Best Upright Exercise Bikes For Sale in Australia in 2022

Furnishing a home gym is one of the first steps to getting fit in 2022, and a stationary bike is one of the first pieces of equipment to purchase. Which kind of stationary bike should you get?

If you want the feel of riding in the great outdoors, an upright exercise bike is the way to go. It provides a workout that targets many muscle groups but also gives your cardiovascular system a workout. Take a look at the best upright exercise bikes available in Australia in 2022, and be on your way to lower body fat, stronger muscles, and a good cardiovascular system.

What Is An Upright Exercise Bike?

Stationary bikes are one of the first pieces of equipment that many people purchase for their home gym, and an upright bike is perfect to provide a low-impact cardio workout. Upright exercise bikes are very much like their road counterparts, where the pedals are below your centre of gravity. The bikes also allow you to lean over the handle bars, mimicking the feeling of being outside and on the road.

How does an upright bike work?

Upright exercise bikes are built to feel and perform like a regular bike in regard to riding position. This means the crank is set vertically below the seat. These bikes work by using resistance to slow the flywheel. The flywheel, which is either in the front or the bike, is powered by you pedalling. The two types of resistance used in upright exercise bikes are magnetic or belt- or chain-driven.

The most basic type is the belt-driven and are used in bikes for spin classes. The magnetic resistance types require a source of electricity, and the level of resistance is set by the console panel on the handlebars. This causes the amount of electricity moving through the magnetic to build, which in turn increases the resistance on the flywheel, making it harder to pedal. This makes the workout more intense and burns more calories.

What types of upright exercise bikes are there?
Two types of upright exercise bikes are the magnetic and the belt-driven ones. The magnetic ones use a magnet to build resistance and is powered through electricity. As the amount of electricity moving through the magnet builds, the resistance on the flywheel increases. This causes you to work harder as you move the pedals, building intensity and burning more calories.

Modern upright exercise bikes rarely use chains anymore and have moved more to using belts. The belt connects the pedals to the flywheel, which creates the cycling motion. Belts are usually made from carbon fibre or polyurethane and are “toothed.” The “teeth” fit into the flywheel and pedal system, which allows the two components to work together. The high-tension strap makes the flywheel turn. The more tension there is, the harder the workout.

What upright exercise bikes do gyms use?

Gyms use a variety of types of exercise bikes. The belt-driven model is usually used in spin classes. Many gyms have top-of-the-line magnetic models, too. These allow you to program the upright exercise bike to deliver the precise workout you want. Some bikes allow you to choose the terrain or path that you want.

How to set up an upright exercise bike correctly

Taking the time to properly set up your upright exercise bike will ensure that you get a safe, quality workout. Making sure your upright exercise bike is set up in the proper position for your body will prevent injuries. It will also mean a more efficient workout.

The saddle height is the first thing you should look for. The proper height is dependent on how tall you are and your leg length. The seat should be adjusted to the height of your hip bone when you are standing next to the bike. Climb onto the bike, put your heels on the pedals, and then extend your foot to the bottom of a pedal stroke. A slight bend in your knee indicates the seat is the right height for you.

Next, you should adjust your saddle to the right position, either forward or backward. The proper position is also determined by your height, but your flexibility and riding approach also influences this. Your knees should be slightly over the centre of your foot but not past the middle of your shoelaces.

Handlebar position is also important. The higher it is the more forgiving it is and will be gentler on your back. The correct position depends mostly on your riding style and whether you want a more aggressive approach. As your riding style changes, you may want to change the position of the handlebars.

The right pedal position is also important. Adjust the pedals so that the ball of your foot is directly over the centre of the pedal. Your heels should remain level with the balls of your feet.

How to use an upright exercise bike

After making the necessary adjustments, it’s time to use your upright exercise bike. Your saddle is at the right height and just at the right position, as are the handlebars and pedals. Now, you should learn to use the display panel.

Bikes come with a variety of levels on the display panel. Some have as few as 12, while some have as many as 40. Decide which level you want to start with, but also watch your cadence, which is how many revolutions per minute you cycle. Varying your speed and intensity is the best way to ensure you are getting a proper workout.

Also, be sure you aren’t pedalling with your toes. This can cause calf and foot cramps. Use the ball of your foot to press down on the pedal and finish the motion with your heel. Also be sure to adjust the pedal straps for a snug fit but not tight enough that they cut off your circulation. Never remove the pedal straps from the bike; they are there for a reason. The straps add efficiency and comfort to your workout.

