosting strength gains.


Supplementary Exercises

In addition to pull-ups, pull-up bars support a range of supplementary exercises:

  • Dips: To effectively engage triceps and chest muscles, many pull-up bars come with J-cups or dip station attachments.
  • Leg raises: Utilising a doorway trainer, this exercise can enhance core strength and grip stamina.
  • Push-ups: Some pull-up bars can be placed on the ground to assist in maintaining form during push-ups.

Grip strength is also crucial for sports and can be improved by varying grip positions on the bar during exercises.


Training Programs and Progression

Structured training programs facilitate measured progression for individuals:

  • Stamina-building sets: Graduated programs increase the number of repetitions over time to build endurance.
  • Strength training: Using different grips and equipment, such as exercise equipment with a limited lifetime warranty, ensures longevity and safety while progressively increasing workout intensity.


Pull Up Bars

RTM Portable Doorway Chin Up Bar

  • Weight capacity: Supports users up to 120kg
  • Adjustable width: Fits doorways from 62cm to 100cm
  • Comfort grips: Ensures comfortable and secure grip for various exercises

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Doorway pull up bars can be game-changers for home workouts. The RTM Portable Doorway Chin Up Bar is a fantastic example of a versatile and easy-to-install piece of equipment. In my experience, this pull up bar provides a solid upper body workout, targeting the chest, arms, and abs. The adjustable width ensures it fits most doorways, making it perfect for any home gym.


RTM Professional Doorway Chin Up Bar

  • Weight capacity: Rated for users up to 135kg
  • Variety of grip positions: Allows you to target different muscle groups
  • Heavy-duty steel construction: Provides durability and stability

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The RTM Professional Doorway Chin Up Bar has been a customer favourite for years. Its variety of grip positions allows for a diverse and challenging upper body workout. Its heavy-duty construction ensures that it will withstand the test of time, making it a great investment for your fitness journey.


UFC Door Gym Pull Up Bar

  • Weight capacity: Supports users up to 113kg
  • Versatile grip design: Allows for a variety of exercises
  • Sturdy steel construction: Ensures durability and stability during workouts

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We highly recommend the UFC Door Gym Pull Up Bar for those looking to enhance their fitness regimen at minimal cost at home. In our experience, the versatile grip design provides endless options for upper body exercises, from pull ups to dips. With its sturdy steel construction and easy installation, this pull up bar is perfect for athletes of all levels.


Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

Morgan Elite Pull Up Rack with Hanging Hooks

  • Weight capacity: Supports user weight plus the weight of two 6ft punch bags
  • Multi-bay options: Can be joined with multiple cells for group workouts
  • Additional hooks: Ideal for adding punch bags and suspension trainers

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The Morgan Elite Pull Up Rack is an exceptional choice for combat sports and functional fitness enthusiasts. Its 5mm thick powder coated steel construction ensures maximum weight tolerance, allowing you to train with confidence. We've seen customers improve their upper body strength and stamina using this pull up rack, so we highly recommend it for anyone seeking a versatile workout option.


Morgan Cross Functional Fitness Pull Up Rack

  • Weight capacity: Can hold up to 900kg
  • Expandable: Combine multiple cells for a commercial facility setup
  • Easy installation: Comes with 12 dyna bolts for secure mounting

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The Morgan Cross Functional Fitness Pull Up Rack is perfect for those seeking a simple yet robust solution for their home gym. We've personally found this pull up rack to be incredibly reliable, with its textured matte black powder coat and 32mm diameter chin bar. Its expandability makes it a great option for those looking to create a series of wall-mounted bars.


RTM Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

  • Weight capacity: Supports users of varying weights for a diverse range of exercises
  • Space-saving design: Ideal for small home gyms or limited spaces
  • Comfortable grips: Sponge-padded grips provide comfort during workouts

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I can't recommend the RTM Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar enough for those looking to improve upper body and core strength. Its heavy-duty stainless steel construction ensures durability, and its space-saving design is perfect for smaller homes or apartments. The comfortable sponge-padded grips make it easy to perform a variety of exercises.


Multi-Grip Pull Up Bars

RTM Wall Mounted Commercial Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar

  • Weight capacity: Rated for up to 250kg with a 2.0 safety factor
  • Multi-grip design: Provides versatility for targeting different muscle groups
  • Easy installation: Includes Dynabolts for hassle-free mounting

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The RTM Wall Mounted Commercial Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar is an excellent addition to any fitness enthusiast's arsenal. Its multi-grip design offers a variety of exercise options, allowing you to target different muscle groups effectively. We've seen fantastic results from customers who have incorporated this pull up bar into their workout routines. The easy installation makes it a breeze to set up, so you can start working on your fitness goals right away.


RTM Heavy-Duty Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

  • Weight capacity: 225 kg
  • Depth from wall: 76 cm
  • Made from 11-gauge steel

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This wall-mounted chin-up bar features heavy duty chrome construction and is built to last. The RTM Wall-Mounted Chin-Up Bar can stand up to the rigors of any workout from beginner to advanced user. RTM produces high quality exercise equipment so you can rely on this outstanding piece of equipment for years to come. It is a stand-alone in its field.


Morgan Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar

  • Weight capacity: Holds up to an impressive 750kg
  • Space-saving design: Measures 1.22m in width, 57cm in depth, and 50cm in height
  • Powder coated: Ensures durability and longevity

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If you're looking for a sturdy and space-saving pull up bar, the Morgan Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar is a top choice. Its bulletproof, powder-coated construction can hold up to 750kg, allowing you to perform various exercises with confidence. We've found this pull up bar to be an excellent addition to both home and commercial gym setups, and it's perfect for incorporating suspension trainers, power bands, and suspension rings into your workouts.


By incorporating these high-quality pull up bars into your fitness routine, you'll be well on your way to achieving your strength and conditioning goals. Each of these options has unique features and benefits, catering to different needs and preferences. Choose the one that best suits your requirements, and start working towards a stronger, healthier you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Pull-up bars are versatile equipment for enhancing one's fitness routine. This section addresses common inquiries regarding the selection, installation, and usage of pull-up bars for home workouts.

What are the key benefits of using a pull-up bar for fitness?

Using a pull-up bar offers a comprehensive upper body workout, primarily targeting the back, latissimus dorsi, biceps, and core. They are effective for building strength and muscle endurance.

How do I correctly install a doorway pull-up bar to ensure safety?

To install a doorway pull-up bar, one must secure it tightly within the doorframe according to the manufacturer's instructions. Ensuring the doorframe is sturdy and the bar is capable of supporting the individual's weight is essential for safety.

Which type of pull-up bar is best suited for home workouts?

For home workouts, a doorway pull-up bar is highly practical due to its ease of installation and minimal space requirements. However, free-standing or wall-mounted options may be considered for more permanent setups.

Can pull-up bars be used for exercises other than pull-ups?

Indeed, pull-up bars can be utilised for various exercises, such as hanging leg raises, chin-ups, and neutral grip pull-ups, to work different muscle groups beyond just the upper back.

What should I look for in a free-standing pull-up bar when purchasing one?

When purchasing a free-standing pull-up bar, one should look for stability, durability, adjustability, and whether it can accommodate a range of exercises and user heights.

How can I effectively build muscle using a pull-up bar in my exercise routine?

To build muscle effectively using a pull-up bar, you must adhere to a consistent workout routine. Use varied grip positions and techniques to challenge different muscle groups. Also, progressively increase the intensity.

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