York LC-RB Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

York LC-RB Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

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Are you in the market for a sturdy, comfortable, and fit-for-purpose recumbent exercise bike at an affordable price?

The York LC-RB recumbent exercise bike is perfect for all locations; gyms, schools, homes, etc. Its unique step-through design makes it easy for users to mount and dismount from it. Also, it allows you to carry out your cardio and weight loss exercises safely.

If you want to take a closer look at the feature-packed product, keep on scrolling for our detailed York LC-RB recumbent exercise bike review!

York LC-RB Recumbent Exercise Bike Review: At a Glance

With a York exercise bike, you can exercise your muscles and improve your overall fitness efficiently and enjoyably. The exercise bike has multiple training programs, USB charging, and 32 resistance levels for intense fitness training. In short, it has everything you’re looking for in a recumbent exercise bike.

For all the features it offers, one of the best things about this bike is how convenient it is, as it’s built with the user in mind. The step-through design and extra-large cushioned seat provide comfort for people of all body sizes.

On top of that, the heavy-duty wheels make it easy to transport, and you can also mount and dismount it without much fuss.

York LC-RB Specifications

Here are some of the main features and specifications that make this exercise bike one of the best in its class:
  • Step-through design
  • Extra-large cushioned seat
  • Rake and Slide seat adjustment
  • Adjustable stabilizer for stability on rough surfaces
  • Heavy-duty transportation wheels
  • 32 magnetic resistance levels
  • 9 training programs (Beginner, Advanced, Manual, 4x Cardio, and Sporty)
  • 131 x 67mm large dual-color backlight LCD
  • Computer displays: time, scan, distance, speed, pulse + RPM, calories
  • Hand pulse sensor and wireless receiver
  • USB charging for tablets and phones
  • Tablet holder
  • 3 piece crank
  • 10kg flywheel
  • 180kg maximum user weight
  • Light commercial warranty: Lifetime for frame/12 months for parts

Here’s a summarized list of the pros and cons of the York LC-RB exercise bike:


  • A sturdy and durable frame that enables it to last long.
  • Step-through design which makes it easy for users to come on and off it easily.
  • Heavy flywheel for more sturdiness, stability, and comfort while riding the bike.
  • Extra-large cushioned seat for more comfort.
  • 32 magnetic resistance levels give a wide range of workout intensity for people with different fitness levels.
  • The maximum user weight of 180kg makes it ideal for heavier users.


  • The 12-month parts warranty may be considered too short
  • Console does the job well but may be too basic for some users

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York LC-RB Recumbent Exercise Bike Features

York LC-RB Recumbent Exercise Bike - In Depth Review

The York LC-RB recumbent exercise bike comes packed with features, and understanding them will help you make the most of them and achieve your desired fitness results. Here’s a roundup of the bike’s most prominent features.

9 Built-in Training Programs

The 9 training programs of the York LC-RB exercise bike are divided into separate classes for different groups of users. These are the Manual, Beginner, Advanced, and Sporty.

There are also 4 levels of the cardio program. Each of these programs is tailor-made for specific needs. However, the Manual program remains the best for beginners because it ensures that you can determine the intensity and time you work with.

Collectively, the built-in training programs of this exercise bike help you burn body fat and calories effectively. They also strengthen your muscles, lungs, and heart in the process.

Some of them also focus on strengthening your lower body and leg muscles and helping you achieve your fitness goals.

32 Magnetic Resistance Levels

The York LC-RB exercise bike has 32 resistance levels. Depending on your current fitness level and goals, you can choose any of these levels for your workout. The levels determine the pedalling difficulty and overall workout intensity.

If you’re new to exercise bikes, you can start from the lowest level and grow your fitness to the highest level. The numerous resistance levels make this bike ideal for people who need a wide range of workout intensity. This way, you can slowly improve your intensity without feeling the heat.

Console and Backlight Displays

This bike comes with a large 131 x 67mm LCD backlight display. It allows you to track your workout progress so that you can stay on track to achieve your fitness goal. It also has the iConsole app, which ensures you can monitor your indicators with your phone.

The console shows seven important workout metrics: distance, time, speed, scan, calories burnt, pulse, and RPM. York LC-RB exercise bike also observes your heart rate and records the revolutions per minute. This makes it an ideal bike for professional athletes who depend on numbers to improve their performance.

Transportation Wheels

The York LC-RB comes with transportation wheels, making it easier for you to move it from one place to the other. Considering the bike weighs more than 60 kilograms, this feature is essential for portability.

Adjustable Stabilizer

It’s unsafe to work out on unstable terrain. You can fall off the bike and sustain injuries if you lose your balance because of a sudden movement. This is why York LC-RB recumbent exercise bike is an excellent choice with its adjustable stabilizer.

The adjustable stabilizer frame of this bike stabilizes it on rough surfaces and prevents it from shaking. This makes it possible for you to use it on almost all surfaces while maintaining the bike’s stability for an effective workout.

Sturdy and Durable Frame

The maximum weight that this exercise bike can carry is 180kg (approximately 400 lbs). This is far more than the average adult's weight, making it suitable for most people. The number is also an indication of the strength and sturdiness of the bike’s frame.

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York LC-RB Recumbent Exercise Bike

Large Cushioned Adjustable Seat

The York LC-RB recumbent bike comes with an extra-large seat, which means it can accommodate people of all weights and sizes. Not only that, but the size of the seat is adjustable, so whether you’re on the smaller or larger side, you’ll be able to fit the seat to your needs.

The York’s seat is also cushioned to offer maximum comfort for the user. This is an essential feature because if you’re uncomfortable on your exercise bike, you’re less likely to be consistent with your workouts. You can also lose your motivation and fail to achieve your fitness goal.

Heavy Flywheel

The heavy 10kg flywheel of the York LC-RB exercise bike ensures that you have a smooth experience riding it. It increases the resistance to make your workouts more challenging while keeping the bike steady on the ground. This way, you’ll be both comfortable and challenged physically.

Step-Through Design

The step-through design of this bike makes it easy for users to climb up and down it. So, regardless of your current fitness level, you can mount this bike effortlessly. This makes it ideal for users with mobility issues or people that aren’t used to fitness and would otherwise have struggled with a traditional bike design.

Tablet Holder With USB Charging

The York LC-RB exercise bike isn’t all work and no enjoyment. On the contrary, it comes with a tablet holder that you can use to watch your favourite movies, join in on a tv show, or listen to music while working out. While it isn’t an essential feature, it provides a dash of luxury that makes your exercise time more enjoyable, which can motivate you to work out more.

The holder also has a USB charging port that you can use to charge your devices. While this might not be much of an issue at home, it’s a useful feature to have at a gym.


The frame of the York LC-RB exercise bike comes with a lifetime warranty, but the parts only have 12 month's warranty. However, manufacturers also offer a light commercial warranty for non-fee-paying facilities, making this an ideal option for offices, apartments, schools etc.

Wrap Up

The York LC-RB recumbent exercise bike comes packed with features. It boasts 32 resistance levels, a 10kg flywheel, a large adjustable seat, and a step-through design for ease of use. It’s suitable for people at all fitness levels, as it comes with 9 training programs for beginners, professionals, and intermediates.

If you’re looking for a recumbent exercise bike but don’t want to break the bank, we definitely recommend the York LC-RB!

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