While you are riding, be sure not to hunch over. This can lead to back and neck pain. Your upper body shouldn’t be involved in the effort. Instead, you should sit up straight, with your chest up, shoulders back and down, ears in line with your shoulders, and draw in your belly button. If your whole body gets involved in riding the bike, you aren’t doing it correctly.

How To Burn Calories On An Upright Exercise Bike

The number of calories burned on an upright exercise bike varies based on your weight, how intense the workout is, and the length of time you spend doing it. On average, a person can expect to burn about 300 calories during a 30-minute moderate workout on an upright exercise bike. Based on data from Harvard Medical School, if a 155 pound person rides vigorously for 15 minutes, they can expect to burn 195 calories.

The American Council on Exercise says that cycling at a pace of 16-19 miles per hour for 15 minutes will burn an average of 210 calories, if the person working out weighs 155 pounds. This counts as a vigorous workout speed. The most important thing to look at is the intensity of your workout and the resistance used. If you set a low resistance on your upright exercise bike, you’ll burn fewer calories than if you set it at a higher one.

The more a person weighs the more they will burn with a higher intensity workout. Upright exercise bikes offer a good calorie burn in comparison with other workouts such as running, jogging, or walking. Plus, it has less impact on the joints.

Benefits Of Using An Upright Exercise Bike

Not only does an upright exercise bike burn calories and body fat, it also strengthens your heart, lungs, and muscles. While providing a great workout for your cardiovascular system, it is a low-impact exercise for your joints. Strengthening your cardiovascular system can lower blood pressure, improve sleep, lower stress levels, and give you more energy.

If you want to lose weight, an upright exercise bike can help you achieve that. A vigorous session on a bike burns calories quickly. The most sure-fire way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in.

Riding an upright exercise bike will help strengthen your legs and lower body muscles, especially at a higher resistance level on your bike. Pedalling develops the calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps. It can also work muscles in your core, which benefits your back and abdominal muscles.

What To Look For When Buying An Upright Exercise Bike

When buying an upright exercise bike, the most important thing to look at is comfort. If you aren’t comfortable during your workout, you aren’t going to want to use it. The best way to find this out is to actually get on the bike and try it out, but if you are shopping online, read the reviews and customer comments.

Make sure you like the seat and the handlebars and that they are adjustable. The handlebar style is dependent on how you are wanting to use the upright exercise bike. If you want an aerobic workout, go with one with a weight rack feature. If you want one that mimics the feel of a road bike, go with drop down handlebars.

Other options to look at is adjustable resistance, stability, and ease of use. Adjustable resistance will allow you to plan the intensity of your workout, and digital control is optimal. You don’t want a bike that rocks back and forth so stability is key. Make sure the console is easy to use with a touchscreen and a simple interface.

How much do upright exercise bikes cost?

The cost of an upright exercise bike depends which features it comes with. An upright exercise bike is about 10 percent cheaper than a recumbent bike. Another aspect that drives the cost is the seating structure.

If you don’t want a lot of fancy bells and whistles, such as the ability to connect to the Internet or watch Netflix while you read, you can often find a good upright exercise bike between $500-$1,000. The average price is about $1300, but the more technology you add to the console, the more the bike is going to cost.

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Best Selling Upright Exercise Bikes For Sale in Australia

Best Premium Upright Exercise Bikes

Impulse ECEU7 Upright Exercise Bike

A quality upright exercise bike with an affordable price, the Impulse ECEU7 bike features a console that is user friendly, has a comfortable seat, and 13 height adjustments. The console features a scrolling LED window with a keypad and comes with multiple workout programs. The seat features a one-handle adjustment and makes it easy to find just the right position for you.

Monitor your speed, distance, calories burned and more when you workout on the Impulse ECEU7. The large handle bars can be positioned in two ways and comes with heart rate sensors and elbow rests. Rapid resistance adjusters on the handle bars allow you to quickly change the intensity of your workout.

Sportsart C535U Upright Exercise Bike

Built for both home and commercial use, the SportsArt C535U upright exercise bike is self-powered and requires no outside electric source. This allows you to set it up and use it anywhere you want. The power used to run the computer in the console is produced by a built-in generator, which in turn is driven by the rider using the bike. The battery stores the surplus of energy generated.

The seat is user-friendly and adjustable so almost anyone can use it. It adjusts to you as you use it. The pedals are oversized, and the straps are adjustable. It includes a headphone jack, a USB port, and workout tracking functions. It also has a cardio advisor display on the console.

