York C420 Exercise Bike Review

York C420 Exercise Bike Review

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Are you a gym fan but don’t have enough time to exercise? As going to the gym is not always a viable option, you can arrange a workout area at home. There’s no pressure or schedule on when and how you exercise, and you can still achieve great results.

For starters, you'll need quality equipment, and the York C420 Exercise bike surpasses the average user's needs in almost every way. Let's dive in!

York C420 Exercise Bike Review Summary

Although intended for home use, York exercise bikes are versatile and can also accommodate gym enthusiasts of different fitness levels. The York C420 comes with 17 pre-installed workout programs and 32 resistance levels for exercisers up to 150 kg.

This bike's heavy flywheel and pedal system with a three-piece crank ensure high durability and smoothness of movements. Also, built-in stabilizers prevent bike wobbling, especially on higher resistance levels.

A special shout-out goes to York C420's ergonomic design and superior comfort. The step-through frame ensures smooth getting on and off the bike, which comes in handy if you're hurt or recovering from injury.


  • A sturdy bike frame is made with exercisers of all ages and fitness levels in mind, so you can pedal hard toward your fitness goals.
  • A large, clear LCD screen for easier monitoring of parameters such as heart rate, calorie consumption, watts, etc.
  • To make your workout session fun, the manufacturer added a handy tablet holder for your smart devices so you can listen to music or watch shows while exercising.
  • Ergonomic design and a well-padded saddle with slide-and-rake adjustment ensure a comfortable ride, no matter how long you exercise on York C420.
  • It saves power by turning to sleep mode whenever the bike is inactive for four or more minutes.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to move around, especially since it has wheels and stabilizers which allow for smooth transport, even over uneven surfaces.


  • A 12-kg flywheel on York C420 provides a range of workout options for gym enthusiasts, but its limited capacity might not suit advanced exercisers.
  • Some customers have reported inaccurate pulse measurements on this exercise bike, which can be a problem for heart rate sensors to send signals for changing load levels.
  • Riding this exercise bike is an excellent way to lose weight, but it’s not made for people over 150kg who might have severe weight issues.

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York C420 Exercise Bike Review Highlights

York C420 Exercise Bike In-Depth Review

Investing in good cardio equipment is an essential part of a home gym. York C420 can be a good choice because it fits most exercisers. Still, remember that this exercise bike isn't professional equipment, and there may be limitations when it comes to seasoned gym goers.


There's no great wisdom regarding the design of exercise bikes, but it seems that York managed to give this model some authenticity. Its modern look result from a combination of a sturdy cast iron frame and red plastic details, such as pedals and a water bottle holder.

But the York C420 is more than just a good-looking exercise bike. The manufacturer added weight to a flywheel for stability while also implementing a step-through design. Those with limited leg movements due to injury or recovery from it will appreciate this feature.

The York C420 exercise bike is intended for sitting, but it can handle exercisers who prefer standing while riding.


The ergonomic handles have a T-knob to set them any way you want and built-in heart rate sensors. The seat is also adjustable, thanks to the slide-and-rake system, so anyone can find the perfect exercising position in no time.

Customers give fairly high ratings for bike comfort, and with good reasons. The saddle is large and well-cushioned, so you won’t feel like pedalling for hours. Even curvier people will find the seat on the York C420 super-cozy with the addition of extra cushioning (bought separately and highly recommended).

According to a few online complaints, it seems that taller people might feel slight discomfort riding York C420. It probably lacks another height level or two for people over six feet.

Console and Controls

The large LCD screen on this York exercise bike is not only an attractive detail but also a handy feature. According to the manufacturer, the 131 x 67 mm Blue Backlit LCD is the largest console in this product series.

This screen enables excellent visibility because of the blue light that feels good on your eyes. So you can check your workout statistics anytime. At any moment, you can see the time you spent in exercise or recovery, speed and distance, pulse, as well as calories burned.

Probably the best thing about pre-installed programs is their adaptability. The York C420 exercise bike is programmed to switch between 32 different resistance levels depending on the imaginative surface you run onto and to adapt these loads to your fitness levels.

For instance, according to the program, you run onto sloppy terrain. At that moment, the machine increases the resistance as if you were riding a real bike uphill. When you get back on the flat surface, the resistance drops.

The transitions between resistance levels are smooth, which ensures an uninterrupted workout. Plus, a magnetic flywheel and three-piece crank work so well together they’re almost silent.

York C420 Exercise Bike

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Pre-Installed Programs

This console comes with 17 pre-installed workout plans for exercisers of all levels and fitness goals. The large selection of workout programs allows workout progression but might be confusing for newbies. This is probably where reaching out to York’s customer support might help.

Out of the mentioned 17 pre-programmed workout plans, 12 are pre-programmed regimes for all fitness levels. The other five programs measure heart rate, wattage output, etc. It means you can choose how to work out depending on your goals.

Buyers praise the Weight Loss program. It allows for fast fat-burning if you get your HRM between 50% and 70% of the maximum heart rate for your age and weight. It’ll bring the best results if used alongside a heart rate control program. It follows your pulse and adapts resistance levels to ensure you exercise within your target zone to hit your fitness goals faster.

Besides pre-installed workout programs, York C420 allows you to set parameters manually using keys and display functions and thus train at your own pace.


Many exercise bikes come completely disassembled for easy shipping so you’re probably sweating now as you expect a demanding machine with tons of parts.

Luckily, that’s not the case with York C420, as it comes partially assembled and its ease of assembly has brought it many compliments from buyers. The product manual is very detailed and easy to follow, with a hardware list and the eight-step assembly procedure explained to the tinniest screw.

Also, you won’t need any professional tools for this task, as the York C420 comes with a handy screwdriver and box spanner. All parts are of high quality, so they’ll fit snuggly to ensure your exercise bike is well-tighten and safe for use.

Operations and Ease of Use

The pride you feel after assembling your York C420 exercise bike might fade away once you realize that its way of use is not that simple. The manufacturer didn't put too much effort into describing how to use pre-installed programs or manual mode, so this exercise bike loses points on ease of use.

Indeed, there is an illustration of the keys and how to set fitness parameters on York C420. But because of layers of menus and a few keys with several functions, beginners would benefit from additional info about changing the resistance level, monitoring the heart rate, etc.


When assembled, the York C420's base is 114 centimetres long and 67 centimetres wide. It doesn't take up much space, so you can put it wherever your home gym is. Keep in mind this exercise bike is only for indoor use, so don't experiment with leaving it on your porch or terrace.

If you need to disassemble this bike for any reason, you can store it anywhere - in a closet, under the bed, or behind a door. It weighs only 35 kilograms and has transports wheels, so you won't have much trouble moving it around.


York provides a lifetime warranty for the C420’s frame and a one-year warranty for all other parts. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of this product, and in case you receive it faulty or broken, you’ll get a replacement as soon as possible. The same goes if any part is missing; you just have to contact the seller as soon as you get your package.

York C420 Exercise Bike Review - Wrap Up

This York exercise bike has found its way to buyers who need a budget-friendly product with superior features. Sure, there’s always room for improvement, such as providing a more detailed manual and extra seat settings for taller people.

But this model really stands out from the competition within its price range (under $1,000) with its great design, range of workout programs, and its built to last.

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