York C410 Exercise Bike Review

York C410 Exercise Bike Review

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Are you looking for an affordable exercise bike with decent features?

While you can’t put a price tag on your physical health, you can (and should) choose an affordable piece of equipment to promote your well-being. And the York C410 exercise bike is likely an ideal option! Aside from being budget-friendly, these bikes are comfortable and offer different features to meet everyone’s needs.

If you’re considering buying one, take a peek at our detailed York C410 exercise bike review.

York C410 Exercise Bike Review: At A Glance

This bike is very compact (97L x 135H x 59W cm) and made to carry a user weight of up to 130 kg, and at 30kg, is light enough to be easily wheeled out of the way. And most importantly, the York C410 Exercise Bike is feature-packed!

Additionally, the C410 comes with 32 levels of electronic resistance, a three-piece crank (stronger than cheaper 1-piece cranks), and adjustable stabilizers that keeps the bike stable when placed on uneven surfaces.

It also has adjustable seats and handlebars that allows you to find your perfect comfort setting. Its console comes in a reasonably sized 5.6" Blue-Backlit LCD that displays eight workout metrics so you can get the most out of your workout.


  • Cost-effectiveness: as the mid-range option in the York exercise bike line-up, the C410 provides an excellent balance of affordability and features
  • Resistance range: has 32 resistance levels so you can continue to increase your training intensity as you improve
  • Durability: made from quality parts with the capacity to withstand up to 130 kg
  • Adjustability: fully adjustable seat and handlebars lets you find the right fit for you
  • Comfort: has a large saddle with thick padding
  • Modern console: built with a 5.6” LCD with 16 workout programs and 8 workout metrics
  • Finally, its built-in transport wheels and reasonably light 30kg weight enable users to move the bike effortlessly when needed.
So, if you’re looking for a high-calibre York exercise bike that’s easy (and fun) to use and doesn’t cost a fortune, the York C410 bike will likely meet your expectations.


  • Unaligned levels: 32 resistance levels is great, however resistance differs from one manufacturer to another, so the levels might not suit everyone
  • Lighter flywheel: this part is somewhat less weighty than on some other bikes, heavier users may notice more jerkiness when pedalling hard
  • Console is quite basic: you won't find any Bluetooth connectivity here

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York C410 Exercise Bike Features


York C410 Exercise Bike: In-Depth Review

The York C410 exercise bike was named the second-best home bicycle in Australia by Choice, and we’ve tested it to see why it’s labelled as an exceptional fitness product. Here’s a roundup of the bike’s features and our opinions on each one!


The York C410 exercise bike consists of a sturdy steel frame with an adjustable angle, foam-covered handlebars, a rake and slide seat, and adjustable levellers that stabilize the machine on any type of floor. Its entire construction makes you feel safe when cycling. Plus the 130kg weight capacity is ample for most and gives you confidence that it's built to last!

As for the points of adjustment, you can move its large seat up or down, and the handlebars come with a four-point adjustment. The paddles are flat and have toe cages that can be manually adjusted in a matter of seconds, so they kept our feet in place, providing extra safety and comfort.


This bike’s flywheel offers a pleasant cycling experience. Together, the crank system and flywheel create a consistent pedalling motion, which means you can cycle steadily without worrying about the bike shaking or tripping.

So, with a 3-piece crank system and 8-kilogram flywheel, the York C410 exercise bike granted us a smooth and pleasant test workout. You can benefit from the flywheel’s weight, which adds an extra layer of intensity to the exercise by creating more resistance. And while it’s somewhat lighter than wheels found on regular gym bicycles, it enables a fluid motion. However, if you're looking for more intense workouts, the 8kg flywheel may restrict you.


If you’re up for a lengthy workout, you’ll need a fitness machine with a comfy and well padded seat.

The saddle on this bike is quite large and comfortable. While trying out similar products, we’ve noticed that some saddles are too soft, making them feel ill-fitting when using them for a long time. However, this bike’s seat has ideal padding. So, although sizable, the saddle’s not too “cushy,” and it’s perfect for extended training.

Also, the saddle can be adjusted in both the horizontal and vertical directions, that enable users to pick a position that suits them.

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LCD Console

The bike’s 5.6” Blue Backlight LCD console shows 16 different workout programs and allows you to pick the one that suits you. It also displays eight exercise statistics that can serve as a personal guide.

These individual stats and data about one’s current physical condition and progress are what grabbed our attention. While testing the machine, we tracked our time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, recovery, and RPM. Each of these metrics has a display function that you can cycle through manually.

York C410 Exercise Bike

Ease Of Use

The great benefit of the C410 is how easy it is to use. Simply pressing the START/STOP keys lets you start or pause a workout program while pressing UP or DOWN lets you cycle through programs for your next training. Once you stop pedalling for four minutes, the computer goes into Power Save mode, but all your settings and exercise data stay stored.

So if you buy this exercise bike, you’ll be capable of tracking your data consistently and planning your activities accordingly to get optimal results. All you need to do is cover the hand pulse sensors, and your console will immediately report back.


According to our customers’ reviews, the York C410 bike is known for being easy to assemble. Our own experience also showed this. There are seven stages when putting it together. Our customers were also pleased with the fast delivery and customer experience as a whole due to the prompt and helpful responses from our sales team!

Bike Manual

The York C410 bike manual has received some complaints. A relatively small number of buyers reported that the instructions weren’t clear enough. However, upon reading it, we’ve seen that it encompasses a security advisory, a complete part list, and step-by-step assembly diagrams and gives you everything you need to both assemble and use the bike effectively.

Storage and Portability

The York C410 exercise bike has built-in transport wheels that help users move from one corner of their home to a more suitable one without breaking a sweat. Its net weight is 30 kg, making it compact and easy to shift or slide to a more convenient spot.

Also, York equipped this brand-new model with an adjustable stabilizer that helps its users keep it balanced if placed on a bumpy surface. It’s a crucial feature that prevents the machine from tipping, ensuring you’ll dodge all accidents and injuries. So, along with the transport wheels, this addition might allow you to choose between more areas within your household.


York, a reputable fitness gear brand with a 70-year-long tradition, stands by this product’s reliability with a lifetime warranty for the bike’s frame. Simultaneously, its parts come with a 12-month guarantee. The 12 month warranty is pretty standard at this price range so we're happy to see York go a step further and offer a lifetime frame warranty.


Even without an official document that vouches for this model’s durability, we could notice its starch during our first use. And the fact that it can withhold up to 130 kg of users’ weight testifies to the bike’s firmness and stability. Finally, the York C410 exercise bike is CE safety approved, meaning that it meets universal security, health, and environmental protection conditions.

To Wrap Up

Our trustworthy reviewers have tested the York C410 exercise bike and shared their valuable experiences. While the manufacturer could improve a few points, the overall impression is superb considering this is the mid-range model in Yorks family of bikes. This fairly low-priced, featured-packed, comfortable, and sturdy bike can be an excellent choice for almost every consumer.

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