Best Mid-Range Upright Exercise Bikes

Sole LCB Upright Exercise Bike

One of the company’s most advanced bike to date, the Sole LCB Upright Exercise Bike can be used in your home but also in commercial settings. It includes a 30 pound flywheel and 40 different resistance levels. It also comes with an industry leading warranty.

It features a large, adjustable gel seat to make it comfortable for any user. Bluetooth speakers allow you to listen to music as you work out. The 10” LCD screen allows you to track your workouts and lets you choose from six different workout options. The multi-grip handlebars and heavy duty steel frame ensure that you have a comfortable workout on a durable upright exercise bike.

York LC-UB Upright Exercise Bike

Home gym users will love the York LC-UB Upright Exercise Bike, but it is also rated for commercial applications. A smooth performance is guaranteed by the three-piece crank system and the 10 kilogram flywheel. The magnetic resistance system gives you 32 resistance levels, which means anyone of any fitness level can use it.

The LCD display shows program settings along with your workout statistics. The statistics include scan, time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, and RPM, and the console provides 20 different exercise programs. It also allows you to adjust the seat, which is extra-large and cushioned, and the handle bars for your comfort. The built-in tablet holder and USB charging port allows you to use your own technology to listen to music, watch TV, or follow your favourite workout.

Best Budget Upright Exercise Bikes

York C415 Upright Exercise Bike

Awarded number one in exercise bikes by Choice, the leading product reviewer and consumer advocacy group in Australia, the York C415 Upright Exercise Bike features a smooth performance because of the 10 kilogram flywheel.

It features an affordable price point so you won't break the bank with this model. Thirty-two levels of resistance bring about an intense workout designed to build strength and burn calories. On-screen workout statistics are prominently displayed on the 5” LCD display.

This upright exercise machine features hand pulse sensors in the handle bars, making monitoring your heart rate a breeze. Comfort is the name of the game because of the adjustable extra large seat. The handlebars are also adjustable, which is perfect for taller riders. The interface includes 16 exercise programs and 12 of those are customizable to your preferences. This allows you to create your very own riding experience.

Upright Exercise Bike FAQ

Are exercise bikes good for weight loss?

 Yes. The best way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in, and an exercise bike is one way to ensure that happens. Most 155 pound people can expect to burn 260 calories after cycling for 30 minutes. People who weigh more can expect to burn more calories, depending on the intensity of their cycling.

Are exercise bike pedals universal?

 No. Most exercise bikes come with adjustable foot pedals, which is a good thing. Comfort with the foot pedals really depends on your height, and being able to adjust them to your specifications will lead to more comfortable, safer workout.

Are exercise bikes good for you?

 Yes. They are low-impact, which means they will not harm your joints. This is perfect for someone who has arthritis or an injury. They also offer both strengthening and a cardiovascular workout.

Is an exercise bike good for cardio?

 Yes. Exercising vigorously for just 30 minutes gets your heart rate up. This strengthens the heart muscle and provides a good workout that is easier on your joints.

Can you lose belly fat on an exercise bike?

 Yes, but it will take time. Cycling works to burn overall body fat and helps keep your body weight in check. However, an exercise bike doesn’t necessarily target belly fat.

Can an exercise bike build muscle?

 Yes. Riding an exercise bike can strengthen the muscles in your back and lower body. This is especially true if you use a higher resistance level. Pedalling can help strengthen your calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

Can an exercise bike cause back pain?

 Yes, but only if you use it improperly. You have to make sure your handle bars and the seat are adjusted to your body.

What exercise bike is best for seniors?

Exercise bikes are perfect for seniors, especially since it provides less impact on the joints. Look for bikes with lower resistance levels and work your way up to the harder ones. Bikes that mimic outdoor bike riding are also good for seniors, and it’s recommended that seniors try out the bikes before they purchase one to see which is most comfortable for them.

When should you use an exercise bike?

 An exercise bike can be used at any time. They are particularly good if you are recovering from an injury or a surgery. Most rehab offered afterward consists of time on an exercise bike. An exercise bike can also be used in training for difficult bike trails.

How long should I exercise on my exercise bike?

 You should plan to ride at least three to five days a week for 30 minutes to an hour at a time. Each ride should begin with a warm-up by pedalling at a slow easy pace for five to 10 minutes. Then raise your speed and ride vigorously, bringing on a sweat.

Will an exercise bike tone legs?

Yes. If you want to tone your legs, ride vigorously at a higher intensity level. Exercise bikes are good for the calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps.