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What Are Spin Bikes / Indoor Cycles?


Spin bikes are the epitome of high-intensity indoor bicycling. In design, they are very similar to standard upright bikes but feature the added functionality of allowing you to pedal while standing up on the pedals – just as you would while biking outside up a hill. This added function paves the way for an effective and intense full-body exercise.

How Do Spin Bikes Work?


Pedalling engages a mechanism – usually a chain or a belt – that in turn engages the flywheel (the large disk on the front of the bike). As you adjust the resistance on your console, the cycle will add or remove resistance on the flywheel by means of physical callipers or magnetic resistance – depending on your bike design. This change in resistance then affects how hard you have to work on pedalling the bike.

Magnetic Spin Bikes


Magnetic indoor exercise bikes use magnetic resistance in order to increase your workout intensity. The main benefit to this system is that there are no touching parts – unlike physical callipers that clamp down on the flywheel – resulting in excellent longevity and reliability.


However, keep in mind that magnetic spin bikes tend to cost more than those utilizing physical resistance.

Belt Drive vs Chain drive


The drive system is the link between the pedals and the flywheel. A chain drive features a chain similar to a real bicycle – resulting in a very ‘real’ feel that many veteran bikers appreciate. However, a chain drive is more prone to wear down over time and is also noticeably louder.  


Conversely, a belt drive is much quieter and is the drive of choice for most professional spin classes. A belt drive is also more durable in the long run but will cost more.


What Spin Bikes Do Gyms Use?

The exact type of spin bike in gyms depends on the owner’s preferences, but the two most common types out there are Schwinn and Precor spin bikes. Both of these brands offer proven products that can stand up to the heavy use found in commercial settings yet continually provide a smooth and effective workout. 

Best Spin Bikes for Home


When looking for an indoor cycle for home use, it’s important to find the perfect blend of functionality and durability that won’t break the bank. If the latter is your main concern, consider the York Performance Spin Bike at a very accessible price.


If you prefer more features and durability, consider the Schwinn IC Classic.


Remember that more features and longevity are available at higher prices, but these two options are excellent starting points for a home gym.

How Much Do Spin Bikes Cost?


Thankfully, spin bikes come for a wide range of prices to fit almost any budget. Base models typically start at around $600, while very high-end models can cost up to $6,000. So based on your priorities and budget, there’s a spin bike out there for you.

Best Spin Bikes / Indoor Cycles Australia


There are so many options on the market that it can be difficult to pin down the best spin bike – and your personal priorities and budget will also play a role. 

However, we can safely say that bikers looking for the absolute best spin bikes should give Precor and Schwinn a close look. Both brands produce phenomenal indoor cycles that are sure to be your new favourite piece of exercise equipment.

Spin Bike Console Computers


Your spin bike console provides a plethora of information to help you reach your workout goals. The exact information and display will vary from brand to brand, but the most common readouts include:

  • Biking speed
  • Distance
  • Rpm
  • Time 

Additionally, some models will also include a heart rate interface.

Schwinn Spin Bikes Australia


Schwinn produces a fantastic range of spin bikes with varying features – but all are sure to provide an excellent workout. You have your choice of belt drive vs chain drive along with physical resistance vs magnetic resistance. 

You can’t go wrong with Schwinn, so let’s take a closer look at their two most popular models …

Schwinn AC Performance Plus


The Schwinn AC Performance Plus packs the very best workout bike technology into a single product. The belt-driven system is very quiet and closely mimics a real bike’s feel but without a chain drive’s lower durability. 

Speaking of low maintenance, the AC Performance Plus also features magnetic resistance – resulting in a very smooth but durable product.

Schwinn IC Classic


For the rider who prefers a true bike feel, the Schwinn IC Classic is for you. The chain-driven pedal system feels exactly like the real deal, while the direct pressure brake pads provide excellent resistance. Altogether, these classic features result in a very formidable spin bike at an accessible, mid-range price point.

Precor Spin Bikes


Precor is a household name in Spin Bikes, and its products can be found in gyms and studios across the world. Their secret lies in an incredibly robust design that resists both internal wear-and-tear along with the near-constant stream of workout sweat that can wreak havoc on metal.


Precor has such faith in their products that an impressive warranty backs their spin bikes. 

Precor Spinner Shift


This is one of Precor’s most popular products, featuring a chain-driven system with friction resistance. The beefy steel frame is incredibly robust yet sleek, while the highly adjustable seat and handlebars ensure that all riders can find that perfect position.


The Precor Spinner Shift is designed with commercial studios and gyms in mind and will certainly hold up to heavy use so your clients can reach their workout goals.

Sole Spin Bikes

Sole produces several phenomenal mid-range indoor exercise bikes that will deliver quality materials and features without the high cost of other premium products. You have the choice between friction and magnetic resistance, and even between standard and clip pedals.